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How "Progressives" are Harming Hawaiians

"Progressives" are at it again with the PLDC which is their attempt to redistribute ALI'I LANDS to themselves.

Sadly "Progressives" have been trying to redistribute money in the form of taxes to themselves. Hard-working peoples' money in the form of taxes that are going for wind energy projects.

These wind energy farms are being subsidized by OUR tax dollars. I will post a study which shows these wind farms are NOT economically feasible. For now... please watch this video:

 Dictator Abercrombie signed Act 165 into law: 


"Progressives" like Abercrombie are harming Hawaiians who live on homestead on Moloka'i as well as non-Hawaiians who live on Moloka'i.

Please take note of this.

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MAHALO to ALOHA HARVEST for beverage and food donations.

Affordable Housing and Homeless Alliance sends a warm ALOHA for helping our non-profit organization help those in need!!

Uncle Willy, Aunty Zenaida, Keapoi, Szilard and Catherine appreciates your kokua for feeding the homeless population we service.

keapoi namakaeha

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Meeting of the Minds

Aloha;Here are my thoughts on bringing our minds together....that is exactly what we need to do, but more importantly along with that we also need to bring our hearts and aloha to the tables.I have been working on what I beleive is the next step we should be taking to get our country back.Over and over we hear our kupuna and even international lawyers advises us we must come together as a people. We must first unite as a people and use the skills and values that we are so proud of to get there. It is not impossible. If we but follow what we have been taught and what we innately know as the original people of Hawai.I have designed a blog not really launched yet, but it expresses what I am thinking. I am very anxious to hear what other Hawaiians have to say about it. Please view it and comment. http://kanaka-maoli.blogspot.com/You know lokahi, kokua, kukakuka, mihi, aloha all these things are part of us and the are the tools we shoud be using to get tot he next step. Understanding and practicing lokahi will bring unity. Unity will bring strength Strength will bring respect and respect will bring recognition and that will give us our freedom. If you like what you see on http://kanaka-maoli.blogspot.com/please let me know and elts start to bring ourselves together so we can be taken seriously.We can no longer sit back and wait for someone to do it for us we must do it. It is actually very easy to design a governemnt, lets see we have how many examples? The hard part is populating the govenrment. So maybe we have been going about this backwards? Perhaps we need to bring all the people together who understand, believe and agree we should be a free country. Just people with beliefs in freedom for our people. People who have such strong belief in that concept that they are willing to work toward it together, with aloha and understanding.Think about it... A hui hou Lanakila
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Aloha Kaua e All Maoliworld Members,Please go to www.seededlands.org, to place your name, with the ultimate PURPOSE and OBJECTIVE to hold hearings about the Akaka Bill throughout the entire Hawaiian Archapelego. Please take your time when navigating through this website, as there is a lot of engaging and stimulating points of view that is shared on this brand new website. We must, in the steps of our ancestors, shoot down this attempt by the united States, to turn our Country, into their playground. I beg you all to Email blast everyone you know to sign their name, so we like our ancestors did with the ku'e petition, shoot down this kaka bill once and for all. A Hui Ho. Malama Pono. Mahalo Nui. Mahalo Ke Akua!!!
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According to Henry Noa, there is a monthly EDUCATIONAL VIGIL that is held about the reinstated government. I know they were at Sandy's last month and will continue to do so. The educational vigil is to inform the public what they have done and accomplished. As more information becomes available, I will post it.It is imperative that you take care of your KULEANA and educate yourself. What would a twenty minute trip cost you if you know what have been accomplished for Kanaka Maoli already. It seems like a lifetime of waiting, however the one hundred sixteen years do not add to what have been accomplish in ten years to reinstate the Hawaiian Kingdom.I encourage you to check it out and learn more about it!

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Do You Experience This Today?

