Kanaka Maoli Rules

No matter what they may try to pull on us they have not been able to prove any transfer of jurisdiction from Ko Hawaii Pae Aina to the private corporation United States. That being said, what is "illegal" here in the jurisdiction of Ko Hawaii Pae Aina? Who determines what is legal and what is not legal? Kanaka Maoli or the United States. When do Kanaka Maoli finally knock their knees together in response to threats and propaganda waged against our successes?See Hidalgo Guadalupe Treaty to see the proper and rightful way to transfer land from one nation to another.1. there must be a war - there was no war here, Queen Liliuokalani was too smart for that (hardly indigenous)2. there must be a treaty3. the land patents must be transferred from the conquered nation to the new ruling nationDoes our palapala sila nui or palapala hooko have United States on them? AoleSomeone once asked me, a female that is, "can you walk the walk?" Our walk is blanketed by the truth. There can be no other way...there is no other way...I thank Ke Akua every day for my strength that allows this Kanaka Maoli not to buckle my knees in response to pressure put forth by those corporations that have been making millions, nay billions, off the skin of Kanaka Maoli backs.
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