There's no need to create a new government when a perfectly good and lawful one — the Hawaiian Kingdom — continues to exist.

Although it has been greatly impaired by unlawful suppression and layers of fraud, the sovereignty of the Hawaiian Kingdom was never lawfully extinguished.

Therefore, there is no justification to contrive a new government to replace the Hawaiian Kingdom unless the people, the lawful subjects/citizens, called Hawaiian Nationals, decide they want to alter or change their government.

No one other than Hawaiian Nationals can make that determination — not the US government or foreign US citizens residing in Hawai`i, or the fake State of Hawai`i, the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, or the Akaka Bill’s proposed phony Native Hawaiian Governing Entity.

Because the Hawaiian Kingdom is in continuity, there is no lawful way to alter or replace that existing government except through the processes provided in the existing lawful constitution of the Hawaiian Kingdom.

Prior to the Hawaiian Kingdom being taken over by insurgents during the illegal US invasion in 1893, Hawai`i had already been functioning for decades as a nation-state under one of the best constitutions in the world.

The United States’ prolonged occupation does not change the fact that the constitutional government of the Hawaiian Kingdom, the one in place from 1840 to 1893, is still the one and only lawful and indisputable government for the Hawaiian Islands.

The United States is a usurper, and has no lawful jurisdiction in Hawai`i.

Since the Hawaiian Kingdom was never extinguished, its constitution, laws, statutes and policies are still intact.

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