What was it about this poem that made me utter the words - This is unbelievable! I discovered many similarities and frightened me to think that this crap is still going on today!Spread the word of your religions - You came to Hawaii and what did you do, you preached about the Bible,Convert the whole world if you can - You forced down what you could and demanded that we listen,Kill and slaughter those who oppose you- You poisoned our people and killed my ancestors with your disease,It's worth it if you save on man - You saved the ones you liked and favored a position in the government,Take the land to build your churches - You stole our lands and expected to take more, leave us landless,A sin to tax the house of God - You taxed the poor and avoided taxes yourselves,Take the child while he is supple - You take our children and shove your words of doom,Spoil the mind and spare the rod - You do no good for others and spare no savage beast,Go and tell the savage nation - You as a settler want to own lands in Hawaii, nonetheless u want even more,That he must be Christianized - You make us be like you and impose us with your work,Tell him, and his heathen worship - You must worship every word I preach or else feel the wrath,And you will make him civilized - You expect us to carry forth and do your work,Shove your gospel, force your values - You took my language and divided my people,Down its throat until it's raw - You shoved so deep while you warped our minds with your valuesAnd after he is crippled - You cut us down to skin and bone,Turn your back and lock the door - You left us landless and cared no lessMissionaries, Missionaries go and leave us alone - The pages are turning expect no gratitudeTake your white God to your white man - We have our own nation and fret no moreWe've a God of our own - We are the descendants of Papa and WakeaWords of Wisdom - Take a look around us and how settlers have treated Kanaka Maoli. Do not allow yourself to be caught up in the "web of deceit." This is a reminder that what happened since the arrival of Capt. Cook has only encouraged settlers to take all that they can.Educate yourself of our true history! Be akamai and take care of your kuleana! We are being blinded sided no matter which way we turn. When is it the best time to use the blinds to obtain full independence from U.S.
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OK. 'Anake Namaka'eha asked me earlier if I could write a song about the Akaka bill and just how hewa it is. So... even though I've always known it was hewa and i read a little about it a while ago, I figured if I was going to write anything about it, I should read it and understand it. I just got done reading about it on wikipedia and a few other sites and I just can't believe just how hewa this thing is.... How the hell is this actually getting as far as it is? This is, and well should be, a HIGH priority for our people TO STOP. I need help fully understanding it and I am willing to bleed if need be to get the message out there that this AKAKA bill is HEWA. After I understand the whole bill you can be sure i'm going to email and call the people I voted for a few months ago and let them know my position. "Eh, Sharon Har, you remember me, you commented on my kalo patch in the kapolei homestead..... ".
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"BE ALRIGHT" lyrics written by Mana Kaleilani Caceres, music by "Radical Rob" Onekeatrack #4 on Mana's 2nd cd "I BE HAWAIIAN" released 2007You made me send my Gods away,I've built your church, I sit and pray.You promised me a better day,and then you take my land away.Into this world you caste me,before you came I was so free,And now I fear what the future be,Afraid for my keiki.KU I KA 'IKE ka Hawaiian born,Flying oversea to fight the white mans war,Just like the cancer their greed always wants moreand this one thing we can't ignore.Sometimes I see, just how bright the future be,and if we put our differences aside, everything will be alright.One day, we'll see, a better day for you and me,and wouldn't that be a sight, when everything will be alright.I go to work each and everyday,Uncle sam take half my pay,Sometimes I feel just like a slave,With all these bills i have to pay.And then I take a look around,It's not as bad as it may sound,My family keeps me on solid ground,Nothing can ever keep me down.Sometimes I see, just how bright the future be,and if we put our differences aside, everything will be alright.One day, we'll see, a better day for you and me,and wouldn't that be a sight, when everything will be alright.I know you find it hard to believe,that Hawaiians, with all that we've achieved,can come back and rebuild a Nation,so step back for the next generation.We've tried for years and years,To overcome the hurt and tears,We need to get past all our fears,'cuz our future is now clear.Tomorrow can be what you make it,Just stand up and you can take it,Learn these words you cannot fake it,Sing along and shake it shake it.Sometimes I see, just how bright the future be,and if we put our differences aside, everything will be alright.One day, we'll see, a better day for you and me,and wouldn't that be a sight, when everything will be alright.
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We are United

