Waianae, HI


April 14

'O wai kou inoa? What's your name?

tina matildoBOTELHO

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  • kalamai sorry so late getting back to you, not trying to be rude :P but I now am mostly on Facebook putting info and issues out... https://www.facebook.com/pono.kealoha
    just now
  • Aloha Tina,

    Tammy is my niece.  What is your number?


  • Aloha Tina,First let me say mahalo nui for your help in trying to find my ohana. 

    I think u r under the wrong impression ,Scribner is my adopted name .I was never to ask what my name was or who my real ohana was. See,I was adopted by military (army) people and the first thing that happened was this, I remember it like it was yesterday I goy in the car and we drove away .As a young boy of  6 years,I asked a question at which time he turned around in the seat of the car and hit me in my mouth and pointed his finger at me and said "if you speak,you speak in English or you don't speak at all",that was one of the worst days of the beginning days of my new life. Things got even worse  but I won't go into that now.
     The orphanage (I think it was) b-4  I was adopted, was in Honolulu and I called the wahine that took care of me Aunt Lillian.She was very nice to me and if nothing else I would like to thank her or pay my respects to her someday when I make it back home 4 visit or what ever .I have been told that 'It has been too long time to find real ohana.
        I tried to call at 6:00pm est. Fri .but got no answer..I can be reached @ home - 607 732-3458 or cell 607-425-8795 
        P.S. Don't give up no me just yet!!!!
        I have a much good feeling about you,that you can help ME !!    Much Aloha,          ( Kepano)
                                                                                                                            Stephen Scribner
  • Aloha Tina!

    I've just been cruising around here lately and I came across your page somehow and believe we are cousins. =) My great grandmother was Doris Hi'ilani Farm, daughter of Kumu Rose Kapu Joshua. I have been trying to get the genealogy together but run into some trouble. It looks like you might have it all here? Mahalo and I hope you are well!


  • tina... mahalo for shareing the aloha... may ke akua smile upon you and your ohana
  • Aloha nō e Tina.
  • aloha tina,
    you are on the right path, always Mahalo Ke Akua first and all others will be added, for the thy kingdom will be done on EARTH (Kingdom of Hawaii Nei) and in Heaven (up above)...you need to stay Focus, don't let names and bloodlines distract you from your Mission. I believe that we are on our own mission that will soon meet in Ke Akua's time, not ours.....my many more blessing to you and remember in Ke Akua's eyes, we are SERVANTS to our people of this sacred land of Ke Akua's.......mauruuru.....da princess
  • Aloha, Tina I tried calling u at the number you left to me previous. I am in not doing research, cause I am too far from Hilo town. You can contact a cousin of our who live in Oahu.808 689 3170 her name is Edna. She is a Kekoa from Ka'u.
  • Aloha e Cuz Tina,
    I am related to John M. III Dudoit,on my grandmother Lupinehae Kala blood line.
    Mary Keawe was the great grandmother of my grandmother Lupinehae.
    Not sure how we are related to the Duvachelles, but grandma used to tell me we are family related to Duvachelles from Molokai. My grandmother wanted to make sure that we knew our extended family (names) so that we dont accidently end up marrying a cousin!!..
  • E Cuz...aloha, is Puukana da last name or middle?
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