HUI KAI 'ULA : We are putting up a "online" petition, but until then....please just place your names here. Tell your ohana. Tell your friends. To sign up and be counted.

Mahalo to all those of you who have shown your support by signing up. We are putting up a "online" petition, but until then....please just place your names here. Tell your ohana. Tell your friends. To sign up and be counted.


There is a massive assault on Hawaiians with the Akaka Bill being pushed by President Obama (let's hope it is ONLY because he doesn't know any better...otherwise the hope and change he spoke of left us out). The Office of Hawaiian Affairs the ONE entitity that was set up to assist in fact selling our future OUT from UNDER us through the Akaka Bill and the deceitful registration of names under the guise of the KAU INOA registration. OHA has never had open forums to ask us what we want...and no different than the State of Hawaii, are attacking our rights to independence, stolen from us since the illegal overthrow of our Queen and Nation on January 17, 1893.

Think about it. It wasn't that long ago (116 years) that we were thriving, independent, and intact. That is just slightly longer than the lifespan of our Kupuna, who lived life considering their actions would affect 7 generations. Think about wasn't that long ago.

We will be going around getting signatures in person, and will let you know when, where, and if you can help...please sign on for that as well.

It will take ALL of us moving in the same bring about the changes needed and return our strong and united VOICE.

mahalo nui,

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mahalo pono....d

Mahalo iā `oe e Pono.
This is a good iniciative but you have to remember "Wela ka hao!". In addition to signing the petition I recommend to send the above postcard to Obama, Akaka, Lingle, all representatives of the de facto state of Hawai`i and to local newspapers. I can have the postcards printed in a few days and would order 1000 of them. I will front the money, if there is an interest from our group and others.

On the back of the 4"x6" postcard I can print anything, but if nobody has any better suggestions I plan to print: "As a native Hawaiian and/or resident of Hawai`i I oppose the Akaka Bill (Hawai`i)." Name, mailing address, signature, date. There will be some room for your personal message too.

Why do I suggest postcards in addition to the petition? For impact and for making people aware of this burning issue, because Akaka is hopeful that the bill will pass with Obama in the president's office of `Amelika Huipū. Plus e-mails are lost or deleted in congressional offices. According to government security regulations sealed letters sent to the White House, Senate or Congress must go through X-ray and chemical substance detection procedures, which means that presently they are delayed by about 4 weeks. Postcards go through immediately, because they are open and don't contain anything. Plus they have to keep them for two years.

This is a very inexpensive and simple project, because I could send a set of 4 postcards with the 27 cent stamp (domestic postcard rate) on them to anyone for two dollars (you could order more sets of 4, just each set would be $2.00)which would almost cover the printing, shipping and mailing charges plus the postcard postage (which is 4 x 27 cents = $1.08). The rest of the expenses and the work would be my contribution for the cause. As you see, this is not a money making business, rather a lot of organizing and manual work, but the quick action would be very important for all of us. When I send out the postcards I will also include a list of the senators, congressional representatives and Obama. You would have to copy them onto the postcards before mailing them.

I indicated the newspapers above, because if they get a lot of postcard, they will not remain silent, thus they will write about the issue. If they write about the flood of postcards, others, who also oppose the Akaka bill and are not on Maoliworld, may also catch on.

If the consensus of the group is for the "go", and you support the idea, but you cannot afford the $2.00 please send me your mailing address and either I will send you the 4 postcards and will cover the costs or find someone who can cover it. The imminent action is more important now. For the survival of this great Hawaiian nation.

Me ke aloha
Aloha e Janus.

That is an excellent idea. A few of us, including Pono are doing this action and I also thought postcards a great idea. I'm a postcard fanatic. Where do you get yours done? The ONLY reason I nver suggested it is that we all don't have money here. All of us. Hard times. Can you explain again what you want to do? I can be reached w/ Maoliworld or on the Hui Kai'ula site, which I put up yesterday. I am a graphic artist and did the fish design. My cousin and classmate at KS are in it as well as Mana Caceres. What graphics did you want to put on it? My direct email is and name is Donna Burns.
Aloha mai e Donna,

I just responded to you directly to your e-mail address and am re-reading your message. Apparently you could not see the graphics on your computer which was in the beginning of my long message with the proposal. I don't know why, maybe Ikaika can explain it. When I look at the comment on my Macintosh I can see the graphics, but when I look at it on the PC I see only a red x in a box. Anyway for those, who cannot see the graphical image, I have put it in my photo collection on Maoliworld with the title Protesting the Oppression.

Me ke aloha
Aloha mai e Pono,

I think there is a typo in the title of the discussion. It should be Hui Kai `Ula not Hui Kai'ul.

I know it's a minor thing, but it's easy to fix it.
Mahalo nui
I noticed it too. 'ula is red....just a typo. Just saw Pono, but forgot to tell him. Thanks for noticing.

Mahalo kaua e Keoni ,
glad to have people like on iur side .
malama pono
Aloha kakou

The brilliance that is evident here, has been far too long under-estimated by those who have subjected Hawai'i. I support Keoni's idea, and have only one question: When do we start!?

mahalo no ke ao nui
I just noticed that the A was left off the bottom of my comment above. It isn't a big deal...just noticed it.

'Ula means RED.

mahalo for putting this all up. Donna
I must have a problem with AAA'z.......
didn't get very many in skewl either :) haha
I just downloaded the "temple of Lono" document. Can you chekc it out on our site and see what you think? I like it there, and put it in as an was sooo long otherwise. This way it's easy to print out if people want.

I left an email re: filming on Sat. Did you say you'd be there? I wasn't sure. If you will be great, as I don't know how good my filming will be. If not...can you call and let me know?

I also asked if you'd put up our ad in our "HUI KAI 'ULA" site. That way people will see we are connected.

mahalo ....
I got plenty A's in school, but doesn't mean I'm smart...just knew how to play by the rules.


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