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'O wai kou inoa? What's your name?


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  • ALOHA Kaua, e Hanaloa, In the beginning of the bebates of the Hawaiian Homestead Act Prince Kuhio did not support a Blood Quantum to the Hawaiian Homes Act. Saying that if the Act needed a Blood Quantum, let it be 1/32 of the Hawaiian Blood. In my research Prince Kuhio wanted ever Hawaiian and those of our Ohana on and in the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act. Prince Kuhio wanted quit being a member of the Congress and become the first Director of the Dept. of Hawaiian Homes. Sadly Prince Kuhio passed six months after the passage of the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act. What is not know is that Prince Kuhio offered the Crown Lands to be the land base of the Hawaiian Homes. Over 970,000 acres of lands make up the Crown Lands, not 200,000. For your information I'm not a native Hawaiian of the Blood Quantum as I am about 25% of Hawaiian. But I've always supported the native Hawaiians. Thru the years since the passage of the Hawaiian Homes Act, many native Hawaiians have misuse the Trust of the Hawaiian Homes Act. ALOHA No, o Pomai
  • aloha e hanaloa,

    whoa, its been forever...and i know this because look at those two boys! and the pepe! goodness, i cannot believe everyone is soooo big!

    i hope you and your 'ohana are well. its good to read some of your mana'o on here (the 'ahahui la'au lapa'au - i'm a member and sometimes moderator - jumped on board with the 'carbs' thread). miss you and hope all is peaceful and joyful where you are.

    e malama,
  • Aloha Hanaloa, This is Yolanda, the "armchair warrior." Pehea oe?

    I have an uneasy feeling over the words we exchanged. Please let me clarify. When I wrote my comment in no way was I feeling condescension...I was however feeling very frustrated.

    There are several reasons why.

    I had suggested doing a koe nae on the property. The ahupuaa of Wainiha, except for the private kuleana, belonged to Kekauonohi, we all know that. It is crown land and therefore is subject to koe nae na kuleana o na kanaka and it is written in the Palapala Sila Nui as well as the He Kumukanawai.

    He Kumukanawai is the only law that we recognize and no other. Our loyalty, our allegiance, and our oath is only to He Kumukanawai.

    To be eligible for koe nae a human being has to be Kanaka Maoli, not Native Hawaiian, not native Hawaiian, not Hawaiian (all terms owned by the de facto). There is no blood quantum, a human can have a drop of koko in the little toe and still be eligible.

    Koe nae is the reason there is no public lands that could have been ceded. OHA has nothing, nothing to offer, and yet I read an article that states that they were called upon for help with Naue. De facto.

    As we stand by our loyalty to He Kumukanawai, we do not enter the de facto circuit courts (our bank) or hire attorney's/lawyers that have made an oath to adhere to the laws of the de facto regime.

    We operate exclusively from our laws and our laws only.

    So, this is what broke my heart. Seeing you guys, with those pipes connecting you. All I could imagine was the police coming and breaking your arms and for what? How would that help? And why when you could sign a piece of paper and own some of that land. Who is in charge there and how could they allow this to go that far? We need you, your children need you so if we can handle this in a different way why not take a look?

    This method has stopped development in Hokulia, look it up, he's going bankrupt, Hale Mua, they went bankrupt, Molokai ranch, they're pulling out.

    There's going to be a time when we need warriors and I would like to save you for that day.

    The land belongs to the people, not one individual. These people, me included who have ancestor's in Kauai, can ALL participate in ownership of the land and in stopping the removal of o'iwi.

    Only one person has filed papers at BOC. That is not enough, there is power in numbers. A koe nae would provide that numbers and when there are 100, 200, 300 red flags raised it is much more powerful a statement than one set of filed papers.

    Does that mean we'll all flock to Kauai? No, of course not. Many of us do koe nae just to stop this kind of thing. We also do it because the land cannot be sold but must be handed down from generation to generation insuring that our beloved keiki have their land and resources too.

