Aloha. I've volunteered since December 18, 2009 and finally became official under Americorp. Houseless in Hawaii is an issue in Haleiwa and throughout the State of Hawaii. In Haleiwa, my agency service more Kanaka Maoli than any other race. Rgardless, we are in flux and may have to relocate if we do not find another site. Please send a prayer to AKUA so we may remain in Haleiwa to service clients.

AHHA provides housing support and advocate for clients who need food, clothing, etc. In the midst of all challenges we face, houselesness does exist. What is the solution? Affordable housing is most likely, however even for myself, it cost to much. I would have to rent with another friend or more to cover cost.

A friend was more to living on the 'aina rather than housing. Perhaps the choice of not paying for something is ideal, but when the vision of being houseless exist, it may be easier for a single male than a woman with children. Regardless, men are more likely to persist if chose this lifestyle, but the bottom line is that everything cost money and houselessness does exist and no easy solution.

Would an expectation to live in a house to much to ask rather than camp? These are common questions raised everyday, yet others have no care or place to call home living on the beach. As for myself, I advocate in be half of clients and empower them to persist against all odds.

If you have any suggestions or kokua, shoot a holler in "POST."


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Comment by Ululani on January 29, 2010 at 5:08am
This is a very sensitive but important issue for me because I know that not many Hawaiians can afford the median $ 550,000 price of a single family home in Honolulu nor the median $300,000 median price for a condo in Honolulu.

There are many spears, knives, and daggers that Hawaiians/oiwi have to deflect in order to survive coupled with the fact that many oiwi-based organizations are failing in that department and not doing enough to help. That and some men seem to think that their standards apply to women and children.

I hope that some local businesses help in some way. A local Habitat for Humanity for sorts since Habitat for Humanity seems to exclude the many Hawaiians who are houseless and homeless. I work with a Habitat for Humanity and we seek corporate donations since the "state" of Hawai'i fails alot of Hawaiians. Same for some oiwi-based organizations. We turn to corporations for help.


I am all for affordable housing. And to me $300,000 houses in Waianae is not what I call affordable.

E malama pono.

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