'O wai kou inoa? What's your name?

KAHEA: The Hawaiian-Environmental Alliance
E ho`omalu kakou i ka pono, ke `ano o ka nohona a me ka `aina mai na kupuna mai.

No hea mai 'oe? Where are you from?

Ko Hawaii Pae Aina!


KAHEA means "The Call"- the calling is to protect Hawaii Nei.
KAHEA: The Hawaiian-Environmental Alliance is a taro-roots network that brings together concerned community members, kupuna, cultural practitioners and environmental experts. Together we develop coordinated strategies, share expertise, build networks and focus campaigns in order to become more effective in protecting Hawai'i's fragile environment, resources and culture.
By joining forces, Native Hawaiians, environmental activists and the concerned public can have a much greater impact on issues that affect us all.

KAHEA works from Mauka to Makai to:
- Protect public & cultural access to beaches & mountains threatened by private commercial & military development,

- Stop genetic modification of Hawaii's most sacred plant, Kalo (taro),

- Ensure the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands (NWHI), now known as Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument, are fully protected,

- Stop the unregulated dumping of waste water into our oceans by the cruise ship industry,

- Protect the sacred summit of Mauna Kea from uncontrolled development,

- Advocate for the clean up of Hawaiian communities contaminated by landfills, weapons dumping, and other abuses of native lands & waters.

ʻO wai ke ahupuaʻa āu e noho nei? Where do you live?

Kou (Chinatown)... “He aloha no ‘o Honolulu i ka ua Kukalahale” ~click for a lil' history of Kou!

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  • Mahalo ka kou for the friendship...look forward to working with all of you...aloha first & always... a hui hou kakou...S. Kanaka'ole
  • Aloha e Kahea crew!!!! Just flying by sending you some big love and blessings!

    ~ JNTalaugon
  • Hauoli Makahiki Hou, KU I KA PONO, o Po
  • Happy Holidays........... o Po
  • Maikai no oe, when our people are working together we can move mountains. 2009 is the year that we will move in such a force that these islands have never seen before. We have just begin to take back what rightfully belongs to our people, as a Nation. I'm so proud of the many warriors that we have among our people. ALOHA AINA
  • What a Great Victory. A Victory that should be followed thru with all Islands Councils taking the same action as the Hawaii Council to Ban GMO Kalo and Kope. I strongly believe that any type of GMO should be outlawed in Hawaii Nei. GMO FREE HAWAII
  • Aloha e Environmental Alliance gang,

    Mahalo for adding me on and the work you do..


  • I am Aunty Terri's friend! Hope all is well with you - and, I will (hopefully - might have keiki this weekend) be over in Waimanalo this weekend (Friday/Saturday). I hope to see you!
  • Comment by KAHEA: The Hawaiian-Environmental Alliance 3 hours ago
    "...this doesnt happen to be in kaneohe is it??? we just found out about plans to expand the cemetery on top a heiau luakini over there... then saw this picture and made me wonder...

    No, this is somewhere in the middle of the island of Oahu. Near Waialua.
  • Aloha kakou! Mahalo for the updates.
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