I'm watching the video I just uploaded and one of the callers said something that just hit me because it's the truth:this is in regards to the discussion on GMO's which also relates to massive developments in ko Hawaii Pae Aina in that they use our land, land that they do not own, to make a profit, for just a few. That is not the Kanaka Maoli way. This is what he said, an excerpt:"they're afraid of us uniting."Too late, we already are united, we've always been united, and that is why they will never have clear title to our land and our resources in ko Hawaii Pae Aina.
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Something About Hawaii

An essay about Hawaii.HAWAIIAN.jpgHawaii is made up of many different ethnicities such as Hawaiians, Koreans, Filipinos, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Latinos. However, it doesn't matter what your background is, everyone is treated with respect. People in Hawaii share a common bond called the "Aloha Spirit." This means that Hawaii is a caring, loving, friendly community that is open to all kinds of diversities.An example of the "Aloha Spirit" is that I go to a school on Hawaii called Enchanted Lake Elementary School. Enchanted Lake consists of many different cultures such as Caucasians, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Filipino, Portuguese, Hawaiian, Vietnamese, and Latinos. It is so amazing how we all get along! We all share ideas by communicating and collaborating, and do not think about these differences between us. Our school's mission is "Enchanted Lake Elementary is a caring community of lifelong learners."Hawaii can be described as a loving, caring, open, friendly community that has always and will always be one of the better places to be. I am so fortunate to live here.
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Updates and Tidbits

Aloha ia kakou pakahi apau loa aku, here is this weeks update and tidbits,First, mahalo to all for believing in yourselves!!UPDATE:This past Sunday, many po'e came by to pick up palapala koe nae and to pick up audio CD's made to take the place of classes that we could not hold because of the lack of room. The General Classes and Law Literacy classes were cancelled the first two Sundays of Sept. & Oct. However we are having papa molaki available only to those on the list, mahalo. In November, we are back on track with the Big Room - starting on November 9th.On November 2, 2008 we will be on Kauai giving class there.UPDATE:We will have new palapala koe nae in November! Koolau moku will be next, so we can wrap up Haleakala. Make sure that the return comes to the registry for scanning and filing on Cd, we have gotten quitre few back that need a simple adjustment - write Trustee after your names and be consistent on each and every name, please.TIDBIT:We had a terrific Show this morning on 1110 AM KAOI and decided to make copies of it, we will make availlable at classes too. It was on the establishment of original jurisdiction or domain - we all live in it, but do we know it? ko Hawaii pae aina. Love it.UPDATE:There is a new Hui in town, it is called the "Hui Kakoo" and serves as a six person team that will provide necessary guidance to those poe that are in papa molaki, needing extra guidance. Caveat - do not contact to simply avoid kuleana. The lead in the hui is our own Josie Carson, brilliant and awesome!! I have to say here, that she is a maikai example of success and we are fortunate to have her share. The menehune will forward a list of those that need extra ooompph. This hui can also give usggestions on the palapala koe nae.UPDATE:Upcomong classes: HAWAIIIAN KUIKI - QUILTING CLASS open to all interested, please see the website for material list! see you there on Sept. 27, 2008 at 8:30AM - gift is 25 units of energy. See the website for the classes and workshops coming up;-)TIDBIT:The Naomi Campbell opinion letter, sounds like...... but not close and obvious to the reader, off in left field as compared with what we share. Here is my two-cents: As a loan officer, the author may be hearing things about people's processes dealing with the securities fall out (mortgage collapses) and naturally feels threatened because the alternative could make loan, mortgage and real estate industries obsolete some day. Moving on!Finally!!!If you tune in tonight, you can watch Cindy and Jeremiah Naone being interviewed on the EMI - East Maui Irrigation situation affecting stream flow, and I get to share my Check and how EMI was brought to their lilly-livered, quavering, pasty, little girlie- knees!!!! anyway - tune in to watch Channel 53, Akaku at 7PM. tonight!!!We will burn DVD's for those who want to watch the show and don't have cable.ke hoomanao nei ia:me ka haahaa,Ka hale kakau hoike anao ko Hawaii pae ainac/o: 310 Hookahi St. C-206Wailuku, Maui ko Hawaii pae ainawww.kohawaiipaeaina.netkukamalu, by appointment only.
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for the Love of Kalo & Kope!

