September 12



'O wai kou inoa? What's your name?


No hea mai 'oe? Where are you from?


ʻO wai ke ahupuaʻa āu e noho nei? Where do you live?


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  • Oh my heavens!It's been months trying to find their identity and how they both are related.Thank you so much.

  • The program, entitled "No Kahikilaulani ka makani Ho'eo 'o Moanalua" (The whistling wind of Moanalua is Kahikilaulani) references Kahikilaulani, who sailed to the Hawaiian islands from a far away place. It is said that she sailed up a stream into the valley and presented her future husband, Kamawaelualani with a gift of an 'ohi'a growing from the earth wrapped in a ti leaf. Perched on the 'ohi'a was a large black honeycreeper, the now extinct O'ahu Creeper ('o'o).

    The 3,716 acre valleys narrowly escaped destruction as a potential corridor for the H-3 freeway, and have been under threat of residential development for two decades. At the blessing and dedication ceremony, the community, descendants of Hawaiians who resided in and cared for the valleys, public officials, the landowner/seller, and non-profit conservation organizations involved in the acquisition and protection of the valleys, will celebrate the dedication of land to the future generations of the people of Hawai'i in perpetuity.

    Kumu Roddy Akau from the Kamawaelualani/Kahikilaulani 'Ohana said, "We are grateful that Kamana Nui and Kamana Iki Valleys have been protected for future generations. Our 'Ohana have been guardians of this land since time immemorial. We trace our genealogy to Namakahelu Kapahikauaokamehameha, the chantress of this land, and descendant of Kapahikauaokamehameha." (literal translation: the battle sword of Kamehameha; said to have been a child descended from King Kakuhiewa whom Kamehameha laid his sword next to while resting after the battles of Nu'uanu and Kahuiki in 1795, thus bestowing honor on the child and his family).
  • McCandless and Feary are family in Moanalua.
    3,716-Acre Moanalua Nature Preserve Dedicated (HI)

    Contact: Laura Thielen, DLNR (808) 497-4175; Lea Hong, The Trust for Public Land, (808) 783-3653; Roddy Akau, Kamawaelualani/Kahikilaulani 'Ohana, (808) 497-3797

    HONOLULU, HI, 2/20/2008 - The Trust for Public Land (TPL), the State of Hawai'i Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR), and the Kamawaelualani/Kahikilaulani 'Ohana held a dedication and blessing of Kamana Nui and Kamana Iki Valleys (known as Moanalua Valley) today.
  • hey thanks for replyin
  • my great rna is a john duncan gilman
  • i am laso johnatny chu chu needles gilman line h had daughters that married brickwood which i am trying to find out if my mom was tellig me the th that who i am is for real because my mom told me when s young not to say who i wasannow weare sold out so i wanted t know ami really who i am.
  • charls ano this is tina my great grandmother is louisa kalahikiola, connie reffered you to me
    she married a james kimonele gilman. my grandfather failies is kapahu kekoa and k. that sarah kapahu kekoa is my families, my real blood line iskewalo and kane and also puukana, can you tll me there first names of hanah kane andher father kewalo and mom is puukana i do noknow the first names of my families icme from the first hanakahi auny mary and fenella is the second hanakahi. my moms hlf sister and mom i neeed help it info.
  • i come from the fist and second line of the queen emma line i come from a bolyn family.
  • disregard all my other messages i got that partalready i am trying to finsh up my real royal blood line.
  • chares i talked to a lady on face book s refered mback to you well my realgreat grandmother is caroline kawaha , i am the second linage to emma silva she married a joesoph kawaha, my grandfather mom is hannah kane and dad is daniel hanakahi Sr., caroline aiana kawaha is my family so i wanted to know my kewalo side and my puukana side do you know any thing
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