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Have you ever seen a fish swim backwards?Of jump out just to grab you?This kind of crap fish is like Daniel Innouye and Linda Lingle and her bandits!Rubbish that has no intentions of leaving.....What do you do with your trash?Innouye has been compelled to stop all Hawaiian sovereignty movements in the Hawaiian Islands! Like many ihep fishes, they consistently discredit kanaka maoli and to ensure that a AKAKA BILL is the solution to their misery.Why would you want a bill that does nothing for kanaka maoli? The IHEP fish is there to "hold" the stolen lands.These settlers have dictated and controlled politics and its time to "take control and continue to ku'e!Lingle may be quiet, but behind closed doors she is shoving her heels against our bottoms like a "kick in our ass!"There is no room for pilau fishes to be around us!CRAP THE AKAKA BILL. GET YOUR REELS AND WHIP THAT PILAU FISH THAT SURROUNDS US!

, LOOK WHO IS IN THE TANK? IT IS US,KANAKA MAOLI SWIMMING AND HELD HOSTAGE IN OUR OWN ISLANDS!Lingle, Akaka, Innouye, Neil, Clayton Hee, OHA, DHHL, U.S., and all those those other iheps are using the reel to control us! Take that reel and whip it the other way!Can you hear the voices of our children calling and being choked by the settlers who oppressed us?Can you hear our kupuna calling?Never allow anyone to tell you who u are! Kanaka Maoli - 133 1/3%. The other 33 1/3% is the blood quantum that will be forced upon us for the next land divisions for Hawaiian Homes!Keep on dividing kanaka maoli by blood quantum. What crap! We need total independence from the settlers!
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Beyond Enemy Lines: Lawful Hawaiian Govenment

I was at Palolo Media Center and Henry Noa was sharing his mana'o on Lawful Hawaiian Government.STAY TUNE FOR SERIES ON THE LAWFUL HAWAIIAN KINGDOM this year.

more pics.
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