A hui of people interested in direct action land struggle. For Kanaka of all ages interested in sharing and/or documenting moolelo of our koa who have engaged in land occupation and other direct tactics to protect our beloved ʻaina.
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  • I have lots of moolelo to share. mahalo to having this!!
  • Aloha,

    I wanted to share my site/blog with this group. It centers around Quiet Title Summons. I clip newspaper articles, scan, and post them on my site/blog. I also research for past and present Quiet Title information and any information that pertains or is connected to Quiet Titles.

    Here is the link:


    Mahalo for letting me share!
  • letter to commanding officers.doc
    Aloha everyone,

    I am sending this email to ask that you consider signing on to this letter of concern addressed to the commanding officers of the armed services in Hawaii. We need support from individuals, ohanas, organizations, and neighborhood boards to get our message across to help curb off-roading activities at Ka'ena.

    Attached you will find the draft of a letter that we'd like to send off with as many signatures of support as possible. Along with the commanding officers, I plan to submit the letter to local senators and representatives, as well as members of congress.

    Please email me at kaimalia@yahoo.com if you are willing to sign on as an individual/group. Or call if you have additional questions or concerns 808-753-4221.

    Please feel free to forward this email to anyone else you think may be interested in signing on to the letter.

    Below you can find more information on why this letter is necessary:

    As you may already know,the off-roading/mud-bogging problem at Ka'ena, O'ahu needs to be curtailed. Every week, and especially after the rain, off-road enthusiasts enter the area to challenge their modified vehicles.

    We as cultural practitioners are concerned because this already sensitive eco-system, cultural resource and wahi pana continues to be damaged. It has been devastating to watch the lone sandy bay at Ka'ena become another one of the off-roaders mudpits, to see them driving up on the giant pohaku, or ripping apart vegetation on the sand dunes with their giant tires. Every time I go in there it seems they have made a new road to nowhere.

    So I've decided enough is enough. We've been complaining about this issue for over 10 years now and so far there has been no success in curbing this destructive and insensitive behavior.

    Because off-duty military personnel make up a large percentage of the off-roading population at Ka'ena, I have drafted a letter with the help of other concerned cultural practitioners in an effort to stop any further desecration of the area by off-road vehicles.

    I realize that the military personnel are not the only abusers, but if we are able to curtail their destruction, we can continue working to educate local off-road enthusiasts, and eventually stop off-roading at Ka'ena.

    I appreciate your support!

    Aloha Aina.
    Malama Pono.

    Summer Nemeth
  • Aloha Mai, Ohana of this "...Moolelo Aloha...," Maoliworld web page:

    Just for Mana'o purpose. When we are lured by the "culprits" like the ones who
    run their CORPORATIONS, to QUIET TITLE here on the islands, we go into
    that battle fields to fight against the "principles." I really want to say: "battle against the principal." Once inside their de-facto court, we noticed that ADVERSE POSSESSION is the way they the "culprits," steal the Aina!

    A Hui Hou Malama Pono,

    By "Living HuMan Being With The Inoa:" Noelani, family
    of: Mason

    Infact, I was taught a long time ago, "WE DO NOT FIGHT FOR THE AINA!"
    After doing our research (yes, it is important to do your research), we come across that our Mo'okuauhau is the key to LOCK THEM OUT! Because they
    have the "guns" and unclean hands under that doctrine, the culprit literally steal under the premise of ADVERSE POSSESSION.
  • February 4, A.D. 2009

    Aloha Mai! NoeGK

    After reading the "Building a Culture of Resistance," disclosure of information. I began to read your mo'olelo discussion pertaining to: "...Stories of Struggle..."

    For many many years, we have been in the land struggles here, in Mokupuni
    O Moewee(Maui). We have returned to our aina to Ko Hawai'i Pae Aina but,
    have been confronted with "STRONG ARMS UNCLEAN HANDS DOCTRINE,"
    sent by the so-called defacto "CORPORATIONS." The latest here in Maui,
    is about the "BY-PASS," as we write and read this information, the corporate
    developments continues to work without any CEASE AND DECEASE, as we share our individual unique mana'o.

    On February 13, A.D. 2008 at the Maui Circuit Court in Wailuku, Hoapili Hale
    over kukapaila aina(s). The hearing court calender is set for 8:30 a.m.

    "Living HuMan Being With The Inoa:" Noelani, family of: Batalona
    ame Mason
  • Aloha ,

    I am soo grateful that I found this group. Please check out film blog www.blog.myspace.com/braddahrandy
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Auhea oukou, e na koa?

The first Kanaka to occupy Kahoʻolawe. The wahine ikaika who blocked H-3 development in Halawa. The Beltrans in Mokuleia. Who would you like to hear talk about their involvement in Hawaiian land struggle over the last few generations? Whoʻs stories should all young Kanaka know about?

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