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CALLING ALL HOLOWA`A-erz!! Keep everybody updated on the upcoming events for all the sailing canoe in Hawai`i (ex.-Crew training, dry dock, canoe launches, voyages, etc.) We are all busy so just another way to stay in touch with each other.

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Kanehunamoku's La Hanau

Kanehunamoku, the wa`a captained by Bonnie Kahape`a Tanner, just celebrated her 5th la hanau. The day was beautiful at Kualoa where she had been launched like her mother, the "star of gladness", who had been launched in the years prior. There was a big pa'ina and all who came enjoyed entertainment and AWESOME grindz. She enjoyed an EXTREMELY calm sail back to her captains hale with a few up-and-coming holowa`a-erz learning the ropes. It was an AWESOME and EVENTFUL day that I am sure left everyone exhausted and eager for another sailing day on the vast ocean that surrounds these LOVELY islands in which we all call home

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Comment by Bronson Keali'i Kalipi on March 8, 2011 at 8:21pm
- On Mon, 3/7/11, Alex M Luka wrote:

> From: Alex M Luka
> Subject: Fwd: Counter OHA
> To: "francis sinenci"
> Date: Monday, March 7, 2011, 10:06 AM
> ---------- Forwarded message
> ----------
> From: pilipo
> Date: Thu, Mar 3, 2011 at 10:27 PM
> Subject: Counter OHA
> To: Alex M Luka ,
> Alika Silva
> ,
> Amelia Gora ,
> Aulani Furtado ,
> Baron Ching
> ,
> Brandi hyden ,
> dayna
> beyer ,
> derek ,
> Donna Burns ,
> George Williams
> ,
> Gerry Michaud ,
> Henry
> Curtis ,
> jaskat
> ,
> kahiapo ,
> kainalu kailua
> ,
> kamuela vance
> ,
> kauahi ,
> KeAloha Aiu
> ,
> kelii ioane ,
> Keoki Flores ,
> kimo turner
> ,
> kioni dudley ,
> Law Fulness ,
> Lc ,
> Leon Siu
> ,
> leota souza ,
> piilani Kaopuiki
> ,
> pono kealoha
> ,
> Shaina Hunt
> ,
> Solomon Silva ,
> Tom
> Lenchanko ,
> Tony Castanha
> ,
> Z Aki
> Aloha kakou,
> Om March I, I wrote of my mana'o of the Corporate
> OHA response of the
> sinking U. S, S. Akaka and their "damage control" drill to
> save the
> good ship Akaka. I spoke of the jubilation of OHA for now
> they had the
> contract to rejuvenate the Akaka Pill. I also mentioned
> that the
> Legislature was in their expedite mode to create the First
> Nations
> Government, aka Akaka Bill. I underestimated the arrogance
> of OHA, the
> Fake State Legislature and the Office of the Fake State
> Governor.
> Today's good news is the Captain of the U.S. S. Akaka is
> abandoning
> ship.
> Abercrombie returned to Hawaii a year before the 2010
> Elections to
> campaign, and he campaigned well. While Akaka and Inouye
> faltered in
> the passing of the Akaka Bill, OHA was spending
> millions of inherent native Hawaiian money to divide and
> conquer their
> very own people. Judging from the fast-tracking of Akaka
> clones SB1,
> SB 1520 and HB1627, Abercrombie and Inouye's Plan B is
> working, and
> the First Nation Government will become law of the Fake
> State of
> Hawaii in a few weeks. While it may not be directly funded
> via the
> taxpayers of Hawaii it will be funded by OHA or as a
> joint venture
> similar to the Rail.
> The Akaka Pill will become just another obstacle in our
> quest for
> FreeHawaii. Their chosen followers will be glorified but
> only for a
> short time for the prejudice and discriminating factors of
> this First
> Nation Government legislation will fall faster than the
> fraudulent
> international recognition of the treasonous Provisional
> Interim
> Government of 1893. But we can not just stand-by idle
> waiting for
> justice in their Court System to be in our favor, for we of
> the
> opposition are not in their control, while their corporate
> entities of
> the Fake State of Hawaii, OHA and the contaminated Hawaiian
> Homestead
> beneficiaries feed at the "federal trough" of the United
> States of
> America.
> The question still before us is still the burden for us?
> While we
> stand together to be pono with our ancestors,we remain
> unyoked with
> each other in the direction we must take. We are running
> out of
> options, time, money and youth. We have made great
> progress. While we
> have hit the target consistently we fall short of the
> Bull's-Eye. We
> score in the 6, 7, 8 and even 9 rings but never the
> Bull's-Eye, 10
> ring. We have endorsed Constitutions, Court Motions, Cease
> and Desist
> Orders and for some even prison time. All positive actions
> of protest
> but no "Bull's-Eye"
> What is this elusive Bull's-eye? LOKAHI! The main element
> that eludes
> us yet, is in our very grasp and power. Almost every aspect
> of our
> lives are being controlled by the forces that we contest
> almost on a
> daily basis. The only thing the Invader does not need to do
> against
> us, is to stop us from coming together, lokahi as one, for
> we do it to
> ourselves through pride and ignorance. Attending a march or
> parade or
> rally is not lokahi for as soon as the rhetoric or
> entertainment is
> over, lokahi is over. Lokahi is the everlasting will of the
> people to
> be pono. That everlasting will is within the election of a
> Representative Body, for they exist in our behalf for the
> duration of
> their duty to the people.
> OHA will be using their disguised Kau Inoa Registry as
> their
> "Qualified Native Hawaiian constituent", their citizens of
> the First
> Nation Government. According to reports, this registry
> boost 110,000
> signatures which is also of Fraud. We must counter OHA's
> claim. But
> how? The only resource we have is truth. OHA and the Fake
> State of
> Hawaii don't need truth and bank upon money and deceit. Our
> only
> recourse is to register and vote in the Lawful Hawaiian
> Government
> Election of 2011 on November 05, 2011. Register and run for
> a office.
> Run against the incumbents, like Henry Noa for Prime
> Minister. The
> only thing the Invader and their allies fear is the lokahi
> of Kanaka
> Maoli and Hawaiian Nationals coming together in an bona
> fide election.
> This is our only checkmate against OHA and the Fake State
> of Hawaii. A
> valid election is based upon bona fide electors not by who
> gave away
> the most T-Shirts, and that is Lokahi.
> If anyone knows of any other options please share it.
> For updates and further information go to "Lawful Hawaiian
> Government"
> site to register, or email me at
> or call me at
> 358-6428.
> malama ke kino,
> pilipo
> Hawaiian National (1936)
Comment by Bronson Keali'i Kalipi on February 18, 2011 at 11:21pm

