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Regarding Crown and Government Lands.(I couldn't sleep because our cat gave birth a week ago and her babies were making alot of noise so I woke up and and found Surfkick's response to the blog on Crown and Government lands, so I'm trying to answer it now.)E kala mai. I have a hard time trying to relate to someone who uses a "pen name" and not a real name as I have here because I have nothing to hide and can hold my own. I apologize if I'm coming off rude, I feel you were rude to criticize Chinen and speaking derrogatively because he is American when he wrote on, The Great Mahele. Two words, so what? The point is, does he have his facts together? I say he does, from studying other books on the same subject but Chinen's research was clean and clear, many cases, historical maps, documents, 1839 Declaration, 1850 Treaty, Hawaiian Homes Commission Act 1920 and 1864 Constitution...not to mention oral history from my kupuna.Not to mention you alluded to in trying to say that I don't know my own genealogy especially as it relates to Konia and her other half brothers from her biological mother, Luahine Kahailiopua Kailipakalua-I-Kanaka Hao, who married her uncle, Awili Hao after Kaoleioku died and had her three sons (there may be more) whose names were; Kaholi, Kananananale and Kuakini...matters to me. You cannot say that I don't know what I am talking about I have done, with my cousins, the genealogy of Konia... it's flawless.You should have said, that from Kaoleioku's first marriage he had other children and name them, that's all good. I believe that Paki and Konia took care of them if I'm not mistaken and they inherited something from their father at least. My father's great grandfather and his brothers did not receive a penny, although according to Hawaiian law they should have gotten something, not that they wanted anything. They were prosperous in their knowledge and their ability to pass on the oral history about the truth and that is priceless and the fact that our family are well off because we still have each other we are rich in that sense. In a nutshell, I can say that the only class living is the native tenants and that's where we are at today and in our hands lay over 4 million acres of lands, not the State, not OHA, not the federal government, BUT that is the purpose of the Akaka bill, to pull another, "Joint Resolution" to reclaim something that is not theirs so they can take our lands to the bank and get money for it, like monopoly. It's not going to happen without cheating and that's what these Americans do to give the other true Americans a bad name.The purpose of why I pointed to Jon J. Chinen's book is for the INFORMATION, which I feel is one person who at least wrote something, whether he got his clerk's to do the research he needed to finish this book, granted it's a thin book and very easy to read. I suggest everyone read it. I beleive that Chinen passed on already, I had not had the pleasure of meeting, talking or hearing him speak. That's doesn't mean anything. I'm not praising him in a personal way. I'm saying, if there is anyone out there in maoliworld who wants to know, I merely pointed out where they could go and read about it in his book, as well as to go to the archives for more information on the particular lands mentioned in Chinen's book, on the division of the lands to whom, how much and it's uses. It's all there.So what, if he was American...OHA paid Linda Delaney hundreds of thousands of dollars to do an audit and the research on the Crown and Government Lands and came up with nothing...while Chinen's book was already done. She was a Hawaiian, bless her soul, she didn't finish her research to audit and identify where all of these Crown and Government lands were, what happened to them after the illegal overthrow of our Queen in 1893.I was present at the University when Jon Van Dyke busted out his book in a slideshow presentation and personally, I have heard him speak, spoke to him and sat and listened to his one hour presentation which I felt that what he presented was very much incomplete, and written in such a way that he wished the people of Hawai'i would gravitate to, but they didn't and probably won't once they know the truth and do their own research. Politically, his facts are missing very important dates, laws and people who do matter. I did raise my hand during the Q & A portion and pointed out my disappointment in those things and clearly, he is a true American who is living in my community in the Crown Lands, do you think he has any guilt about that? On the beach side, right next to the beach. That pisses alot of people off because he hasn't done anything to "give back" to our community, while taking from us our identities.In his