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  • Hawaii NEVER renounced it's sovereignty , Hawaii will be free again.

  • I'd like your opinion:

    So the article states protesters took down the American flag because they want the American Hawaii State Flag to fly above it because it reminds them of oppression. Isn't that really defeating the purpose? Why not a flag with a royal symbol or even that proposed sovereignty flag? Something that is solely Hawaiian.

  • So.. where is Hawai`i in that  wiki-link (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dominant_minority).. I mean I see a lot of other nationalities, but where is representation of OUR OWN ??

    Edit: I just inserted it so WE are now represented! (didn't anyone else notice that ??)

    I hoohuoi kekahi manawa, i ka mea a makou e ku no ka mea,

    hookahuli i & huhu !!!!

  • 2697399819?profile=original

  • 2766676542?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024Is this an interpretation from "Free Hawai'i ???

  • Dear Ms. Gora,

    With the Rice v Cayetano Opinion guiding the fakeState,  it looks as though the maka'ainana will face another 1959 experience.  
    If "democracy" is the guiding light in the formation of "the governing entity" by the withering Office of Hawaiian Affairs,  then the notion that the present inhabitants of the Hawaiian Islands would accept political rule by the Hawaiians,  an alien elite,  is far- fetched.  Yet this is the argument that "Free Hawai'i" is discussing.  The reinstatement of government by Hawaiians will be loved by almost everyone.

    Truthfully,  we all live and breathe every day the rule by "alien elite" !  

    With all the trappings of "democracy",  our daily lives run into the fact that a small minority MAKES the final decisions at every turn.   

    So how rational would it be,  for the Hawaiian politicians to be accepted by the present inhabitants of the Hawaiian Islands as a "dominant minority" ??

    Big Islander Joseph Nawahi would ask: "Are the present inhabitants of the Hawaiian Islands READY to accept a "dominant minority" made up of Lei- Stand maka'ainana ??"

    This is a mouthful !!  Thank Sweet Jesus for providing the UH Manoa "Brain Trust" to help us understand these problems.

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    The War Crime Complaint alleges:

    “State of Hawai‘i Judges OKAMOTO, FOLEY, LEONARD, and REIFURTH committed a war crime by willfully depriving my client, a protected person, of a fair and regular trial prescribed by the fourth Geneva Convention The Plaintiff, State of Hawai‘i Department of Hawaiian Home Lands Chair JOBIE MASAGATANI and State of Hawai‘i Governor NEAL ABERCROMBIE, represented by the State of Hawai‘i Attorney General DAVID M. LOUIE and Deputy Attorney Generals MATTHEW S. DVONCH, DIANE K. TAIRA and S. KALANI BUSH were complicit in these proceedings and therefore committed a war crime as accessories.”

    The War Crime Complaint concludes:

    “Accordingly, pursuant to Article 17(3) of the Rome Statute, I respectfully request the office of the Prosecutor, with all due speed, investigate the situation in order to determine if the alleged perpetrators should be charged with the war crime specified above.”

    The ICC jurisdiction over the Hawaiian Islands will begin March 4, 2013.


  • http://youtu.be/siG710oExTs

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Could the Overthrow have been averted?

We all talk about the illegality of the 1893 Overthrow, but what details do we really know about the whole affair and what occurred just a year before it happened. Was there anything that could have been done? Your thoughts and feelings, I've done a lot of research on the event and would like to know what you guys know.

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Recap of Fake State Resistance Actions

Recap of Fake State Resistance Actions

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the fake state demonstrations...

I was away August 21, the 50th anniversary of the fake state. But Kahu Hanalei Colleado and I were in Washington DC where we took pictures in front of the US Capitol and the US Supreme Court holding “Fake State” and “Free Hawaii” signs. (I also had similar pictures taken in front of the UN in Geneva and the World Court in the Hague)

The resistance actions turned out even…

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Will You Help Now? Help Stop The Akaka Bill! Email This Letter To Washington DC Today!

Will You Help Now? Help Stop The Akaka Bill! Email This Letter To Washington DC Today! Cut and paste the example below. The deadline is this Thursday.

Email to the House Natural Resources Committee to teresa.bravo@mail.house.go
v and also fax to (202) 225-1931. Please Note - If emailing your testimony, it must be in a Word or PDF format attached to your email.

June 21, 2009

The Honorable Nick J. Rahall II, Chairman

The Honorable Doc Hastings,
Ranking Member
House Committee on Natural…

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