Hawaiki Tautau

'O wai kou inoa? What's your name?

'o Kealii kou inoa

No hea mai 'oe? Where are you from?

no ka Makau a Maui mai au

ʻO wai ke ahupuaʻa āu e noho nei? Where do you live?

Mauna Pohaku kokona ihu a Maui

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  • Aloha e Lanakila,
    Mahalo for joining the Ho'akaku group. I will try to be a better moderator this year and add more for sharing. I hope you will share too.
  • kia ora Lanakila, thanks for the friend invite
  • mahalo for the warmth and smile




  • HAKU! Warm Greetings Lanakila!
    Thank you for your request to be friends. I miss my Maoli World 'ohana!
    I've been working a bit too hard lately, yet it's nice 'to get a friend' request to make me stop and come back and check in!
    I hope you're having a magnificent week!
    Thanks again!
    In Spirit ~ Judy
  • Aloha kaua,

    Lanakila pēhea oi?

    Ka Nā'o Kalani

  • Photobucket

    So how you been? Me, I have been up this whole night and can't go to sleep I had 4 RED*BULLS after dinner and I am all AMP up.... I have to work in about an hour, so think I am going to have a few more while I am @ work. CRAZY!!! Well just thought of making my rounds here because I have been absent in this Maoli thing.... Well hope all is well @ your end! Same old here other then the kiddies are going to start school in a few... Well have a good one and take care!

  • Lanakila~
    Hey there friend! So hows life been treating you? Well here the same old different days.... Just wanted to send you some weekend spirits your way!!! Not too sure what the plans are for me this weekend? But whatever it is I will make the best out of it... Take care and have a good one!

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  • HaPpY bOyS dAy LaNaKiLa..........

  • Hey you~
    So how are things going for you? So how was the trip to Arizona? The gathering of the ancestors.... Did the cultures all blend well together? Well here we had the Merrie Monarch her in Hilo. We have it once a year.... It is a Hula competition and there was some New Zelanders that came. They were Maori, and they were solid with their type of music and dance. They were wicked, I just ♥ their accent! And the girls with the Poiballs was just to amazing to watch. My kids were just @ awww over them. Well hope things are going great at your end, just wanted to check in and see how my friend is doing?!? Take care and hear from you soon....

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