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  • Good Day,

    How is everything with you, I picked interest on you after going through your short profile and deemed it necessary to write you immediately.I have something very vital to disclose to you, but I found it difficult to express myself here, since it's a public site.Could you please get back to me on this email( ubabawauh@gmail.com ) for the full details,
    Have a nice day

    Thanks God bless.

    Mrs Abiola.

  • Aloha mai Kekuni!
    I pray the bump on your head is completely healed...I was so happy to find you on Maoli World!
  • wud up do u have yahoo messenger if so add me my sn is iamallurs4420
  • Aloha mai no kaua!

    Pehea `oe i keia mau la? `O Naone Morinaga-Kama keia. Ua ho`o`mana`o `oe ia`u? I ka wa ma mua, he haumana au a `Anakala Harry Kunihi Mitchell.
    E `imi ana au i kou e-mail, a laila eia no `oe ma Ke Ao Maoli.

    I wanted to touch base with you concerning health issues surrounding the genocide occuring on the Wai`anae Coast. I am in contact with a resident who is in dire need of help regarding the dumping of DU waste in Wai`anae landfills from Schofield. Below is what this person is faced with...if you go to the Health forum, Kaohi's responses can be read:

    The DU strikes a cord with anyone living in Waianae, because we are all affected by DU. What is sad we can't prove it without the use of a science lab and responsible researchers. In the mean time the military gets away with this catastrophe and our politicians laugh all the way to the voting booths. The Royal British Navy stopped using DU and other countries followed, unfortunately, not US.

    We discovered the use of DU and where they were stored during Clinton's administration. We have knowlegeable people in Hawaii, however, they run up against the same wall no evidence. The DU is all 'talk' and sensational for now.

    One way that the spreading of DU happens in Waianae it is caused by local truckers. Hey, our truckers have the mentality of a 3rd grader. When it comes to making that truck payment, who understands Depleted Uranium? The Superfund dirt piles at Schofield are trucked out, although intended for the Waimanalo Dump, instead, iit ends up in land fills throughout Waianae. There is a 1994 Defense Authorization Act that requires the concurrence of the governor of Hawii for military construction projects on ceded lands, and we the native Hawaiians are at the table for construction projects as in procurements.

    Even if this site provides information as a fact finding mission for Anakele, it's all sensational and lack the science community. I raise the issue and concerns of DU at our military meetings and I'm undermined by saving the skinks, and malama da aina because there are no real evidences. Doctors will tell mothers with Leukemia children to move out of Waianae, thus, no evidence. The second part to this is that in 1972, our Hawaii legistation was filled with Hawaiian politicians and Hawaii was the first to have Legal Abortions. So, the whole baby thing--it's all sensation. What we need is the science community and not just an MD doctor from Australia.

    I wish we had scientist as brave as Linus Pauling which I find is the most intelligent person I know that understood the effects of nuclear. What is truly sad DU cannot be burned just buried somewhere, such as in the Waianae community. We are sponge bobs for DU and DU is just a sensational talk to strike at the military. Thanks for your concern, take care. Kaohi"

    Yesterday's message:
    Aloha Naone,
    The Will Hoover article is about a 21/2 million dollar monetary value to any association. In return that association can do what they want with the money. However, my association decided on their own to be the handmaids that they are and excuse DHHL from their wrong doings. In the mean time, people have already died, we are sick and these Johnny come lately's are seeing the glory. Or, in this group you have people that care, but didn't have the evidence, so guess who provided the evidence?

    Steven Chang is lying out flat through his teeth, and unfortunetly, Foster is telling the truth. We have had numerous people from feds, state, city, insurance come out, and I'm thinking that they are doing their job of protecting citizens, that's a joke. My evidence isn't enough, to stave off the violence, that's where Hoover, comes in. He knows people get hurt when he writes his stories, people do die in the wake of his stories and it is conviently excused. My intentions were to return back to Lucy because I have been talking to her for years about this problem of dumping, I believe I started my complaints in 1998. I've been called a whore, my cars stolen twice, shoved off the road by truckers, guns goes off in the evening, fires are set constantly, and I'm usually shut down at meetings by the great leaders of this community, story of my life.