It's Time!Love local Hawaiian food & agriculture? Here's your opportunity to voice your support for a historic, groundbreaking new law that would ban GMO (genetically modified) Taro and Coffee on Hawai'i Island!Click Here, it's easy to submit testimony of support, no matter where you live!MUST Submit Testimony by TUESDAY October 7thThis Oct. 8th will be the final Hawai'i County Council vote on Bill 361Public hearing in HILO- Ben Franklin Building, 2nd Floor. County Council OfficeSo Much Support So Far!- Introduced by Council Member Angel Pilago, Bill 361 would ban the growing of genetically modified Taro and Coffee on the Big Island.- This bill has received overwhelming public & political support, and has already successfully passed through two Council votes to make it to this FINAL VOTE.- If the bill passes this last vote it will go on for final approval by Mayor Harry Kim of Hawaii County.- At this critical moment this effort needs massive support more than ever- the local farmers and consumers need help standing up against the strong-arming by huge multinational corporations.

Art kindly donated by Solomon Enos, Hawaiian Artist/Farmer. Support Native Art- www.HawaiianArtPlaza.com!Kalo & Kona Coffee are perfect as they are!If allowed, GMO taro could threaten taro's important status as the world's only hypoallergenic carbohydrate source!Taro farming in Hawaii is an unique local tradition. There are now innovative and successful agricultural efforts underway to improve the local taro industry and perpetuate valuable Hawaiian taro varieties.Long-term experiments have proven that the best way to comprehensively protect taro from disease blights is to grow many different varieties, improve soil quality and provide adequate water. There is no need or demand for GMO interference and industry control of local taro farming.Genetic modification of this indigenous plant is also extremely disrespectful to the sacred genealogy of taro to Hawaiians, who view taro as an ancestral family member, Haloa.If allowed, GMO coffee would erode the demand, drop prices, and destroy the local economy for pure Kona coffee. It would also make organic coffee growing virtually impossible.Lessons learned: The local papaya industry was economically devastated by the introduction of GMO-papaya. Rejection of Hawaiian grown GMO-papaya by Japan dropped the value of the local papaya industry by over 50%. Sadly, about 40% of papaya farmers were forced out of business. Meanwhile, the value of the organic & conventional (non-GMO) papaya industry has increased.What is a GMO?GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) are plant mutants created by inserting genes from one species into another unrelated species, using virus & bacteria to transfer the genes. For example, forcing wheat genes into taro, or bacteria genes into corn. These man-made organisms can be patented and owned. Organic food growers have rejected GMO, and GMO food cannot be certified organic. This experimental technique is crude and imprecise, unsafe, unnatural and rejected by the governments of most nations and the majority of the world's population.Click here to find out more about the GMO problems, read the Bill 361, and easily submit testimony.If you are on the Big Island, please read:Please attend this crucial hearing. While multi-national corporations seeking GMO patents and profits have deep pockets and resources, local communities depend on committed citizens to defend our rights to a clean environment and safe food. It is the dedication of those who care deeply about the future of food, culture and agriculture in Hawaii that makes the difference!Let us learn from the economic & environmental destruction already caused by the GMO industry in the Philippines, Mexico, India, South America and farming communities all across America! Let's make sure it doesn't happen in Hawaii! We can and must show that Hawaii Island wants sustainable, pono, non-GMO agricultural job opportunities and will stand-up to protect our local agricultural economy & environment!Wednesday October 8thHILO- Ben Franklin Building, 2nd Floor. County Council Office.We Know Better, So Let's Tell 'Em!Bill 361 is a very important step to maintaining local control over our island food resources, consumer safety, environmental protections and economic