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  • January 17, 2009 will fall on a Saturday. At the capitol Vicky Holt said that a Large KUE March is being planned for that day. There should be KUE Marches on all islands of Hawaii on that day. Knowing that many of our Ohana will not be able to attend the KUE March that is being planned for Oahu. Each of the islands should be plan their island's KUE March on their island's concern. The KUE March on all islands should send a Loud Message to Barck Obama. One of those Messages is that we do not support the AKaKa BILL. It is my mana'o that Obama should put a hold on the AKaKa BILL. Then create a Presidential Commission on Federal Recognition of Native Hawaiians as Native Americans. Holding Public Hearings on all island communities. Especially in the Hawaiian Communities. There is nothing in the constitution of the United States that grants Congress the power to recognize Native Hawaiians as Native Americans. Native Hawaiians are not the indegenous native people of the United States of America. Simply becasue there is no such thing as the Indegenous Native People of the United States of America. The AKaKa BILL is a FRAUD.
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