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Most Hawaiians still rebuke OHA and will continue to rebuke OHA which is a good sign and shows how steadfast MOST Hawaiians are regarding Queen Lili'uokalani's wishes.



This is a good sign. It shows that DESPITE the propaganda and LIES, MOST Hawaiians are patriots to Queen Lili'uokalani :) Mahalo for that :)

For those few who are thinking about what they should do.

Consider this.

A a good example is the latest article in the Star Advertiser:



Notice how NASTY some OHA supporters to me.


Imagine how nasty they will be TO US later.


Imagine how nasty they will be to YOUR keiki and/or mo'opuna LATER.


He hōʻailona.

Disturbing statements by OHA supporters include the implication that those Hawaiians who do not live in Hawai'i like California, Washington, and Texas are somehow "not Hawaiian" and are to be EXCLUDED from the process.


I am for TOTAL independence.

No to OHA. NO to Kana'iolowalu. NO to the "Native Hawaiian Roll" which is actually like the Dawes Rolls which was created by the wolves to destroy indigenous lives.

Leave the majority of Hawaiians who REFUSE to sign ALONE. Stop being MAHA'OI.

#Profound #Think #PutYourThinkingCapOn #HeHōʻailona




Hawaiians and their legal heirs which includes but is NOT limited to those Hawaiians living in California, Washington, Texas, New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Florida, and elsewhere in North America and throughout the world reserve their property rights now and FOREVER.

This shall serve as a PUBLIC NOTICE.





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demand4.gifhau.giftruth3.gifoha4.gifOHA’s Mismanagement and Poor Judgment ContinuesMarch 5, 2008Posted to: http://ohalies.blogspot.comOn behalf of Administrator Clyde Namu‘o, Deputy Administrator of Beneficiary, Advocacy, and Empowerment Mona Bernardino announced on Monday, March 3, 2008 via email to OHA staff that she has been appointed the person in charge of the Grants Department, once known as Planning, Research, Evaluation, and Grants (PREG).The Planning, Research, Evaluation components of PREG have been assigned to Special Assistant to the Administrator Stanton Enomoto. OHA Chair Apoliona congratulated Bernardino and Enomoto via email from Washington D.C., upon receiving Bernardino’s email declaring her command of the Grants Department.Beneficiaries and the general public must be concerned that Namu‘o and Apoliona would strengthen Bernardino’s power in OHA, knowing that Bernardino was allegedly released as acting principal from Ka Waihona O Ka Na‘auao New Century Charter School, because she allegedly committed fraud.According to several individuals who reside in the community that Ka Waihona O Ka Na‘auao New Century Charter School serves, Bernardino allegedly approved and accepted on her own behalf an estimated dollar amount ranging from $150,000 to $160,000 beyond her approved salary in less than an estimated six months.Many Leeward Coast residents familiar with these allegations are patiently waiting for a formal complaint to be filed against Bernardino.Namu‘o and Apoliona continue to display mismanagement and poor judgment by giving more power to Bernardino over the dissemination of OHA’s trust funds through the Grants Department that will total an estimated 3.7 million dollars, essentially 10% of OHA’s total Board of Trustees approved operating budget for one fiscal year (July 1, 2008 to June 30, 2009).Bernardino’s record at Ka Waihona O Ka Na‘auao New Century Charter School and her questionable usage of the Hawaiian Governance Small Grants Program that disseminated an estimated $340,000 in unreported grants ranging from $1,000 to $25,000 to buy political and community favors for Administrator Namu‘o and Chair Apoliona, while serving as the Director of Hawaiian Governance, ought to cause grave concern to all those who care about the management of OHA’s public trust and expect a fair and impartial grant process.Beneficiaries and the greater public need to understand that Bernardino will subjectively operate the Grants Department according to the wishes of Administrator Namu‘o and Chair Apoliona, which will not align with the needs of the Hawaiian community, but align with their personal agenda that includes the passage of the Ceded Land Settlement and Akaka Bill.Furthermore, let it be known that grantees submitting favorable testimony in support of OHA’s agenda will most likely continue to receive grants, as Bernardino maintains a detailed list of all grantees that submitted testimony favorable to OHA’s agenda for Namu‘o and Apoliona to access and review.The time is now, beneficiaries and the greater public, we need to call for a fiscal and management audit of OHA. We must urge the Hawai‘i Legislature to hold all lands and revenues in receivership or escrow until such audits are completed.Otherwise, it will be business as usual at OHA – secret negotiations, million dollar contracts approved in executive sessions, misuse of company credit cards, unreported grants to buy political and community favors, first class travel and overnight stays at luxury resorts, nepotism, staff intimidation and bullying, unreported expenditures pertaining to OHA’s nation-building campaigns, grantee pressure and coercion, staff surveillance, administrative demands for personal loyalty – and the list goes on...on behalf of linda gomes
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