Kona, Hawaii

'O wai kou inoa? What's your name?

Anakala Wes

No hea mai 'oe? Where are you from?

Mai Moanalua mai O'ahu Kakuihewa o ka one hanau o na kupuna no kou koolua Lehua McCandless. Lehua's dad was John K. McCandless son of John Kawaianiani(Mahina)McCandless and Paula Elderts. Her mother was Kalani Among Haili daughter of Samson Among and Elizabeth Haili.

ʻO wai ke ahupuaʻa āu e noho nei? Where do you live?

Noho wau i Moanalua i keia manawa nei o ka home no kou makua kane.

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  • Aloha Uncle Wes,
    This is Keikilani from Halau Ku Mana. Mahalo for coming to teach the 'opio of Hana No'eau. I was hoping you would be apart of my paper that I have to write..I have one question for you that has to do with Hana No'eau. This question is apart of my Thesis Statement for my English class.What were the traditional needs and what are the modern equivalents of Hana No'eau?


  • Aloha Wes,

    Roberta gave me your name.  I was interested in the McCandless Genealogy.  John K. McCandless and Paula Elderts are my Great Grand Parents.  Would you be able to help me with my Ohana Tree?  Thanks So Much.



  • Aloha Wes Mahalo for the info much appreciated u r great . Wes I got this email from a Cori Thomas McCandless . He wants to know about Elisha McCandless do we have O'hana with that name also comes from the Kellet a Judge that adopted the twins . I told them i knew little of the McCandless except for my ties. So i hope u and Lehua may be able to help . I told them of FamilySearch .org and Hawaiian Genealogy indexes. etc: Mahalo Uncle Wes u take care and again Mahalo Nui Loa for everything.
    Aloha Roberta
  • Wow! you have a great deal of knowledge,I would some day like to attain at least a fraction of this precious knowledge of acient Hawaii.I try to learn what ever I can along my way mahalo for sharing.
  • Of course the Akaka Bill continues to promot 70-450 and support the U.S. racist Manifest Destiny doctrines that they claim validates their supremacy as WASP christians ordained by God to subjugate non-whites and that they have plenary powers 70-448 over them whether they are christians or not. All this is nonsense and the U.S. should pay the piper and de-occupy Hawai'i once and for all. The U.S. is unable to show the treaty of annexation because there's none; U.S. Congress had rejected the treaty because it couldn't muster the 70-432 required 2/3rds majority vote. Joint Resolution is a domestic instrument that doesn't extend its jurisdiction into foreign countries.
  • Aloha e Wes, it was great to see you at the Four Seasons Hotel too! For me it was like seeing my long lost brother again! This is good that we are reconnecting ~ this has been happening a lot to me lately ~ like you said this is a hoailona. I enjoyed all your wonderful pictures here and I love your hana lima too! I believe we will be seeing each other again soon! I need to finish my kua, hohoa and ie kuku! Malama pono my brother! Love, `Ihilani
  • "for good" is GREAT! I hope to see you soon. Many health challenges for me in 2009. Heart attack in January and diagnozed brain tumor in March. Big kine bumps in da road huh? Oh well. I am still smiling and breathing so onward with life! Be well my friends. You have my cell number right?

  • aloha uncle wes
    I married henry ohule kahananui but unfortunately he and his sibling don't
    know if they are related to the kahananui and they all passed away without
    knowing- but i am from the big island and my aunty married Joseph Kanaka-
    maikai whose mother is from the kahananui ohana from Kona. Growing up
    on the big island I have met uncle Joe Kahananui and family also his brother
    of whom I call Uncle Red Mahalo nui loa evalani kahananui
  • Aloha e Uncle Wes
    My name is Sharon K. Medeiros (Lindsey) I am new to this blog. But as I was going through it, I came across one of your messages to Miss Kamelamela. You mentioned Paula Elderts, wanted to know if Paula Elderts and Paula McCandless is one and the same. My mom is Maria K Pe'a from Puna. All those names you mentioned to Miss Kamelamela are my ohana. My tutu wahine on my mom's side was Kuluwaimaka Keliihoomalu married to Kahale Charles Iaukea Pe'a. But I would really like to know about Paula Elderts. Much mahalo.
    Malama pono and a hui hou
  • Aloha,

    Nice to hear from you. Yes, Pelekunu is my home from hone. My mother Joyce still lives there. I hope to visit this summer before defending my dissertation.

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