This is not a joke nor some bullshit story I'm telling you on here.  This is something that just happened to me while driving home at 7:00pm from my parents home to town where I live on Molokai.  There was a road block and I'm going to tell you exactly what had happened to me when I got pulled over.


Policeman:  Where's your papers for your car?


The papers was on my passenger seat when the policeman asked the question.  My car is totally illegal.


Me:  Um, I don't have the papers for my car.


Policeman:  With a smile on his face telling me awww, you don't have any of your papers for this car.


Me: yes I don't, can I tell you something officer?


Policeman:  Sure with a smile on his face.


Me:  I belong to the Kingdom of Hawaii, I'm from the Lawful Hawaiian Government and the Prime Minister for this Government is Henry Noa.


With out letting me finnished with the rest I wanted him to know, he took two huge steps back saying at the same time WOOOW.


Me:  Oh, is something wrong?


Without telling me anything else he changed the subject by saying.


Policeman:  You going get your papers hah?


Me: yeah I'm going to.


Now make a note of this that I still need to get my Plates, driver I.D. and my Gov. I.D. so under the human rights I can practice my right to travel.  Then he asked me.


Policeman:  Whats your name?


Me:  Duke Kalipi


Policeman:  Don't you have a cousin that live in Maunaloa?


Me:  Yes


By using that as an excuse, he let me go and I mean he wanted me to leave right away so he won't have to deal with being serve from our Government the Human Rights Violations.  He gave me a big wave to let me know that I needed to move quickly so the next car could come right in.



You see people, they doing this as a way to make more money for the police force and for the Government.  Henry has the puka and we need to use this as a tool for getting what we want and thats Independence.  IMUA Lawful Hawaiian Government and it's Nationals.