    The other source of frustration is that when you get arrested, I mean a Kanaka Maoli gets arrested the evil people make quite a bit of money off of us. That is why the prison rate is so high, that is why they ship our people off island, money, funding for off island prisons. It's truly creepy, evil at its core but not one that we cannot overcome because as Kanaka Maoli, you and I both know that no amount of words exchanged will ever change the undercurrent of Love and Aloha we all have for each other.

    I'm sorry if I offended you...

    This is the website that has a lot of the information:


    The Mahealani I refer to is Mahealani Ventura Oliver. She and her family on Maui and in Hawaii were successful in vesting up their paperwork on Royal Patent Lands. That is my function. I trace people's genealogy to their lands and then she draws the paperwork to vest up land.

    Also, another bit of great news, they won their case against EMI (water thieves) and EMI had to refund them the money they spent on fees and everything. They couldn't provide her with clear title to land. This is a breakthrough and we should be seeing more of this in the near future. The point is to stay out of court (bank).

    Well, you have a Great Day!

  • Aloha e Hanaloa. The lo'i on your page are so beautiful. It must be so gratifying to be able to kokua. Unfortunately I live in Florida and so am not able to malama 'aina such as you. I was raised in the states so at times I feel detached but the internet helps me feel like I can keep connected. I don't know where the lo'i from my page is from but I love the photo because it reminds me of all of us standing together, standing with each other in lokahi. I have ohana that live in Kailua but our families haven't really kept in touch over the years so I don't even know how much they are involved with the movement or malama 'aina - if at all. I'm hopeful that they are and that we can connect with each other some day.

    When I go back home to visit I will definitely kokua.

  • Aloha e Hanaloa. I read what you wrote in the 50% and Above community and it resonated with me so much that I wanted to tell you mahalo nui loa. I hope that people will come to understand and realize how it is not pono and that we can truly come together. Lokahi.
  • Mahalo e Hanaloa no kou manaʻo hōʻike a noa ma ka pākaukau i kēia ahiahi. ʻO ke kahu ponoʻi ʻoe no Ulupō, i kaʻu ʻike.
  • Aloha Hanaloa...mahalo for you comments...Iʻm glad to hear you and your family are doing well. I am very happy to be Noaʻs teacher, he is a very sacred child, like all children, but I especially appreciate his manao and his strength in his beliefs! Wow who raised that boy? No but really, I feel supported by him in my classroom and his ohana and thats is such a blessing to any teacher. I am happy for a student who respects me and my manao as well and shows it every day.

    Everything is going well here at our new hale. I feel very supported by my fellow teachers who provide a safe place for me to just "TALK" about work stuff, if you know what I mean. Everybody is on the same page here about Hawaiian things too, so it is very maikai =)

    Hopefully I will see you and your family soon. Malama Pono till then!
  • btw, did you see the other (I guess you would call these "public consumption") videos I got up? One of Kamaka (and Didi), one's Naomi's Kawaipuna interview, one's Liko's Halawa "testimony" (song), one's the news footage of the lele action ("E,e... you gonna touch that?!?"). All courtesy of Mr. Talkington (if only TTS knew...). That's what I was doing when I found that "blooper" I sent you. Ha ha, maybe if you pay me good I might stop there!! Jus kidding.... MEBE...

    ps do you think Malia's gonna stop by on her way to her mom's? We got a lotta those frickin' plastic eggs (don't ask, k), complete w/genocidal chocolate. Colonization, I tell you....
  • Only on your page!
    Eh, I saw your defense of poi in da "carbs" debate.
    Ho, kinda like the sign still goin, ya? Bam!
    Malia said you were sick when she came over yesterday. Hope you're feeling better -- eat some poi! ha ha.
    Seriously I get if you need.
  • Eh, you gotta check out this little "protest blooper" I found on one of John's tapes:

    the sign.mov

    Looks like kloset kristianity to me!
    Jus' kidding...
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