opportunity. We have a real chance to create meaningful reform, to protect taro, and our heritage coffee for all future generations that are to come. Pests and disease in agriculture can be solved by ecological and sustainable means; we need to move in that direction. It is time for everyone to speak for community food self-reliance, and GMO coffee and taro does not move us in that direction. We need the Council to send a strong and unanimous message on this bill to the Mayor: Hawai'i Island wants protection and preservation for our unique heritage crops, that sustain our life, our families, and our communities.Mahalo nui for your support at this unique time in history.Please send this message on to all in your ohana and communities, that would want to know of this unique and powerful opportunity.Malama Haloa!Us Guys at KAHEAThe Hawaiian-Environmental Alliancewww.kahea.orgblog.kahea.orgtoll free phone/fax 1-888-528-6288
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My heart.......sore. Got some chicken skin too. The chicken skin I got was iwi kupuna feeling the love and care in the moment of protection by those there. Maika'i, maika'i, maika'i. Such sadness yet strength I felt looking at the markers at that gravesite.DNLR has to be challenged in their burial council laws created. Leave iwi alone, a burial council statewide should just inventory a site and not do or say anything except, "Thank you for the information," and just move on. If real estate brokers/agents, attorneys, developers, etc. continue to sell unclear titles, they along with title search companies should bear the burden of cost and liability for the occupants of the sale if the buyer was not disclosed what should be a search of at least 150 years minimum. This will only stall the process, be costly or bankrupt those in greed and yet continue in the violation of our culture but hey, we have TIME. TIME is all we have on our side at the moment. TIME IS WAIT, WAIT IS ALL WE HAVE FOR THE MOMENT UNTIL EVERYTHING IS RIGHT SIDE UP.We as koko should not bear the trauma of this happening day in and day out as long as a for sale sign is put up by those who know nothing of the land. Sure Kanaka Maoli will say "forget it just get off the land and go away" but REMEMBER, it does not go away the trauma to ourselves continue day in & day out, day in & day out. How much tolerance do we have? When iwi is exposed or moved it is "NO GOOD". No good comes out of it except UNREST.Maybe I should file a claim of pain and suffering against the State of Hawaii for all they do in their laws. Maybe we should file a class action lawsuit against the State of Hawaii for putting us through "their protocols", their decisions they make on our lands concerning our rights culturally. They should not dictate our lives on where we are to live, how we are to live as long as we don't hurt ourselves and our neighbors and we do things for the good of all concerned not in harm of anything or anyone.You know, we need laws put into place in protection of workers who are koko and do construction on a site which should not be touched. This way koko can tell their employer, "I'm claiming a waiver as koko to step off this equipment and be in respect of my hawaiian values and culture." A law that under state employment rulings would protect koko from losing his/her job by compromising something that can cause them pain and suffering.Anyone ever think of this?Why should koko who need to feed his family make a bad decision to compromise his native values for you know he/she will pay the consequences for his actions. "You no fool around wit da kine stuff." is what our kupuna in Kohala would say. Those who have heard this saying know what I mean. This kind of saying also puts you in your place. Compromise is costly in the most obvious of circumstances. How long can we tolerate?!
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1-2-3-4-5- ALIVE!!!!

Five things you should know to do your part in protecting the beloved natural and cultural resources of the Hawaiian Islands.

Aloha Kakou

It has been another busy month in Hawaii nei. Here are the five things you should know to do your part in protecting the beloved natural and cultural resources of the Hawaiian Islands.


Take Action TODAY in support of County Council Resolution on Depleted Uranium !!