Comment by Noelani Diego-Josselin on August 3, 2010 at 4:04am
All EventsMy EventsAdd an Event. NAMAHOE FUNDRAISERAdded by Noelani Diego-Josselin
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.Event Details.Time: August 8, 2010 from 3:30pm to 4:30pm
City/Town: POIPU, KAUA'I
Website or Map:
Phone: 1-808-634-2007
Event Type: namahoe, voyaging, fundraiser
Organized By: Noelani Diego-Josselin
Latest Activity: 5 hours ago
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..Event Description.Aloha,

We are nearing the time when the island of Kaua'i will have its very own voyaging canoe to service our community.
The founders and crew members of Kaua'i first voyaging canoe the Namahoe is on a big push to complete its construction by early 2011. Thus, the manpower and funding needed is critical at this time.

Please join us on Sunday August 8, 2010 from 3:30-4:30 p.m., at Josselins’ Tapas Bar and Grill in the Kukuiula Shopping Center, Poipu for an artist’s reception, Artist Leonora Orr has graciously donated 50% of all sales during her show from July to September 3, 2010 to Namahoe.
Light refreshments by reknown Chef, Jean Marie Josselin, music by Kaimi Hermosua and band Ku halele'a. Southern Wine and Spirits will be introducing wines for your pallates pleasure, all in benefit for Kauai’s own, Namahoe Voyaging Canoe. Come meet the founders, builders and crew of the Namahoe, and learn more about this most important project.
A $20 donation is requested.

Comment by ʻOhukaniʻōhiʻa on March 22, 2009 at 10:43pm
Back from Palmyra, and some of us got to see the legend in real life: Dadou, the shark-hunting dog, chase down a black-tip on the reef at low tide, pull it out of the water, and give it a tooth lomilomi. So not to damage the ecosystem, we distracted Dadou and placed the shark back in the water, and it swam off, shaken, but alive... It was said that Dadou had not gone shark-hunting for years, since a big shark retaliated and took a chunk out of his side. We saw the scars...

Among the other highlights were the amazing coral reefs, the butterfly fish in 4 inches of water, the orange and indigo coconut crabs, the endless noise of the 'ewa'ewa bird nesting areas, boobies sitting on the branches everywhere, big hermit crabs wandering about as ankle-turners on the trails at night, laua'e ferns up to your chest, giant Pisonia forest, more kioea than anyone had seen before in their lives, and on and on. Here is just one image, of the 'ewa'ewa (sooty terns) at their nests on the ground...

Comment by ʻOhukaniʻōhiʻa on March 19, 2009 at 7:12am
Hokule'a is on its Palmyra sail now and should arrive today (March 19) after about 10 days of sailing. see this site:
I composed their oli kahea and you can listen to how that oli sounds on the hokulea palmyra training sail page: Tomorrow I will fly down with the return crew to Palmyra to help tour the arriving crew around to see the wonders of Palmyra, the giant coconut crabs, the amazingly rich reefs and fish populations, the endless calls of the seabirds...
Comment by Hanaloa on March 19, 2009 at 6:37am
aloha mai kakou!
o Hanaloa Helela keia.
Mahalo nui loa e Noelani for inviting me to this group...hope all is well with you and your `ohana.

Me ka `oia`i`o,

Comment by KEALAKAHIKI KU KILAKILA PALEKA on March 18, 2009 at 5:37pm
Comment by Noelani Duffey-Spikes on September 3, 2008 at 12:31pm
Last i heard Hokule'a is going on a "around the world" voyage soon and Makali'i will be going to Aotearoa soon also. I heard the year is 2011. if anyone has any new info or mana'o please share.
Comment by Noelani Duffey-Spikes on July 29, 2008 at 1:55pm
Makali'i and Kanehunamoku have recently finished a 6 week long summer program for kids. Makali'i stayed in Keauhou for 6 weeks doing a program called Kulia i ka pono for students in a Kamehameha schools funded program. Kanehunamoku started that program with Makali'i for the first three weeks and then moved on to Hilo to work with Kukulu kumuhana o Puna for one week and Na pua no'eau students for the remaining 2 weeks. While Kanehunamoku and Makali'i were both in Keauhou they ventured down to Kealakekua to sail along side o'ahu wa'a Iosepa. Good sailing time on the leeward/voggy side of moku o keawe. Thanks for a wonderful time all you holowa'a-erz. a hui hou aku no!!!! MWAH!!!
Comment by Noelani Duffey-Spikes on May 8, 2008 at 7:24pm
WOW!! way to go kahi and just rub it in for the "landlocked" peepo. nah glad you had fun

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