presentation Van Dyke tried to say that we should support the Akaka bill and take what we have now and work towards independence. As far as I am concerned, Van Dyke coordinates his work with the US military and Daniel Inouye, to get jobs and funds for himself. He has done nothing for the community he lives in and he serves "the power that be" to remain with a job to live a lifestyle he is used to. Both he and his wife have benefited off of the backs of us, na kanaka maoli...and now, their son? Jesse? pushes the Akaka bill and is the mouth piece for his parents, who would never come out and do what he is doing on behalf of OHA's positions. I have never seen the Van Dyke's win a court case for the Hawaiians in a subtantive way. It's really all a self serving family, which is very American I must say. I don't hate them, I hate what they are doing and trying to make us into indians with the Akaka bill. I can go on and on about why Van Dyke and his book will be just another book and NOT THE BOOK that people will follow. His book for me is made up of stuff already written by others from other books. He didn't write anything new except to push the Akaka/Inouye Bill. I'm so done with these misleaders we don't trust them.Sorry.However, David keanu Sai did extensive study on the history of Hawai'i and he continues to talk about Hawaiian Kingdom law...read his website and see his presentations. I have heard him many times over the years and found him to be very informed and factual, at the same time he is not a very open person. Some people call him a snob and a know it all. That is there problem. He unlike Inouye, Van Dyke, Waihe'e and OHA did take our case to the Permanent Court of Arbitration known as the world court, with Ninia Parks who did at 26 put a feather in her hat in her first and last case by defending plaintiff, Lance P. Larsen in a competent court of jurisdiction, which I know that this case will go down in the hisotry of Hawai'i as a case to learn from. Keanu will have his books coming out on, Land Titles and other issues which will put the facts together for the good of the generations yet to be born, who will learn the truth and defend Hawai'i from anymore occupations of foreigners.It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know where to find the information on Crown and Government Lands. It takes time and an open mind to view the facts in order to make our own choices in life, as the usurpers try to keep us off balance, confused and poor. The fact that Kamehameha III, granted from His Royal Domain over four million acres to His people, says alot about the love he had for His people, government and lands, enough to divide it up and give it freely to His people...was so unlike, a "monarchy" did pass laws, kept records of the lands, amounts and uses is why many are jealous of the Hawaiian people. Like my son said, "don't hate, appreciate" clearly speaks to jealousy that exists amongst all the other people who feel that they have a right because of the words, "Public Lands" is another lie the State of Hawai'i tries to brainwash people into believing. The facts are; ONLY the Hawaiian with the blood and nationals (non-Hawaiians) can lay claim to these lands, unless everybody else naturalizes themselves and becomes nationals under our government. Everything going on in Hawai'i are based on lies on a poor foundation and the only way that is going to get better, is through education and correction of the terms, history and ho'oponpono between the native Hawaiians and the State of Hawai'i...before our government can be restored. We are on a spiritual journey is how I see this work before us, without keakua we would never have come this far and we thank Him for his aloha towards us.As for all these other people you mentioned, I have no relationship with them or knowledge of who they were or what their contributions were to Hawai'i or her people, that is your kuleana, not mine. For me, I was not impressed with all the names and people you mentioned. Granted, Hawai'i had to put up with the impositions of; American laws, by Americans, American thinking, American this and American that...I can't wait for the Hawaiians to unite and form our own government to bring to an end the continual US occupation and put everything back in the spiritual order that it should be in without further distractions.Sorry for being so long winded. It was important for me to break it down, break it down and answer your concerns.I tried to answer all your concerns, if I offended you, I apologize and extend my hand of aloha and ask that you and I should have a face to face talk. I'm sure you have your own opinion of our lands. I would like to hear them in person.Onipa'a,Kawehi
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"Barbarian Princess"