In a brave first-step, Hawaii Island County Council is calling for full disclosure about depleted uranium (DU) contamination at Pohakuloa Training Area (PTA).

From our friends on the Big Island: Depleted Uranium contamination in the air and watershed poses tremendous risks to human health and the environment--impacts lasing many generations. The severity of the risks of DU upon human populations and the environment calls for immediate extensive testing of potentially affected areas. After 50 years of informed inaction on the part of the federal military and the state government to reduce and remove the toxic danger of DU in the Hawaiian environment, there is widespread concern that continuing activities in areas with DU contamination will only serve to increase the risk to the public.

Please support the Hawaii County Council Resolution 639-08 to address the hazards of Depleted Uranium at the Pohakuloa Training Area (PTA).

Quick + Easy! Submit a letter to Councilmembers in support of Resolution 639-08.

Takes just a minute!


NWHI Hearings Ended - One Week Left to Make Your Voice Heard!

The marathon of public hearings on the draft management plan for the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument ended last week. The NWHI hui (members of 'Ilioulaokalani Coalition, Sierra Club, and KAHEA) attended EVERY hearing - even the one in D.C.

Big mahalos to everyone who came out and to everyone who has commented or signed the NWHI petition ! You can find some candid observations on the hearings at our blog.

While we're happy to have a draft plan on the table, we've read it and we really think that it can be much better! At the hearings, the three federal and state co-managers of the Monument confirmed that the Top 10 concerns from the public are identical to those of KAHEA and the NWHI hui (add link). Even with only 75-days to review and comment on a 1,200 page document, the public's voice and consensus is helping to shape the important discussion about the future of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands.

10 years and 100,000+ public comments helped tip the scales in favor of the protective rules that we see today. Our voices will continue to shape and uphold the protections for this fragile wahi pana and intact, endangered, and uniquely Hawaiian coral reef ecosystem.

If you haven't already, please sign the petition, submit your comments, and forward to friends!

Get a crash course in the draft management plan, watch the Honolulu public hearing on Olelo Community Television this month.


Bombs Away! Navy Claims State of Hawaii has No Authority to Protect Marine Mammals

RIMPAC wargames officially started on Sunday--signaling the first set of wargames in the Navy's massive expansion plan for the Hawaii Range Complex. This means: live fire exercises, high-intensity active sonar, and assault landings involving 10 countries, 150 vessels, and 20,000 troops will be occurring throughout the Hawaiian Islands.

Unmitigated Expansion? Even as it seeks to expand its activities in Hawai.. i nei, the U.S. Navy has openly sent notice to Hawaii that it will NOT follow the coastal protection rules requested by the State. NOR will it comply with the terms of the Federal sonar lawsuit judgment won by Earthjustice on behalf of KAHEA, Surfrider Kauai, and the Marine Mammal Institute earlier this year.

To protect Hawaii's natural coastal resources, the State Coastal Zone Management Program has determined that the Navy must:

Not allow active sonar in nearshore waters to exceed the level considered safe for marine mammals and humans (145 decibels);

In all other situations, abide by the conditions already required by Judge Erza in the Federal District Court.

In fact, the Navy has now enlisted other government attorneys in an attempt to undermine the authority of Hawai..i to protect the resources of its public trust waters.

More thoughts on the Navy's refusal to follow the law on our blog.

Now is the time to let the State of Hawaii know that we support their efforts and they should stand strong to protect Hawaii's public trust waters.

Let them know:
the Navy should abide by reasonable protections for the natural and cultural resources of Hawaii's coastal areas.

Please take just a minute right now to send a note of support to Hawaii's Coastal Zone Management Program.


State Board Upholds NWHI Refuge Rules

In its June meeting on Friday the 13th, the Hawai..i Board of Land and Natural Resources (BLNR) quietly denied the permit application of HIMB disease researcher Greta Aeby, closing the final chapter in this historic enforcement action. State rules clearly say that permit applications from individuals with previous violations must be denied--"One strike, and you're out.


