Waimanalo, Hawaii

'O wai kou inoa? What's your name?


No hea mai 'oe? Where are you from?

Mai Honolulu mai au. My dad was John K. McCandless son on John K.McCandless Sr/Moanalua,Oahu, our kupuna James Sutton McCandless and Kukakina Polapola descendant of Tevahineu'iitetairoroa of Tahiti. My father's mother was Paula Elderts/Puna, her father was the son of Johannes Emil Elderts and Keai Mahoe. Grandma's mother was Paola Kenoi. My mom was Kalani Among daughter of Samson Among/Hookena, Kealia, and Elizabeth Haili/Kalihi,Oahu.

ʻO wai ke ahupuaʻa āu e noho nei? Where do you live?

He Kailua-Kona au noho nei keia manawa

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  • Hi Lehua,

    My name is Robynne Mahi my great grandma was Alia Pe'a and great grandpa Benjamin Hinalaulea Mahi.  Alia was also married to Thomas Haae and Lorenzo Galacio

    I saw a post from Sharon and her mom was  Maria Kaleialohaokekupuna Pe'a. Marie and Alia were sisters.  

    I would like to connect with you here is my email rchmahi@gmail.com

  • Aloha,

    I descend from the Mokumaia Ohana of Moanalua. If possible could you please message me at lonogenealogy@gmail.com. I would like to discuss the historical information about Moanalua that I have within my genealogy and what I have throughout my research.

    Until then me ke aloha,

    Sydney Lono
  • Aloha Lehua,

    My great grandmother is Pua Akulikuli O Kalahiki Polapola. I'm trying to fill in the pukas and connect the dots of our ohana especially about her, her siblings and the generations before her. I have some geneological information from her daughter, my grandmother Gladys Ana Mitchell Chambers (a twin) and her descendants. I'm new at this but very interested in preserving this information for my 2 sons and grand-daughter. I hope you and perhaps others who've been furnishing information here, can help me. 


    Sharon Silva

  • Aloha, and yes, Macky Feary Jr. was my uncle, my fathers brother. I am just starting to get some information, alot of it comes from an Aunty from the Big Island who , thank God was willing to give me something because my father wanted this for a long time. To get a better understanding of who we are, where we come from, the Fearys. I got the info about a year ago, and have been trying trace back as best as can, when I have time through the Internet, all our Tahitian and Hawaiian ancestors, through the names I have. I ran acroo you , seeing you had these timelines ,as the ones I have in my book from my aunt, from the family in Moanalua, I was hoping for information that might put more of the puzzle I needed together. My grandfather was born their, Macky Feary Sr., and he used to tell me of alot of stories. I just don't wanna give up for my families sake! Mahalo for your time......
  • Hi Lehua,

    Just wanted to say thanks for all your work on Maoliworld, it's healing for me.

  • Aloha Lehua,

    It's nice to meet you.  My Father James K. Mahoney is your cousin.  His Parents are Isaac and Paula Mahoney.  I am very much interested in our Family Tree.  Do you have any information on either the Eldert's or McCandless side?  Any information you have would help  alot. 


    Angie M.

  • Aloha e Lehua !!! Mahalo for the input to our Ohana Much appreciated Aloha to u and yours Always. Hope u are all doing good ..And your New Year is Great... Me Ke Aloha Cousin Roberta...
  • Moanalua Family

    La Hanau
    1831 August 20 at Puena Waialua Oahu H.B.Lohelani
    1862 April 25 Manuko Lohia Gimela at Moanalua
    1863 April 22 M.K.B. Maleka ma Moanalua
    1865 June 17 Jane Bola at Moanalua
    1866 Oct.17 Peter KooKoo at Moanalua
    1868 April 28 Poipe M.B. at Moanalua
    1869 Oct.11 Luka Kahau at Moanalua
    1871 April 19 Mary Kukakina at Moanalua
    1872 July 28 John Hopii at Moanalua
    1877 May 7 Heki Kookoo at Moanalua
    1876 March 3 Kainoa at Moanalua
    1877 Oct.17 Puakulikuli at Moanalua
    1881 Feb. 17 Kaikamahine E.M.S. Edward Mahina Sniffen
    1884 June 7 Na Poipe Namua Kaikamahine
    1884 Oct.17 of the morning of Kahau at Moanalua
    1885 Sept. 14 Makaila na Kamuo na Poipe ma Moanalua
    1886 July 4 Piilani na Kukakina ma Moanalua
    1887 Feb.4 Kahopekapu na Poipe me Namua ma Moanalua
    1887 Oct.30 Na Aho ma Kahau Reiko Kama ma Moanalua
    1888 Jan. 21 Na Kukakina Keoni J.K.McCandless
    1888 Dec. 4 Na Kahau na Kaikamahine Kamahai

    Teihotu mata Nevaneva (T)
    Pa'ao Tupuna mai Polapola-Bora Bora Island (T) 1200 A.D.

    Kahalekea (K) Hoomoepule (W)
    Kahalepea (K) Kalehuawailanai (W)
    Kamakaokalani (K) Wahine Kapu O Kalani (W)
    Kamawaelualani (K) Kahikilaulani (W)
    KooKoo O Kalani (K) Kahalelauniu (W)

    Kapepehi (W) from Moanalua marries Kahakuokalani Lohelani Polapola (K) from Waialua

    Poipe (W)
    Martha Maleka Akolukama Sniffen (W)
    Kookoo Kumailani
    Elizabeth Kainoa Polapola Feary
    Pua Akulikuli O Kalahiki Polapola
    Kukakina Lohelani Kalahiki Polapola mother of John Kawaianiani McCandless
  • I found some other names of the Polapola sisters.. they were Elizabeth, Kukakina, Poipe, Maleka (Sniffen) Pua Akulikuli, and Ko'o Ko'o. By any chance do you know theiir parents names??
  • So did you get a call from the census?? lol. I didn't. I passed the test. I guess too much people in my area. :) It was so good seeing you and your husband there. What a small world! Hope to see you both again sometime and we can talk more about genealogy! :)
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