"Barbarian Princess"

September 23, 2009

'Barbarian Princess' film title raises some hackles in Hawaii

Producers banking that movie's 'ironic' name will appeal to wider audience

By Mary Vorsino
Advertiser Urban Honolulu Writer
Native Hawaiians yesterday expressed anger at the decision to call a soon-to-be-released feature film on Princess Ka'iulani's life "Barbarian Princess," and some went as far as to call the title a publicity stunt and an insult to the young royal's memory.
The producers of the film had scrapped the title in 2008, following outrage from some, but then returned to it. The 130-minute movie will make its world premiere at Hawai'i Theatre on Oct. 16 during the Hawaii International Film Festival. Interest in the film, HIFF officials say, is already high.
"Barbarian Princess," meant to be an ironic title, is what the princess was dubbed by some newspapers during her travels in the 1890s to the Mainland, where she astounded people with her grace, intelligence and beauty. The movie's producers say the title is meant to intrigue audiences, especially those outside of the Islands who wouldn't recognize her name or know her story.
"The ironic reference was done for a specific reason," said Roy Tijoe, a producer for the film and the co-owner of Island Film Group. He said concerns about the title "were coming from people who thought that we were intending a literal reference. Of course, that's not what we're doing."
But yesterday, several Native Hawaiian leaders said the title — ironic or not — is offensive.
"Because it's a painful thing, we don't care for irony," said Jon Osorio, a professor at the University of Hawai'i-Manoa's Kamakauokalani Center for Hawaiian Studies. "We really feel helpless to deal with producers ... who sensationalize our history in order to get to the wider audience, no matter what their intentions."
Hawai'i entertainer Palani Vaughan, a longtime critic of the project, said that the title of the movie is one of a host of concerns he has with the piece. Vaughan read the script for the film in February, and turned down the part of King Kalakaua. He said the movie distorts history and misses key facts.
"The real damage will be to the millions of viewers worldwide who will walk away (from the movie) with a truly inaccurate portrayal of our history, and that I resent. How do we undo that?" Vaughan said.
'so insulting'
Vicky Holt Takamine, president of the 'Ilio'ulaokalani Coalition, called the film's title an outrage.
"It's just so insulting to her," she said. "I don't know any Hawaiian who would agree to that (title)."
The producers of the film scrapped "Barbarian Princess" last year, in an effort to ease tensions.
Other working titles for the film were "Princess Ka'iulani" and "The Last Princess."
Tijoe said the producers returned to "Barbarian Princess" after long consideration.
"It was a way to bring to the fore what had happened in the past," he said. Tijoe acknowledged that the film title is "provocative," and he also said part of the reason "Barbarian Princess" was picked was because of fears the other working titles wouldn't have a commercial appeal outside of Hawai'i.
"Our intentions are honorable here. Certainly no offense is intended," he said.
Ric Galindez, another producer for the film and also co-owner of Island Film Group, said the film shouldn't be judged by its title.
"We hope that people from Hawai'i will see it and enjoy it," he said, adding that the film is intended "to tell the rest of the world" and "pique people's interest" in the story of Princess Ka'iulani.
Former Hawai'i resident Q'orianka Kilcher was cast as Ka'iulani for the film.
Kilcher portrayed Pocahontas in the 2005 film "The New World."
Princess Ka'iulani, who died at age 23, witnessed the overthrow of the monarchy in 1893.
The movie on her life was shot in part at 'Iolani Palace and cost about $8 million to produce. Shooting wrapped up in 2008, and the producers hope to secure a distribution deal by early next year.
Chuck Boller, executive director of the Hawaii International Film Festival, said he is getting lots of inquiries already from people interested in seeing the biopic. Tickets for the HIFF showing will go on sale Oct. 1 for HIFF members and sponsors, and Oct. 5 for the general public, Boller said.
He said he wouldn't be surprised if the 1,400-seat Hawai'i Theatre is sold out.
"It's been an important film and people really want to see it," Boller said.
The world premiere will coincide with Princess Ka'iulani's birthday.
Boller said he has seen the film and enjoyed it, calling it "realistic" and "accurate."
He added that the title of the movie will make sense to those who see it.
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Skeletons In The Closet

