Hilo, HI

'O wai kou inoa? What's your name?


No hea mai 'oe? Where are you from?


ʻO wai ke ahupuaʻa āu e noho nei? Where do you live?

Hilo, Hawaii

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  • And den Stranjah~
    So how things been for you? Well haven't been on in like over a month or something like that... Well had a hard time sleep because was drinking Red~Bull and can't sleep so thought of making my rounds and checking in with everyone that I can before I go to work! Well hope all is G with you... Take care and have a good one!!!


  • P..
    Mahalo for the info! Sorry about your cousin... I sorry I live in Connecticut and I only come home every other year or so.. If later you get a Video out I would love to check it out... Other then that Mahalo!
  • Aloha Brah!
    I trying to rememba a braddah his name is Wade and I used to hear about that braddah back in High school but I neva got to know him real well only by seeing him around...If that is you I would like to ask you if you have any Ha'a Koa classes in March the last week... I coming home to ref in the Haili tournament and I wouldn't mind sitting in and watching the Ha'a Koa? Just let me know of any info... You can also reach me on Facebook.com...

    Darrell K. Pakele

  • PhotobucketPua~
    Well just thought of saying hello! Haven't been on in awhile and see that the last time that I typed to you was May 15th.... So how things been treating you? Me, can't believe that SUMMER is here and the kids are out of sku!! What to do?!? Well have a good one and hear from you later...
  • Photobucket

    Hey friend! So how you been lately? Well, me just taking care of the kids and of myself.... Kids are going with their father this weekend, and that gives me time to myself and that is nice once in awhile! Well just wanted to tell you to have a wonderful weekend and hear from you later!
  • Photobucket

    HaPpY bOyS dAy.....
  • Aloha, kalamai I didn't come on here 4 ever and my email didn't inform me of your comment.
    But i think the cost was covered, um Ikaika Hussey@gmail started it and the funds were raised, I'm not sure of the current financial status you can email him if you want to ask him any mana'o hes very freindly, e kalamai 4 the late response.

    Aloha my braddah.

  • PuA*
    Well I went to the Merrie Monarch during the opening night with my family and mom and dad! Well I didn't go to the Parade though, was a little hangin' that morning! My kiddies went with their father and their Aunty Mommy.... And so did my parents! My parents came home with alot of stuff from the Arts and Crafts fair that day. Onolicious!!! Well hope that you have a great week other than the VOG... We BIG Islanders are never satisfied with the weather huh?!? RAIN* DROUGHT* and VOG. What can possibly go wrong??? Well make the best out of it. Hear from you later!
  • Photobucket

    Howzit Pua~

    Well just thought of sending you a little something early for the Easter weekend!!! I never want to be late so here I am now... So how things are going for you?!? Me, all good! Well have a great weekend, and I know the rain will not go away thinking it is the Merrie Monarch right around the cornor. Have a good one and hear from you later!

  • P*U*A~
    So how was the week been treating you? Well mines was swell. Had to take care of this Pua'a having keiki's and this was her first set of litter and she couldn't handle it so they all 3 died. I was kinda heart broken because this was the first little that she had and she didn't know what to do with them. She was stepping all over them and the father and the unko didn't know what was going on... Too bad!!! But other than that things was all "G"... Thinkin' I am going to slow down on the drinkin'..... I drink on the weekend and I party harty totally!!! Well hope things are flying fine with you... One day I will see you in this little town on ours. If you do see me, please come up to me and represent! AURYTE
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