June 20


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  • Just Dropp'in in to show some aloha! *SHaWNa*
  • A3 aloha mai kaua, o sutu ko'u inoa noho au ma ka aina aloha,
    N!!H@U<> juz passin sum aloha frum dis 5163(side)
    LUV da pics................ malama pono ALOHA.......**SuTu**
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  • ehh iokepa add me.
  • aloha my nephew,
    how are you doing? havenʻt heard from you in ages,...whatʻs been happening? did aunty them tell you?...I just graduated "again" from the university. small kine indigenous education degree. itʻs my third,..so Iʻm off to my fourth,...letʻs see whatʻs up in the masterʻs world.
    anyways, be PONO and let OUR kupuna guide and the ʻuhane of AKUA continually fill you with ALOHA. I am very proud of you, my nephew. malama pono,...God bless you. a hui hou.
    aloha no,
  • Whats up Keps!!! Just checking...
  • Sup Italian Sausage!!!!
    Lokking good. Hope all is well and by the way, NICE TAT!!!
  • everythings fine im in arizona now .. so wat still up n utah?
  • hui palala....

    how are you kepa?
  • howzit kepa.. how u doing?
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