Skeletons In The ClosetA commentary concerning "Nancy's Judgement Day."By Hale MawaeJudge Kathleen Watanabe after weeks of deliberation on both sides of the fence of bones at Naue, finally came to a decision on what to do. An injunction to stop construction at Naue was denied as the court's hands are tied by the law, but Watanabe ruled that it must go back to the Burial Council and SHPD since Nancy McMahon made the decision on the burial treatment plan without any deliberation from the burial council.A burial treatment plan that allowed building permits to be mistakenly approved by the Kaua'i County Planning commission despite the major mistake Nancy McMahon made in making the decision on her own. Oops!I'm not surprised in the least bit with Nancy's obvious oversight to her failure of due process. In fact, it's as if she almost did it on purpose, and thought she might get away with it. Could it be possible? Especially since everyone was already pointing the finger at her from the beginning of this big mess. Big Surprise?What I am not surprised with is that we now know who wears the pants in the state's household when it comes to law, attorneys, and judges who can only make round about decisions in this political game of hot potato. Their revised statute law wears the pants. Whatever the hell revised statute means? Only the decision seems to be an already lit, short fuse, stick of dynamite that's about explode in the face of the State Historic Preservation Division.Fssssssssssssht..."Hot potato! Hot Potato! Who's got the Hot Potato? Whoever's got the Hot Potato, you...are....IT!""Fire in the hoooooole!"Boooooooooooooom!In the case of the iwi kupuna at the Wainiha Property at Wainiha, Judge Kathleen Watanabe has thrown the scorching stick of dynamite back in the direction of the State Historic Preservation Division, who alluded to the fact that SHPD(a.k.a. Nancy McMahon) didn't do their job quite right. Does it really take a court ordered judge in an illegitimate state to have to say who everyone was already pointing the finger at in the first place? Come on!In any case, Kathleen Watanabe's decision states flat out that Nancy McMahon did not follow the proper protocol and procedure in the case of Naue concerning the revised burial treatment plan. She had absolutely NO RIGHT to make the decision on the burial treatment plan alone. Period! It was not her sole decision to make!So now that Nancy McMahon has the smoking stick of dynamite shoved down her throat and a sizzling fuse hanging from her cavity of a mouth, what will the gory explosion of her political and professional career look like before the big bang.Well, here is a prediction:The SHPD may or may not do some head chopping in the case of her soon-to-be tragic downfall as an archaeologist, preservationist, and perpetrator(oh excuse me) "perpetuator" of Hawaiian cultural sites and natural resources.She highlighted her experience working for government in historic preservation, land use and environmental planning, which have given her a “great understanding” of the issues that Kaua‘i faces.The Garden Island NewspaperGreat understanding?Of what?Obviously not her procedures within her own department at SHPD, and protocols that she supposedly has been incompetently working at for over 20 years. Obviously not a clear understanding of cultural sensitivity, archaeological importance, or the community who has been asking her to stop her multiple track record of continued desecrations! While she may have "great understanding," I wonder if she has comprehension to the issues she is making decisions on, which makes me wonder if the kind of "understanding" she speaks of here is really all that "great."Nancy McMahon also stated recently in The Garden Island Newspaper for an interview regarding questions for the upcoming election for a seat on the Kaua'i County Council.Shall we take a look? Yes, I think we shall.Try not to laugh too hard.She states and I have to put this in bold face print, "I am one of the heads of a state agency(SHPD) that preserves a sense of place and preserves Hawaiiana for future generations. I work for the Department of Land and Natural Resources."Wow! The last time I checked her track record in preserving a sense of place and "Hawaiiana" I haven't seen too much in what she speaks. I ka 'olelo no ke ola. I ka 'olelo no ka make.(There is life in what you speak, there is death in what you speak).Someone needs to heed to these words. Hint, hint.What exactly has been done to preserve our culture and sense of place for future generations? Especially in looking at a first hand current issue such as Naue, in which Nancy McMahon is so heavily entrenched.The answer to that question is that absolutely nothing has been done.Zero, zilch, nada!I'll tell you what her work has been though: a sloppy, insensitive archaeological travesty after travesty; fast-tracked projects to save the state and county department's time and money, and a slew of major developments and million dollar homes built over sacred cultural grounds of Kanaka Maoli people. Even stating on the stand before a judge in her own system that buried remains of ancient Kanaka Maoli does not constitute a cemetery.Let's not also forget about potentially misappropriated artifacts and remains that belong where they were found or that belong to the families who hold that kuleana.Is this in any way protecting anything at all for our future generations as she says in her wonderfully crafted contradiction to an article that was published only a day after her statement in court?A'ole! It doesn't!In fact, there has been more "inadvertant discoveries," disinterments, and relocated reinterments with her work as a state archaeologist for Kaua'i's SHPD department, then there has been any actual preservation and protection of those sites during Nancy McMahon's terrible reign.Disturbing graves and destroying cultural sites in place of vacation rentals is not an act of preservation of culture or place for future generations. Maybe we need to learn how to think ourselves through before speaking.The part where she says "I work for the Department of Land and Natural Resources..." part kind of sums it all up right there. Put a little twist on some acronyms to better describe the recent actions of her department specifically and it paints a clearer picture of the work they entail.How about:DLNR: The Department of Lots-a-Necrophiliac'd Remains.Or Perhaps:The SHPD: The State Houses Perpetrators of Desecration.All in good faith, I wouldn't be surprised if SHPD forces Nancy into some kind of binding resignation from her position and demand some kind of outside review of the internal process and practices within the SHPD here on Kaua'i and in the illegitimate state. With some serious renovation and reconstruction on the way, let's hope they get an approved burial treatment plan first to get those skeletons out of the closet.But, now that the ball is back in the SHPD's court, who knows what they are going to do with good ol' Nancy. I am sure Jeff Chandler as well as other named parties have a strong case against her in court for her poor decision making skills at Naue and the continuing heart ache it has caused so many people in trying to do the right thing to protect their ancestors eternal rest.Maybe we need to take a closer look at some other projects Nancy and the state have been working on. After all she's a state worker who has contradicted herself with her words against her actions to try and get on board the county council."Being honest with folks on how decisions and directions for government are made...along with being able to negotiate a win-win situation as one of my best assets." Nancy McMahonLet's get real honest and maybe we can answer some of these questions:What exactly in God's name was win-win about losing a major cultural site in the name of desecration and perpetration of our iwi kupuna in the presence of a million dollar vacation rental home in the name of Joe Brescia?Why was it so important to make that decision on her own without the approval of the burial council?And,Why is the correspondence between Joe Brescia and Nancy McMahon right before the final decision was made not being made public yet?A decision that should have never been made, where footings now rest on top of our iwi kupuna because of that same decision.The pile of skeleton's are gonna start doing a little tap dance in that closet of Nancy's pretty soon.In any case, if the SHPD decides whether or not to stuff the short fused stick of political dynamite down Nancy McMahon's throat is still a huge "what if."But here's to hoping.Cheers!Hale Mawae is an independent writer, artist, cultural practitioner, and educator of Kanaka Maoli culture. For more blogs concerning current issues, mo'olelo, mele, Kanaka Maoli cultural arts, and education please visit http://bebo.com/hmawae2004
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Is there life in the Other Side of Paradise ?
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Aloha Ohana and Friends

