Hawai`i’s holding a big party next year and you’re invited. In fact, if your family roots have a long history in the Islands, you’re the guest of honor.The state government wants to celebrate the theft of your lands and country all next year and they want you there to party with them.If this feels and sounds strange – you’re right – but it’s all true.Watch Free Hawai`i TV this coming Wednesday on what you can do to put this party to a stop and who might be the single most important person you can express your outrage to right now.And while you’re at it, check out some of Hawai`i’s quiet heroes. Citizens who work humbly, but create real, lasting value for us all this week on Voices Of Truth – One-On-One With Hawai`i’s Future.MONDAY, December 1st At 6:30 PM Maui – Akaku, Channel 53MONDAY, December 1st At 7:00 PM & FRIDAY, December 5th At 5:30 PM - Hawai`i Island – Na Leo, Channel 53“Where Has The Water Gone? – A Visit With Johanna Kamaunu”With less and less water available for her family’s taro patch, Johanna knew something was up. Little did she realize that like drops of the missing water, what she discovered was all connected – rights to land her family was unaware they owned, previously unknown relatives, and of course where the water was going. Find out why what Johanna found opened her eyes to a new reality and changed her life forever. Watch It Here.THURSDAY, December 4th At 8:30 PM & FRIDAY, December 5th At 8:30 AM Kaua`i – Ho`ike, Channel 52“Hawaiian Superman – Remembering Kanalu Young”Superman really does exist. Kanalu was not only quadriplegic, but professor of Hawaiian history at the University of Hawai`i and Director of the Masters Program at the Center For Hawaiian Studies, See for yourself why this remarkable Kanaka Maoli warrior was Hawai`i’s Superman. Watch It Here.SATURDAY, December 6th At 8:00 PM O`ahu, `Olelo, Channel 53“Kawainui Magic – A Visit With Chuck “Doc” Burrows”What is it about Kawainui marsh that’s so irresistible? Certainly the unparalleled beauty and ecological importance, but there’s something else. Join us as we visit with long time Kawainui caretaker Chuck “Doc” Burrows as he explains the marsh’s deep cultural history and reveals why it’s a special place like no other. Watch It Here.Voices Of Truth interviews those creating a better future for Hawai`i to discover what made them go from armchair observers to active participants. We hope you’ll be inspired to do the same.If you support our issues on the Free Hawai`i Broadcasting Network, please email this to a friend to help us continue. A donation today helps further our work. Every single penny counts.Donating is easy on our Voices Of Truth website via PayPal.You can watch Voices Of Truth anytime on the web.And for news and issues that affect you, watch Free Hawai`i TV, a part of the Free Hawai`i Broadcasting Network.
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