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For the love of Honomanu!!!

EO! the kanaka of east maui are so well spoken!mahalo a nui to stephen & pauahi for schooling us on this and standing so strong!good reporting on this issue, although they dont make it very clear just how many tourists and non-local fisherman go down there looting all the time... too many.Balancing Access with Protection at Honomanu


About 50 people turned out for a meeting to discuss the delicate balance between protection and access at the remote Honomanu Valley in East Maui. The bay once supported a large population of native Hawaiians that fished and raised taro in ancient times. A combination of subsistence fishermen, lineal descendants and area residents have been raising concerns over the growing impacts to resources citing increased traffic by surfers, campers and visitors. Meantime, state enforcement officers have also been fielding complaints of their own, from park users who claim they are being threatened. Area resident, Terry Akuna said his lifestyle is the thing that hangs in the balance. Others are at odds over the suggestion saying the area should be kept open for all to appreciate and care for.

(Posted: 6/6/08)(mahalo e Pono!)
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