Our film project is called The Other Side of Paradise. We are coming along with our film project on The Other Side of.Paradise... We are hoping to get done with our filming for our trailer this coming weekend in Los Angeles........ and then launch it as our fundraiser. Once we our done with our trailer …please forward it to your Ohana ( Family) and Friends. Our major problem in L.A is that we are paying more for gas than food. Trailer does not mean our film is done …it is just the beginning of a long process. I am very much interested to screen our film trailer as fundraiser for local homeless community in L.A and our film . We need a lot of help to finish our film so that we too can help a lot of people . Thanks and God Bless…. ........

PS...WE ALSO HAVE EBAY. We will sell products at our ebay to raise funds for our film .....the second purpose of our ebay account is to sell hand crafters made by homeless in Hawaii. Although the house is about over half a million dollars... we can also help them to get some income by any means . Hawaii's homeless are very talented with thier handcraft from carving canoe to tiki to handcraft bone necklace.

http://myworld.ebay.com/braddahrandy ( Our Film Garage Sale )....

Single, homeless and nowhere to go

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Can ....Waikiki.... handle growth?

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http://the.honoluluadvertiser.com/article/2008/Mar/10/ln/hawaii803100358.html ....

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Honolulu.... inflation pushes prices up 4.8%

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Top 10 Beaches

The beaches in ....
....Hawaii........ are all unique with their different sizes, shapes, sand color, and waves. They are found on all sides of the islands and you can go at any time of the year.


Top 10 Hawaiian Beaches
By Valerie Conners


Homeless must leave Hawaii Beach Park


Photo gallery: Hawaii beach Park


Hundreds meet with Lingle on Turtle Bay


33% in Isles not self-sufficient ........

..February 3, 2007..........

By Mary Vorsino
Advertiser Staff Writer....


Posted on: ..Saturday, March 24, 2007.. ....

Seeking cheap rental? Good luck ....


By Catherine E. Toth
Advertiser Urban ....
....Honolulu........ Writer........

.. ..

.. ..


.. ..

.Posted on: ..Monday, November 12, 2007

More of Hawaii's foster children being adopted

By Loren Moreno
Advertiser Staff Writer....

http://the.honoluluadvertiser.com/article/2007/Nov/12/ln/hawaii711120343.html ....

Homeless in Hawaii..How many?...

Understanding what the annual tally of .Hawaii's homeless tells us actually might take some of the despair out of the equation.

By Michael Ullman
Special to the Star-Bulletin....


.. ..


.. ..

Wai'anae's homeless just can't afford to rent.

By Will Hoover and Rob Perez
Advertiser Staff Writers....


Housing relief coming to Wai'anae, but slowly

By Rob Perez
Advertiser Staff Writer....


State missteps worsen homeless crisis

By Rob Perez
Advertiser Staff Writer....

http://the.honoluluadvertiser.com/article/2006/Dec/17/ln/FP612170360.html ....

....Hawaii.... seeks to set up emergency tourism fund


Hawaii.... nonprofit fighting rental bias ....

By Mary Vorsino
Advertiser Urban ....
....Honolulu........ Writer ........

.. ..

http://the.honoluluadvertiser.com/article/2007/Nov/12/ln/hawaii711120352.html ....

Honolulu ..Hawaii..'s Real Estate Boom Contributes to Homeless Problem

PRWEB Newswire


$25M sought to repair Hawaii public housing ....

By Lynda Arakawa
Advertiser Staff Writer....


Housing options drying up for poor

By James Gonser
Advertiser Staff Writer

http://the.honoluluadvertiser.com/article/2005/Jun/06/ln/ln05p.html ....

Legal help out of reach for many in Hawaii ....

By Jim Dooley
Advertiser Staff Writer


Vegas seeing more Hawaiian transplants ....

By Christie Wilson....


More whites, fewer Asians in ....Hawaii.

By Christie Wilson....


