Recap of Fake State Resistance Actions

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the fake state demonstrations...

I was away August 21, the 50th anniversary of the fake state. But Kahu Hanalei Colleado and I were in Washington DC where we took pictures in front of the US Capitol and the US Supreme Court holding “Fake State” and “Free Hawaii” signs. (I also had similar pictures taken in front of the UN in Geneva and the World Court in the Hague)

The resistance actions turned out even better than we had hoped, with the fake state trying to be as invisible and un-celebratory as it could, surrendering the public arena again to the spirited and colorful displays of anti-statehood protests. The demonstrations were on all the major islands, with the biggest one in front of the Hawaii Convention Center in Honolulu, as the state was inside holding their “conference.” 

(Even the conference’s panel discussion, broadcast live on channel 9, was co-opted with distinguished Hawaiian scholars and leaders advocating independence. The re-broadcast on PBS a few days later, served to further bolster the case for independence.)

The media coverage was prodigious. References to Hawaii being a ‘fake-state’ appeared in print in over 430 publications across the US and around the world! There was TV coverage on CNN, MSNBC and several other networks, and the term “fake state” was all over the world-wide-web.

The strongest coverage, of course, was in Hawaii with stories running the whole week in the Honolulu Advertiser, Star Bulletin, Maui News, Honolulu Weekly, etc., reinforcing the key reasons why (as we have been contending all along) the State of Hawaii is not legitimate. These same key points were reiterated in the New York Times, USA Today and Associated Press stories.

In sympathy with the protests in Hawaii were concurrent solidarity actions in cities across the US, Europe, and even New Zealand and Australia. It was a clear indication of the growing global awareness and support for Hawaiian independence.

Congratulations to HIAA and all the others who contributed tremendously to the success of the Fake State resistance actions. You provided the visible action (amplified many times more through the media) affirming our conviction and commitment to free our nation. 

In co-opting the 50th anniversary of “statehood” a key turning point has been reached. The press is now taking the quest for Hawaiian independence as a serious, credible, and legitimate pursuit. The notion of Hawaii being a “Fake State” has been successfully implanted in people’s minds all over the world. As it takes root and we make sure that it is fed and nurtured, it will grow into an irresistible, world-wide cry for the restoration of Hawaii as an independent nation.

Ku‘e! Imua! Onopa’a!

Malama pono,


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