    The State Department's do hire thugs, Department of Planning ensure permits that are basically dirty lies on paper, and these truckers continue to contaminate their familes and their childrens neighborhood with depleted uranium from Schofield. Bills have to get paid, and with a third grade education what the helll, who gives a dam! Just bury the dead and call it a day. And most of these player's are Hawaiians. This is all done under the 1994 Defense Authorization act and or the controlled burning from Honouliuli's grant funds out of Senator Inouye's office.

    I was offered $15,000.00 (shut up money) and believe me I am poor and sometimes in poverty. I told these asshole's to take their money and shove it! My home is completely damaged and in ruins, the damage to my families health is horrendous. My grandaughter who is still sick, got a check for $4,500 while I was in Alaska. The insurance company had my daughter sign off a check. My grandaughter has a sister that is sick and did not receive any monies. The site is a stones throw away from my home.

    Their is a Kapolei dust suit that one can read on the internet, each household received $37,500 and each child received $12,500 for damage to household and medical expenses. I've had numerous conversations with the five people that filed the suit, and their lives were ruined by Grace Pacific thugs.

    The word 'development' or a structured corporation, and procurement are all criminal acts that reaks with genocide or depopulation. Lorrin Pang on Maui is the only person I know in Hawaii that can do something, but he was recently beatened (time consuming) down with UH/Monsanto issues.

    Thanks for the Lilas Jarding and the Alliance Dakota site, it's consoling to read something with substance instead of sensational, and just talk for the purpose of glorification which is what I am accusing Anakele of doing. By the way are you that person? Mahalo plenty for all what you can do outside of the 'talk'. Kaohi "

    Kekuni -Please advise what else can be done - to get a study done as to the incidence of cancer due to the presence of DU . Any mana`o will be appreciated...I know you are busy with La Ho`iHo`i Ea. so hope to hear from you when you are able. I am living in Makawao, so I don't think I can make it to Thomas Square..although I would be there if on O`ahu. E malama pono `ia `oe......Me ke aloha, Naone Morinaga-Kama
  • Aloha e Dr. Blaisdell,

    The Kaua`i Alliance for Peace and Social Justice will hold a community education afternoon titled "Hawai`i - statehood unmasked" on August 1, 2009 in the Līhu‘e Neighborhood Center on Kaua`i. Besides showing the films "And there were none" and "The taking of Waikiki" we are planning to have a panel of presenters. Ben Nihi, Nani Rogers, Ikaika Hussey and Dean (forgot his last name) will be there.

    We would like to invite you to be one of the panelists with a presentation about the statehood deception. We would leave it up to you to determine how long you would like to speak. We will take care of your airline ticket and accommodation of course. Even if you don't know me personally, I can assure you that I have devoted most of my efforts to get justice for the lāhui Hawai`i. You can see my comments and contributions here in Maoliworld.

    It would be an honor for us to have you on our panel.

    Please let me know your decision either way via e-mail to Janoss@aol.com or phone 808-332-5220.

    Mahalao nui loa.

    Me ke aloha
    Janos Keoni Samu
  • Aloha...

    What a day to share with others...It was beautiful and meaningful to me. I really felt connectedness among all show supported us! You look wonderful yesterday too!
  • Aloha Anakala Kekuni
    Mele Kalikimaka a Hau’oli Makahiki Hou
    me ke Aloha pau’ole
    ‘Ihilani & Loko
  • Aloha Anakala Kekuni,

    It's me Keahi from da' Thursday hui! Please add me & keep me updated!

    Mahalo Nui,

  • Aloha no kakou e Anakala Kekuni..
  • Aloha Kekuni!
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