Beach access limits hit nerve
By William Cole
Advertiser Staff Writer
In what may have been the biggest beach-access rally ever held on O'ahu, hundreds of people mobilized yesterday around the island with placards, shakas and pleas for passing motorists to support public access to the ocean.
There was a whole lot of honking, especially in ....Kailua...., where locked gates have sprung up in recent years preventing beach access.
"We're losing access and traditional access points that may or may not go across public land are being closed off," said Roxanne Darling, who was at ....Kailua....'s ....Triangle.. ..Park..... "It's not just for the community (in ....Kailua....), this is for the public at large. These beaches are public beaches. They've always been public."
....Kailua.... resident Ray Schab held up a sign that read ALOHA vertically, with the first letters horizontally spelling out "Allow Open Hawai'i Access."
"As the price of real estate goes up, people are like, 'You know what, I don't want people coming through my lane (to get to the beach),' " Schab said. "A lot of people don't even know about this."
About 26 people waved signs at ....Triangle.. ..Park...., a similar number were at ....Kalama.. ..Beach.. ..Park.... on ....Kalaheo Avenue...., and about 35 rallied at ....L'Orange Place...., a private road where a 6-foot-tall gate was installed last August blocking public access to the beach.
Similar rallies were held around Turtle Bay Resort, in Portlock, '....Aina Haina.., ..Hawai'i.... Kai, and at ....Ala.. ..Wai.. ..Boat.. ..Harbor..... Others were scheduled on ..Maui.., Kaua'i and the ....Big.. ..Island.....
Rich Figel, a co-founder of Beach Access ....Hawai'i.... and a rally organizer, said the statewide event was intentionally held yesterday on Groundhog Day.
"A lot of these issues have been kind of lying dormant," Figel said. "We felt it was time to wake up the public and remind them of all these various battles we're fighting."
Those battles include fighting the increasing numbers of gates blocking beach access, beachfront homeowners planting thorny plants to keep beachgoers at bay, and resort, commercial and residential development cutting off access.
It all adds up to fewer and fewer ways for the public to get to ....Hawai'i....'s public beaches.
"We need to be more diligent in protecting the public access we have," said state Senate Majority Leader Gary Hooser, D-7th (Kaua'i, Ni'ihau).
Hooser yesterday attended a kickoff rally at the state Capitol, where some of the members of 20 different participating organizations spoke of the beach access problem.
Ann Marie Kirk, from the Livable Hawai'i Kai Hui, said that in East O'ahu there is just one public right-of-way for six miles of oceanfront, in addition to three parks.
"Public right-of-ways open up the space, so you don't have one point taking all the activities," Kirk said.
Figel said his group has received reports from people trying to go to Ko Olina Resort who say "that if they try to go in the afternoon, they have been turned away by the guards."
"This is the other fear with the planned expansion of ....Turtle.. ..Bay.... — that it would probably be kind of a similar plan, with very limited parking," Figel added.
Although Beach Access ....Hawai'i.... said the state Supreme Court repeatedly has upheld the public's right to use beaches, getting to them has gotten increasingly complicated.
The city has a "suggested guideline" that — where reasonable in urbanized areas — there should be beach access every quarter mile, according to the organization.
In ....Kailua...., there are seven public accessways to the beach, counting parks and 17 gates, Figel said.
Some roads and beach accessways are privately owned, and in recent years have been closed to foot traffic.
....L'Orange Place...., a short private road off ....Kalaheo Avenue...., has become ground zero for the beach access movement. According to Beach Access ....Hawai'i...., residents used the beach path at the end of the lane for decades.
But last August, a gate went up.
In September, John Price, who has lived on the street for 20 years, said residents grew tired of the increased traffic, noise, litter and crime, late-night revelers and bonfires on the beach.
But Bob Moncrief, who has lived on L'Orange for 38 years, yesterday was one of 35 people along Kalaheo rallying for beach access. He and his wife voted against the gate.
"I feel like I always have. It's always been open on L'Orange as long as I can remember," said Moncrief, 68. "I'm against the whole concept of closing off access to public beaches."
Moncrief said the people who used the accessway were respectful. But he also said the demographics are changing with homes on L'Orange selling for $2 million to $4 million.
"People with a local spirit and local attitudes have been displaced by people from the Mainland who know nothing about it," he said.
A private security guard was stationed on the street yesterday to keep people out, and the street entrance displays permanent signs saying "Private lane, no trespassing," "....Private Road....," and "No Beach Access."
Lawmakers increasingly are paying attention to the beach access issue, and at least five bills have been introduced in the state Legislature this session.
With yesterday's statewide rally, Figel hopes there will be more public attention to the issue — and more results.
"I would like to see state and county laws that are consistent," Figel said, "and at least say there shall be — not should be — public beach access every quarter mile or less of beach."
Melissa Ling-Ing, with Common Ground ....Hawai'i...., had argued at the state Capitol against proposed parking fees at the ....Ala.. ..Wai.. ..Boat.. ..Harbor.... as part of the access issue.
"It's wrong," she said of parking fees. "That's what makes ....Hawai'i.... special — free beach access."
Reach William Cole at wcole@honoluluadvertiser.com.


