March 19

'O wai kou inoa? What's your name?

John Feary

No hea mai 'oe? Where are you from?

Palolo Valley

ʻO wai ke ahupuaʻa āu e noho nei? Where do you live?


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    Moanalua, the valley of peace where I met Hawai-
    ians imbued with aloha for the land and those who
    came. Namakahelu Maka'ena, Malia Kau, Solomon
    Mokumai'a, Clara Mokumai'a, people who remain in
    my memory with affection. I have a bond of aloha
    with those Hawaiians and Gertrude Damon and Mo-
    We all owe something to them. That energetic
    one, N amakahelu. One must know she was blind. She
    taught her niece, Malia Kau, to chant in the oli style,
    and it was Malia who taught Iolani Luahine and Pele
    Puku'i, my daughter.
    I worked with Gertrude Damon, gathering the
    history of these beloved people. I used to come out
    Saturdays on the street car to the end of the line.
    Our writing ended the day before Pearl Harbor was
    "Kahalelauki"? Where the ti leaves were used, that
    was kapu. Yes, "Up the river into the valley," that
    was pointed out to me. "The stream was wide from
    the sea."
    Just what Namakahelu told me.
    So did
    Malia Kau. "Kamawaelualani, Kahikilaulani," yes, I
    remember. We wrote it down exactly as they told us.
    I just never can get over the beauty of Moanalua.
    Many picnics I have had in the Gardens with my fam -
    ily. And the valley, it makes me want to cry; why
    do they want to put a highway there. Moanalua, the
    valley of peace, must remain so.
    June 1971


    from the writings of Gertrude MacKinnon Damon
    on Moanalua and its unwritten history as told to
    her by Namakahelu and other older inhabitants
    on pages 8,13,16,19,20,26,28
    W. Tip Davis and William Carlson
    on pages 7, 10, 14,22,24
    Frances M. Damon
    Mid-Pacific Press, Inc.
    Honolulu Graphic Arts, Inc.
    Photo Prints
    Master Color Lab.
    Moanalua Gardens Foundation
    1352 Pineapple Place, Honolulu, Hawaii 96819


    I draw near the place
    where the rainbow sp reads like a curtain . . .
    from the Opening Prayer to
    the Story of Kahikilaul ani and Mawaelualani


    Above the dividing waters
    at Panae and Mano, far above Kulanaahane,
    the village standing above the floating sea,
    in the misty upper reaches of Waolani,
    dwelt the mountain chiefs of Moanalua
    in that part of the land inhabited by
    the spirits of a dim age.
    It was forbidden to speak of those times or the great chiefs
    of old, so sacred were they, and the valley they dwelled in.
    The tabu sticks stood at the entrance of this particular
    valley. Even in my times, it was difficult to get permission
    to go up the valley, the gates were always locked. Some
    echo from the past still lingered. On certain nights, the
    sacred drums could be heard calling the great ones together ...
    If only the past could speak, if the whispering winds would
    unfold to me the secrets of the past, if the gentle moon
    would recall the scenes of the ancient culture.

    Pohakuluahine at Kahaukomo
    The word "tabu" was the external manifestation of the whole
    magical world concept of mana and of totemism, at once the
    religion, the government and the social order of the islands.
    The roads to the places of sacrifice were always tabu roads.


    Petroglyph rocks whi ch dot the history of ancient Hawaii and hint
    of things long lost.
    Figures of bird men and turtle men .. ". a number of curious figures including
    some representing the Al aea bird. The Alaea bird had some importance to the
    ancient priesthood, it signified the questioning, the interrogation point,
    the kiko, the searcher for truth. It was a symb

  • this is the father of Elizabeth Kainoa Feary who wrote this:

    Title: Ancient Legends that were copied by H. B. Lohelani of Moanalua, Honolulu 1877 - In Hawaiian with translation
    Source: M. W. Beckwith Collection
    Location: HEN vol. 1 p. 1681-1688


    Aper. 16, ma Kalaheo, Kauai, hanau o Keoniiki k., na Keoni me Kaikina.
    Aper. 24, ma ia wahi no hanau o Maiohoiki k., he keiki kamehai na Hanalei.
    Iune 23, ma ia wahi no hanau o Rahelaiki w., na A. W. Maioho me Moehaona.
    Iune 21, ma Wahiawa, Kauai, hanau o Kelohaiki w., na Manoi me Keloha.
    Aper. 3, ma Moanalua, Oahu, hanau o W. Kaililaukea w., na Kahawaii me Kalua.
    Iune 19, ma Moanalua, Oahu, hanau o William Hughes k., na H. Bolabola me R. Kahalelauniu.

    Iune 14, ma Nini, Honolulu, Oahu, hanau o Inoaole w., na Kelohapauole mo Kamakani.
    Iune 22, ma Manoa, hanau o Asimeda k., na Kolea me Manoa.
    Iune 16, ma Kaoawai, Honolulu, hanau o Kalaokekahuli w., keiki kamehai na Wehea.
    Iune 12, ma Papaula, Hamakualoa, Maui, hanau o Keahi k., na Kuheleloa me Keanu.
    Aper. 18, ma Palauea, Honuaula, hanau o Kumoho k., na Pai me Akaa.
    Mei 11, ma Paeahu, Honuaula, hanau o Haehae w., na J. Kukahiko me Kamaka.
    Aper. 18, ma Palauea, Honuaula, hanau o Kaalaneo w., na Kanana me Kaohu.

  • Which Feary are you? Mackey Feary ohana??  Tutu Elizabeth Kainoa Feary was my Tutu Kukakina Lohelani Polapola McCandless sister

  • Happy Holidays, and family celebration in/from Hawaii.

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