May 19


'O wai kou inoa? What's your name?

'O Dalani Tanahy ko'u inoa

No hea mai 'oe? Where are you from?


ʻO wai ke ahupuaʻa āu e noho nei? Where do you live?


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  • Aloha e ke hoa! I will see you this weekend at NMAI, no?
  • Aloha- Inc ase you look at this befor eI get out there. Are my seedlings still around? I have been going non stop and have actually been doing kapa and more dyes and carving my iʻe and hohoa.Some of my seedlings survived the african snail attack. I didnʻt sign up for you class but I wouldnʻt mind going but at this point I am probably learning more with each piece I pound Iʻll call you next week Iʻm off to Maui but will be home to pound some more I have one piece soaking and fermenting. Love your pics. I still feel a need to make for the iwi. Aloha sorry i donʻt write often but then I write a lot.
  • Aloha Dalani,
    Pehea oe? I attended the hula conference in July at Kamehameha School and took your kapa making class for na ponohula. You'll be happy to know that I am working on carving my i'e kuku (see all photos) so I can finish the kapa I started in your class. I'm so excited. I will also decorate my kapa with ohe kapala I made in Aunty's Moana's class. I really had a wonderful experience in your class - MAHALO. My next project is to make a hohoa. Malama pono. Healani
  • tap tap tap...
    tap tap...
    tap tap tap tap...

    miss you lady!

    neva hear from you long time... hows the kapa going?
    started your piece yet for next festival?

    hahaha nah nah. pehea 'oe?
    well i talk to you latahs.

    aloha no,
  • bloomAl.gif


  • haha :)
    the next festival?
    as in 2012?
    wow, head start :)
  • then you must've heard my raucous laughter too!! neva knew da chamelionesian head of state was so handsome... put him in da malo nex time!!

    hahahahahaha :)
  • aunty dalani! how are you? hows the kapa going? haha i miss coming to your room in the evening and starting tu nihi, but never finishing it :)
  • oooh, i hope yesterday went well; sounds like fun :)
    i must say i did not make it to see SYTYCD, though guarantee was up for the new ABDC!! wonder what a SYTYCD Hula would look like... hahahaha!
    amazingly enough i do miss the smell of wauke in the morning (2 in the morning to be exact), and i thought of you when dad and i came up with a new pacific nation: the chamelionesians :) ...and the music ideas are coming for the 2012 fashion show, so pound that kapa aunty!
    have a great week!
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