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Greetings from L.A ( The Price in Paradise)
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Aloha ,

We are just busy .... but there is always time for break like going surfing, going to mass and making network. I have been in L.A for about a week now and I am not leaving L.A until we made a breakthrough in local L.A film community and Filipino and Hawaiian Pacific Islander community. We hope that we can get our stuff done by the following week. We had a little problem with AVID and our editing is on hold. We need an updated Avid to continue our editing. If anyone would like to help us out ..let me know. Although, it is on hold we are putting together our Film Package . If anyone interested to get copy of our Film Package..please email me your address . On July 6, we are taking a roadtrip to film Hawaiian community . I am also been filmming at the beach on people perspective of Hawaii. Once we are done with editing ( trailer) .... I look forward to coming back to Ohio , Atlanta and various places to promote our film . We hope to have couple events in Ohio because that is always my home . Our film is no longer just about homelessness in Hawaii , but what is the solution? For those who are interested to invest in Hawaii, please check out the resolution of our film . Dispite of disconnection between local community ..I think we can close the gap .Homelessness in Hawaii is definetely cause by economic disparity between native and new residents in the Island and between tourism neighborhood and local neighborhood. ..but i do believe that we can change that. Yes Brah, the debate on homelessness in Hawaii is over ....now, lets look for solution. In my heart, definetely our next film is 'Living in Africa". Have a good and blessed day.

PS...WE ALSO HAVE EBAY. We will sell products at our ebay to raise funds for our film .....the second purpose of our ebay account is to sell hand crafters made by homeless in Hawaii. Although the house is about over half a million dollars... we can also help them to get some income.

http://myworld.ebay.com/braddahrandy ( Our Film Garage Sale )

Hawaii cuts welfare grants by 12%
Reductions come as state agency is required to put $22M in reserve

http://www.honolulu advertiser. com/apps/ pbcs.dll/ article?AID= /20080628/ NEWS03/806280335 /1001/&source=nletter- news

Honolulu home prices fall 8.8% in year
Sellers settling for less than last summer as fewer buyers show up

http://www.honolulu advertiser. com/apps/ pbcs.dll/ article?AID= /20080702/ NEWS01/807020394 /1001/&source=nletter- news..

Honolulu inflation pushes prices up 4.8%

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http://the.honolulu advertiser. com/article/ 2008/Feb/ 21/ln/hawaii8022 10359.html

Inflation hits hard in Hawaii
Residents have long paid above-average prices and the latest inflation spike is especially rough.

http://money. cnn.com/2008/ 06/19/news/ economy/Lawrrenc e_Hawaii_ inflation/ index.htm? section=money_ latest

With future unclear, shelter denies access
Next Step has lots of room, but officials cite need to find new site

http://www.honolulu advertiser. com/apps/ pbcs.dll/ article?AID= /20080701/ NEWS01/807010337 /1001/&source=nletter- news

Hawaii visitor count drops 7.4% in May
But May numbers prove hardy considering loss of carriers, rising prices

http://www.honolulu advertiser. com/apps/ pbcs.dll/ article?AID= /20080627/ NEWS01/806270386 /1001/&source=nletter- news

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liars. Mocking the poor is mocking the God who made them. He will punish
those who rejoice at others misfortunes.

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Monday, March 10, 2008

Higher Prices in Paradise Island
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Aloha Monday...

I wish everyone have a wonderful week ...hope my blog is very helpful about Life In Paradise Island .

Can Waikiki handle growth?

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Honolulu inflation pushes prices up 4.8%

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Top 10 Beaches
The beaches in Hawaii are all unique with their different sizes, shapes, sand color, and waves. They are found on all sides of the islands and you can go at any time of the year.

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Top 10 Hawaiian Beaches
By Valerie Conners

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Hawaii Beach Park

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Photo gallery: Hawaii beach Park

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Hundreds meet with Lingle on Turtle Bay

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The world's rubbish dump: a garbage tip that stretches from Hawaii to Japan

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Friday, December 14, 2007

My First Print and Television Interview

My First Television Interview Atlanta

SUNDAY DEC. 16 AT MIDNIGHT - 12PM ON ATLANTA 'S ACCESS STATION . COMCAST 24 ..it will re air in Atlanta ....I will be posting it on YOUTUBE ...but not the entire interview . Have a good day .




