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The Grass is Greener on Which Side?

Have you ever noticed if the grass is greener on whose lawn? Especially when heat of the sun has been overwhelming? Wela no!Have you ever noticed how people pass you by and drop their opala without picking it up? A'ole no!Have you ever noticed that the ha'awina that is given reinforces what we learn? A'ole pilikia!Have you ever thanked the po'e who have been there and dedicated their lives toward total independence? Imua!It all depends who is looking at the grass and their translation may differ.Are you ready for total independence? Did our Queen die in vain?It is difficult to interpret how other po'e feel, however since writing my dissertation, it has given me new meaning to understanding myself. What was it about the Hawaiian history that was not taught Kamehameha Schools?How long did settlers and those who are corrupt think they would withhold the TRUTH! We learned about from our kupuna and na hoaaloha.Henry Noa that gave new meaning to reclaiming our nation that lit my "torch." Bradah Iz gave me the inspiration to carry forth and Mana gave new meaning to shaping my identity. Overall, cousin Bobby, Tane and Alexander are those who paved the pathway so the footprints remained in tact.These are some of many po'e who have inspired me to persist! BE around those who care.Stay active in activities of interest that fosters personal and professional development!Stay kool and stay in school. Stay away from drugs! Get hooked on music, poi, or genealogy! Keep the mana flowing and stay linked to the Kingdom of Hawaii! Don''t sell yourself short from the truth of what really happended to our po'e.Have a nice day!namaka'eha
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Music was played by different bands at Pearl City McDonalds. I attended the event and was very pleased with the music by young teens. Mahalo to McDonalds for accommodating all bands!

When I filmed the PSA, they had their instruments. At this event, they had music played and sang their songs! MAMAZ BOIZ "rocked the house!" Rebel Souljahz, William Su'a, older brother of Bayne Su'a sat across as his brother sang!!! (second from left)

Other pics!

THIS BAND HAS DONE NUMEROUS PSA (PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENTS) encouraging community to recycle and driving safely on the roads to name a few!!!A mixture of local flavors and Polynesian harmonies makes this band a MUST SEE!!!! Many members attribute their musical talents because of being "active in church."
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I spent the weekend camping at Sandy Beach with Henry Noa, his 'ohana, Alexander Luca and other members of LHG. As I drove to Sandy's, I saw a sign that says

I was intrigued to learn more about the LAWFUL HAWAIIAN GOVERNMENT. I always saw the signs, but never took the time to inquire about it. Perhaps spend many years hearing about it from different groups. I was very optimistic about any group knowingly that the primary goal is to unite and move forward.I must admit I was amazed. I decided to camp after several request. The LHG had occupied the whole "corner pocket" with their tents. Yes, they had tents with their mo'olelo to educate the po'e. I took many pictures and asked questions. I video taped many people who came. Very interesting people I met and eager to be part of a process already established. Yes, the LHG is established already and currently educating po'e what they are all about.The process took ten years, however the time invested is worthwhile. Why were they successful to reinstate the government is the question I asked?What made this group different as cousin Luca had described in his interview?Come home to the KINGDOM!

I camped for two nights and had a wonderful time. It wasn't about Henry Noa forcing me to choose his entity over others. It was about educating me on their process. There many police officers that past through the night "chasing the young generation out to go home." However, the po'e who was on the side we camped was not bothered by the police. I was amazed because most times they are chasing or harassing Hawaiians for camping at the beach!AT SANDYS! No possible way to camp there and not be bothered by the police! The last time, FIRST NATION rocked the house with their "rasta man music." I could not imagine what it felt like to sit near the beach, enjoy the music of their songs. It has been a long time being able to relax and not worry about life itself! FIRST NATION jammed and played in rhythm as they rapped their music of what happened to our people.Kai, a member of the band pounded the drums and rapped about our own history that brought tears to my eyes. Yes, it is our po'e, the younger generation recognizes that the historical injustice that prevails among our own people!

FIRST NATION (MUSICAL BAND) all songs are originalIn my opinion, it was an educational experience that I enjoyed. Mahalo to cousin Luca and Bobby for sharing, inspiring and inviting everyone! Mahalo to these two men in my life!I leave you with these thoughts.....Don't allow people to tell you how you should feel about your own history. It is your kuleana to educate yourself of your own history. Our people have listened to others and look what happened. Its time to malama and care for our 'ohana!It is time to do something about it and it starts in with YOU! Be akamai and learn about the issues that impact all of us today. I learn something new everyday and share my mana'o of my insight!Sending a ray of sunshine to all kanaka maoli! Have a wonderful day!
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As I continue to edit videos of the musical shoot by "Mamaz Boiz," the band will be auditioning for talent search on May 14, 2009. This is a good opportunity for them to show their msucial talent!JUSTIN, VICTOR, BAYNE, & JACOB.

Left to Right: JUSTIN, BAYNE, VICOTR & JACOB!Mahalo to Palolo 'Olelo staffs and associates for their kokua!
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Today was my fist day using 'Olelo camera. A Public Service Announcement (PSA) was done in studio at Waipahu. After 4 days of training, I must admit I had a blast. I did have to adjust the lighting and sought help when I needed clarification. I must admit, I was nervous. however as I reviewed the steps, I was able to follow through setting up the camera and equipment.A few minute shots ended up to be almost 30 minutes. "MAMAZ BOIZ," this musical group had two boys instead of four today! Jacob and Bane were JAMMING!. They had requested that I tape their next gig and I agreed! Mahalo to this group of young musicians!
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WAR lyrics written by Mana Kaleilani Caceres, music by "Radical Rob" OnekeaTrack #1 on Mana's 2nd CD titled "I BE HAWAIIAN" released 2007Now hear me sing these words, the truth you will find, the truth shall set you free.When all is said and done, the smoke clear the air, we will stand in victory.So we gonna march and we knockin' on your door,so better be prepared 'cuz its lookin' like a war.Politics and voting isn't getting anywhere,you cannot trust the system when you know it doesn't care.Come and join the revolution, we need you to rally with me.Come and join the true Hawaiians, in the state of emergency.Look at the Hawaiian people, with no place to go.Look whats happened to these islands, no longer our home.We fight for the nation, we fight to be free.We fight for the Kingdom, home for you and me.So what you gonna do when it's time to choose a side,sit at home in comfort, or stand with Hawaiian pride?Far to many years go by while my people cry,another day of bondage and I'm asking myself why.No longer shall we look the other way.Nowhere to run and hide 'cuz it's a judgement day.No longer shall we let you steal the land.No stopping these Hawaiians who work hand in hand.Come and join the revolution, we need you to rally with me.Come and join the true Hawaiians, in the state of emergency.Look at the Hawaiian people, with no place to go.Look whats happened to these islands, no longer our home.We fight for the nation, we fight to be free.We fight for the Kingdom, home for you and me.
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