We've taken a fair amount of heat on this one, a few of you asking why we're urging strict enforcement against someone who is working on coral disease.

KAHEA has been acting as a vigilant watchdog--from the initial investigation through the contested case hearing.

Yes, it's true that coral disease is bad stuff. And yes, coral disease is an important concern in our oceans worldwide.

So what's the big deal? We believe strict enforcement is important because: Responsible research is not just about understanding the ecosystem and its resources.

It is about achieving that understanding in a pono way-by researchers who respect the cultural and natural significance of the resource, take responsibility for their actions, and are committed to following the rules put in place to protect this fragile and uniquely Hawaiian place.

In the end, we believe fundamentally that rules apply to everyone--whether you're a commercial fisher or an HIMB PhD. We commend the Board on upholding our public laws and the legal protections that the public fought so hard to put in place.

Maika'i! More on the KAHEA blog.


Awa + Mauna Kea = Chinatown Friday, July 25th
Not exactly on Mauna Kea! but we will be honoring the spirit of the sacred summit of Mauna Kea while hosting an awa circle at Studio Be in Chinatown.

Right now, the Institute for Astronomy (IFA) is negotiating to build the "world's largest telescope" - called the Thirty Meter Telescope -- on the last pristine plateau on the sacred mountain. This telescope is so large all of the current telescopes could fit inside its footprint. Private consultants for IFA are already pushing a "telescope development" plan for the sacred summit that does not meet the court's requirements for a "comprehensive management plan," while at the same time they are appealing the court decision that requires that plan in the first place.

Join the KAHEA calabash 'ohana as we welcome one of our heroes, Kealoha Pisciotta from Hawaii Island, to enjoy awa and talk story about the sacred summit that she and many others have successfully defended from development.

Awa circle commences at 7:00pm. Pau around 10pm.

Donations help cover costs and are heartily welcome.

Mahalo to all who give! These e-newsletters, as well as all the work we do at KAHEA, is possible only through the support of individuals like you! We are committed to raising our money grassroots-style. And in the spirit of keeping it real, we do not solicit or accept any corporate or Federal money.

This makes your support all the more important!

You can support KAHEA's work by making a contribution online or by mail to 1149 Bethel St, #415, Honolulu, HI 96813.


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Hey folks I haven't done much art of late, as it has come to my obvious attention that i need glasses - hahahaha! Glasses are being made as i type! But for now my shop is up and running here >>>”SUNSETSHOP“<<< theres a little tweaking needed here and there but overall is rock solid and working. linked up to redbubble and easy to navigate, I hope you dig what is available so far as there is much more to come!MAHALO for dropping by!MIKE


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Aloha Kākou,On Tuesday, April 15, 2008 charter schools organized at the State Capitol to make a stand for the future of Hawaii by asking the legislature to prioritize education in our state. As usual, charter schools are fighting for funding and for the right to be on equal footing funding wise with regular D.O.E. schools. With charter school enrollment expected to increase across the state next year, the state currently has budgeted money for charter schools that would lower the instructional money alloted per student. This could mean a threat to programs, staff members, and other valuable components of charter school curriculum.Our Hawaiian charter schools have provided an opportunity for the community to choose an education that supports Hawaiian identity and perpetuation of ʻike Hawaiʻi. Please help support our keiki and lāhui by contacting the Senate Ways and Means Committee, the House Finance Committee, or the Governors Office and help them understand that funding is the best way to show that they truly believe the education of our keiki at charter schools is valuable.I have included web addresses to two letters that were published in the local newpapers written by my E.A. and one of my students at Hakipuʻu Learning Center . They really explain our experiences at the Capitol and what we are fighting for. Mahalo!http://starbulletin.com/2008/04/19/editorial/letters.htmlhttp://honoluluadvertiser.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20080419/OPINION02/804190309/1108#pluckcommentsCheck it out!
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