do we have to be of hawaiian blood to be hawaiian..? A'ole, i know alot of non hawaiian ppl who have more of the aloha spirit.. then those who are of blood..Why is that? just because we have hawaiian blood...may it be 1/8 or 1/4 or 1/2 or full, IN MY OPINION.. BEING HAWAIIAN is being of one heart mind.. with one mission.... to malama ohana... malama aina... malama each other and to not lose our identity as a ppl of love and aloha with no judgements.. EVEN though there is many who make judgements against us...!

my beloved mother was born on niihau.. spoke the native hawaiian olelo... and was one of the well known hawaiian activitist and wise kupuna on maui. she would give the shirt she had on back..with out a second thought.. ask me if i would do yes i i am older now and more understanding of the the word ALOHA...ask me if i was younger.. i would probably have, what about me.. what do i get out of it..glad i am older now..smiles

What makes us different from others... from the visitors and other cultures. This is our aina.. .. our land.. yet our own ppl.. judge..criticize..demean.. steal and even lie.. and hurt our own kind.. culture....why is that?

I love being hawaiian.. meeting new ppl... may they be strangers, visitors, long lost ohana, ppl who we have not met yet..but know.. if we were to treat them like the way we would like to be treated.. we all one big ohana. i am half hawaiian and half filipino ancestry.. lean more on the hawaiian side. am i grateful for all i have and all the ppl that is my life yes i am.. i am grateful for all that the big man upstairs have given me the opportunity to have in my life.

what do i want from this site? to meet everyone and to know them as my long lost to embrace one and all.. with NO JUDGEMENTS.. NO CRITCISMS...but to take you as you are.. with the love and aloha . as this place once was.. LAND OF ALOHA!


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Comment by da princess on March 18, 2011 at 5:36am
hawaiian is not the blood in todays is all about how you going to act as a hawaiian????....your mama was deprived of her host culture, Native Hawaiian Kanaka Maoli, but you are not!  you have the oppurtunity to gather, educate, and  to your own ohana nation first and that is what makes us different from the rest of the odda so called Hawaiians (blood or no bloodline). we need to claim ourselves first before we claim a Nation......mahalo Ke Akua......Mauruuru........da princess
Comment by Kaliko Castille on April 15, 2009 at 10:41pm
aloha kaua e Kahala'o mapuana...I agree with what your saying wholeheartedly...aloha nui loa.malama pono
e ala e .....E ho mai ka 'ike mai luna mai e
Comment by myko zee on November 28, 2008 at 8:07am
wow, u can come my house....i lost my shirt and i need one new one...hope da thing fit. u know im just being funnny. great statement...true aloha was love unconditionally. every human has been created by ke akua and ke akua resides in each of us so when a human shows up...its with the spirit of god and never an accident or coincidence. love your understanding...this is what we need to pass on and express. let us feed the spirit within as it is god.
Comment by Pono Kealoha on November 27, 2008 at 10:56am
Excelllently said and I am in 100% total agreement.
Our Sovereign Nation also had 16% that were of no Kanaka Maoli but pledged their Lives to be part of our Kingdom & Nation .

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