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Response to Kaohi

Aloha Luella Leonardi aka KaohiI have these questions needing to be answered by you. Can you answer them?I would like to know what is your understanding of the Crown and Government Lands?Also, what did you mean in your last message about my mention of Jon J. Chinen's book? Did you know him?What did you mean by, "she's (me) using the parking lot...?" Please share you mana'oi'o because as you know I have will forever, until our government is restored to stand with my ancestors as na kanaka maoli and reject the American garbage they teach...He Hawai'i Au. I've been involved since I was 20 years old and learned alot on my journeys and want to share them with the younger and older generations, as we get older I realize that this is my kuleana and should be for all who are in this movement towards restoration of our government.The things I learned that really bothers me is that alot of our people with the koko have to get over their prejudices that have been learned by the white man who came to Hawai'i, have polluted many of our people and it sounds like you have been affected by the white man's disease when I read your responses to my blogs. Do you see that? I do and that sort of bothers me, but that can be overcome with a large dose of "facing the truth" and to oki all the "bad" thoughts, learned ways and prejudices that have been instilled in our people by the foreigners who bring their pollution to our islands.As I said in my previous writings, "when our people are ready they will unite and take seriously their roles in the restoration of our government" until then, we will lose many of them along the way. I don't want to lose you in this transition of mind, body and soul. Granted I don't have a "degree" but what I learned I am willing to share and lot of what I learned comes to me by the spirits of my ancestors and people in the living as well as those who have passed on in the last 40 years.Overall, life is good as long as we are willing to share them and do it with truth and aloha.Onipa'a,Kawehi
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Aloha,Its a friendly reminder of the LAWFUL HAWAIIAN GOVERNMENT will be at SANDY BEACH on Juyl 17 -19, 2009. I will be there with my 'ohana camping and swimming too. I must admit I'm not a beach going kanaka, but for my kids, I modify my own schedule.It is about family and spending time to learn more about the LAWFUL HAWAIIAN GOVERNMENT. A questions was posed to me if I was ready as a Hawaiian National. My response is YES!I spend most of my life in search of my own self identity. I'm glad I've reached that point and I learn more about my self everyday. Personal and professional development starts with YOU no matter what subject. It is about learning about what anything and everything that will impact you and your 'ohana.Take the time to learn about standing up for your kupuna! I'm proud my tutu, KEAAPOI HAINA did exactly that when she signed the Ku'e Peition. She live a long life an dhappy that I'm here today. For without her and other kupuna, the life of a KANAKA MAOLI would have ended withe diseases that came in along with other pilikia.I will be taking my reserach with me as I look at ways to tie in research of international laws too!namaka'eha
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According to Henry Noa, there is a monthly EDUCATIONAL VIGIL that is held about the reinstated government. I know they were at Sandy's last month and will continue to do so. The educational vigil is to inform the public what they have done and accomplished. As more information becomes available, I will post it.It is imperative that you take care of your KULEANA and educate yourself. What would a twenty minute trip cost you if you know what have been accomplished for Kanaka Maoli already. It seems like a lifetime of waiting, however the one hundred sixteen years do not add to what have been accomplish in ten years to reinstate the Hawaiian Kingdom.I encourage you to check it out and learn more about it!

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Beyond Enemy Lines: Lawful Hawaiian Govenment

I was at Palolo Media Center and Henry Noa was sharing his mana'o on Lawful Hawaiian Government.STAY TUNE FOR SERIES ON THE LAWFUL HAWAIIAN KINGDOM this year.

more pics.
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