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Wednesday, October 04, 2006


PICT1207.jpgChildren1.jpgThe Other Side of Paradise- Treatment
By Randy Fermo and Kekoa
Email: randyfermo@yahoo.com

For many people, Hawaii is a paradise, an inviting getaway destination filled with inviting beaches, warm sun, and friendly locals. The tourist industry and the Hawaii Visitors Bureau have carefully cultivated an image of Hawaii that is welcoming holiday stop for outsiders and an ideal escape for the wealthy. One recent report noted that this year tourism will exceed 7 million visitors and the revenue generated so far this year is $5.5 billion . Although this exotic representation of Hawaii has persisted for many years in popular song, films, television shows, and Travel Channel specials, for many locals living in Hawaii this version of paradise is nothing more than a construct of marketing firms that poorly reflects the real lived experiences of those who live and work in the Islands. Indeed, for many Hawaii residents life in the Islands is severely challenging and, for some, intolerable.
The Other Side of Paradise is based on my first-hand experienced with the homeless community in Hawaii. In this documentary I seek to show how intense the social problems are in Hawaii, how disconnected state, local, and community leaders are to these problems; and how the revenue from the tourist industry fail to trickle down to benefit local Hawaiians , locals and member of the gay and lesbian community . In addition, I would like to show how these problems are aggravated by lack of awareness about the local population in Hawaii, their history, culture, the growing homeless community, and the mass migration of locals to the mainland US. The purpose of the documentary, therefore, is to discuss these problems from the perspective of Hawaii locals to show how tourism, a weak economy, and other forces have made life difficult for those who were born and raised in the Islands. It is hoped that by providing the perspective of Hawaii locals, the public at large can be made aware of the uncertain future for many who are barely surviving in Hawaii.
According to one current report, out of a population of 1,262,840 there are roughly 228,000 ..hidden homeless.. local Hawaiians (i.e., family living with several families in one household). Hidden homelessness is now a way of life and an alternative form of shelter for nearly one in five local Hawaiians. Although City of Honolulu lacking of affordable housing and emergency shelters, recent report stated that the city is now considering to sell at least 13 affordable housing. Because of the difficult living conditions in Hawaii, more than 200,000 locals have left Hawaii for higher paying jobs, lower cost of living, and affordable housing on the US mainland. Mass migration will continue as long as this issue is not address .
Interviews with local officials will focus on what they have done so far to address the skyrocketing number of homeless locals, rent increases that far outstrip inflation, and the mass migrations to the mainland US (news footage and coverage on past promises of local and state officials addressing these issues will be licensed and purchase from Mr. John Wray of local television station KITV). The documentary will also highlight the stark contrast between ..tourist.. Hawaii, such as Waikiki Beach, and ..local.. Hawaii, characterized by such low income neighborhoods as the Leeward Coast of Oahu. The documentary will also cover various tourist and low income neighborhood other Hawaiian Islands such as Maui, Kauai and Big Islands. The documentary will also include interviews with local business owners about their views on providing suitable employment for the locals and the causes of mass migration to the mainland US.
The documentary will have interviews with members of the local and academic community on history, culture, and important social and cultural issues. Topics of discussion include the current issues facing the local community such as finding an affordable housing, suitable employment and local economy. The documentary will also include hula halau (hula school), contemporary and traditional music, surfing, footage of merry monarch , vendors at the swap meet and various trade shows , handcrafters, and local events and holidays. On surfing, there will be license footage of some known surfing competitions such Rip Curl and Triple Crown and locals surfing . On local events, there will be license footage of the Island Lei Day , Aloha Festivals , Merry Monarch and neighborhood events. On Hula Halau or Hula School , there will be a footage and interview of the members of Hula School. The history section will include the various ethnic communities in Hawaii, including Hawaiians, Filipinos, Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, Latinos, and Caucasians Americans.
The documentary soundtrack will be a mix of contemporary and traditional Hawaiian music and will be license from Eric Lagrimas of Quiet Storm, and the soundtrack will have around twelve tracks reflecting local Hawaiian culture, history and ethnic diversity.
Beside soundtrack, there will be a license footage of the Merry Monarch Hula Competition. Footage of Merry Monarch likewise will be purchase from Mr. John Wray of KITV. Merry Monarch Festival will capture the audience with the colorful culture of Native Hawaiians .
The documentary will apply a for a license from the Hawaii Film Office for scenic views, highways, and local beaches and seek permission from various city and county offices to film in local neighborhoods.

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