I just heard that OHA is paying people to get signatures on the Kau Inoa. This is terrible! No wonder things are so hard!!

Anyway... check this out:

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Lots of people are contemplating some kind of kamakazee mission against OHA. They must be crippled with some kind of legal action or something. Who has a recipe using chicken bones in a soup or something so they can choke to death. No one seems to be able to stand up against them. We have lots of alternative leaders but OHA was involved in having lost power over "ceded" lands that came down to our generation whole. We have to corner OHA !!
OHA has weaknesses and vulnerabilities but no one seems able to exploit them. OHA is hamstrung in lots of ways. OHA has very few ways to undermine Keanu Sai. Since Larsen vs. the Kingdom, Keanu has moved onto a playing field where OHA is at a loss. OHA has to defend. But the kanakas will go right along with OHA that "David is a nut."

The kanakas would never say:
"Okay, OHA. We consider David's case as crucial. OHA, where do you stand ? .....in detail ! No excuses or bullshit. Explain in detail how you see David's stand."

The kanakas could never see that this might change the politics of restoration (Justice).
Another hurdle for us kanakas to trample underfoot....

Let's drive the nail home ...... and set it !  What is the identity of an Hawaiian ??   Well,  the "governing entity" is none other than Our King sitting on His Throne at 'Iolani Palace.  So very simple.  Are Hawaiians kinfolk with Lakotas,  Apaches, Hopi, etc. ??  Our kinfolk look like this:

Tupua Tamasese Lealofi III

Let's have the King of Tonga visit 'Iolani Palace !  Simplify.  Simplify. Simplify.  Please do not toy with the identity of Hawaiians.  Please.  Thank the gods that there were so many U.S.  legislators who saw that the Akaka Bill would have brought another genocidal plague to the Hawaiian people !


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