April 24


'O wai kou inoa? What's your name?


No hea mai 'oe? Where are you from?


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  • Aloha e my dear niece:

    Just to let you know I was think of all the family branches and that means I thought of you folks. I've been caught up with so many things that I forget to stop by to say aloha. LOL... BTW, Ilima Long is 'ohana and is Uncle Chester's grand-daughter. I see her now and again. I hope your family is well and pray for all of your safe-keeping.. Just know even when I don't write; I still think of you and your family. Friday I'll be at the march from Ala Moana to Convention center. I should be there from 9am to 1pm or so. I might make it to the Palace for the oli presentation at 6pm, if my old bones can hold up. LOL... Give my love to all!


    Uncle Tane
  • Aloha e Kuuleinani,

    Did you call the clinic? What did they say? I'm curious because I heard the meeting got canceled.

  • Aloha e Ku'uleinani,

    Yes, please call 2597984 and ask for administration and ask them your questions. You can also ask for Mabel Spencer and tell her that you heard about this meeting from me...and see if she can help get you a place. Do it soon. Limited seating.

  • Aloha, my beautiful niece. Mahalo for thinking of me and my 'ohana. I think of all of you, too; especially, when I reminisce on the "good ole days". My thoughts and prayers are always with you all.


    Uncle Tane
  • Hi Kuuleinani,

    ya, I don't get the notifications anymore or gotta go change the settings or something. but anyway, yup, I know exactly how it is with Kane...My husband is a roofer. but everything takes time. :) So it's all good if we learn patience...and I'm not so good at it...:) Glad you had a really great visit on the big island. I'm on O`ahu now but just hanging out and having some fun. Going home Sun but going back and forth between the in laws and a friends house. It's great for me. Tomorrow we go on a boat in Kane`ohe bay..I haven't been there for years...:) I can't wait to smell the salty air out there.

    Ok, so good to hear from you. I only been to town once this time and I sure don't miss it. :) Just glad to be kicking it in Kailua. I'm so glad you and your ohana are doing great. we had that flu also. It was horrors..ok, so it is so hot here in Kailua. We are going fishing at the pier in a little while and out on the boat tomorrow. Sounds so fun...:)
  • Aloha e Ku`uleinani,

    Wow, it's been a long time. I've been busy..doing a lot of things..finished a gardening project with Hookena school for the year and more work to do next year. Honaunau school wants to do that with me..it was just a little bit of hours but we did alot in that time...:) On the homefront, everyone is doing great. We are building a sixteen foot deck off of the guest room. I want to move in to it...lol! but for now we are just working on it. Also getting some work done on bulldozing a housepad on the Puna property..my dear cousins are helping me with that and giving me a great deal so that is awesome. Economy still sucking on this side but we are doing much much better now...so we can do some long term beneficial work around here. Hope you are doing great and all the keiki are getting ready for the beach during the summer...that sounds like a fun thing to do.

    Love and Aloha,

  • BTW, Namaka'eha is 'ohana on the Kaianui line, Kanei family. She has been coming over to my and Uncle Pono's place just to kukakuka and discuss genealogy and Hawaiian issues. There are Longs on this site as well. Yes, that's tutu Po'ou'i's descendants from her marriage to Long. I think I'll set up a group for Pukana o Kanialama where we can keep updates for all.

    Anakala Tane
  • E welina e hoahanau:
    How's my niece doing? I hope the weather warms up! My feet is cold at nights and I have to wear socks. LOL... Give my love to all the family. So much have been going on with our Hawaiian issues these past several months and continues. We've been fighting against the Akaka Bill and the misuse of the Kau inoa for its purposes. This seized land issues don't go far enough. We gotta stand up as Hawai'i nationals and tell them tutu said no and we do, too! We have to assert our rights as Hawai'i nationals and that's all there is to it. I hope we can get together and just catch up on things. Uncle Rueben's mo'opuna that joined the U.S. military, did he end up in Iraq? How is he, I pray for his safety and pray all is well with him? Keep in touch as I hold you all close to me in my prayers.

    Anakala Tane
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