Our kupuna need help!  Meet this Sunday, March 20, at the ahu on ‘Iolani Palace grounds, 7:15 am.  We will meet and pule, and from there proceed to the church to hold signs and hand out flyers.




Please kokua!  Kawaiaha‘o Church officials have sanctioned the digging and removal of iwi kupuna – the bones of our ancestors.  They have recently uncovered 23 separate gravesites and have unearthed 69 sets of iwi kupuna.  Iwi kupuna have been wrapped in muslin, put in lauhala baskets and placed on shelves in the church basement beneath the bell tower.  They have been on these shelves for over one year.


What the church plans: They intend to remove any and all iwi kupuna from the former site of Likeke Hall and its surrounding areas in order to build a multi-purpose building.  The construction of this site will perpetuate a tragic legacy of the removal of over 100 iwi kupuna in 1940 when Likeke Hall was first built.  Those iwi kupuna were taken to the Kamoiliili cemetery, removed again when that cemetery was sold, and removed once again, cremated with other iwi kupuna, and re-interred on Kawaiahao’s grounds.  Removal of bones from their final resting place is the ultimate disrespect.


What you can do:  Call Kawaiaha‘o church to voice your concerns – 522-1333 or 469-3060.  Call the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) - 594-1835, and ask the trustees to take a stand to stop the digging.  OHA has helped to fund this project with a $1.5 million grant of beneficiary money.  Call the Department of Land and Natural Resources – 692-8015. and find out why the State Historic Preservation Department is not doing their job to protect the iwi kupuna under the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act.  Call the Department of Health – 586-4400, and find out why they are issuing permits for the disinterment of iwi at Kawaiaha‘o.


Our kupuna need help!  Meet this Sunday, March 20, at the ahu on ‘Iolani Palace grounds, 7:15 am.  We will meet and pule, and from there proceed to the church to hold signs and hand out flyers.


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    Aloha Amelia:


    Sorry I have not been in contact with you, but have been very overwhelmed with legal issues both here and on Maui these past couple of months. 


    I think you may appreciate the letter attached.  I screwed up on the name of William (Bill) Haole, Jr.  I didn’t know his name, and I was given the wrong spelling of his name, but other than that, the letter is impacting.  The Police have no right to be on Christian Church property without consent of the “Congregation” which is the lawful owner of the Church building and premises, according to the conditions of the 1842 “Deed” of gifting. 


    The fraudulent “Grant Deed” of “fee simple” creation by the 1913 Territorial Governor Frear, has no lawful affect, being he was at the time a foreign U.S. “citizen and was an Officer of a foreign corporation representing a foreign U.S. federal jurisdiction (unlawfully) on Hawaiian soil, therefore, at law, possessing no such right.   


    I will be attending Kawaiaha’o Church this coming Sunday.  I hope and trust that you and others will attend as well to let them know that Christians still have a vital interest in their Church and its premises.


    Please distribute the ATTACHED LETTER if you feel it worthy of being read by others.


    Aloha in Christ Jesus,



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    or see at


  • Victoria, if I havve misread what you wrote, I apologize.  When I read your remarks, it seem to inferr that they were being unruly and violent in nature which they weren't.   To caution us to be peaceful and not make trouble was unnecessary.  That was not Kaanohi nor other protestors' behavior.   For the pastor to say we were tresspassing on church grounds is disingenuous and mal injury in the false arrest since we had a right to be there.  Our 'ohana are buried there in the cemetery.  

    I, too, have ohana missing that were buried there and I still visit the grave of my grandfather's cousin that is buried there near the Queen street side of the cemetery where they have put two containers next to it.  I see it everytime I pass it on the bus as well and say a short prayer for him and the missing ohana that was buried there.


    It's not right for the church to think any less of those buried there in the cemetery, especially when they are ka po'e kanaka maoli.


    Ke Akua pu me 'oe,


  • I'm in Kona..this makes me weep and very angry at the same time...I would be right there if I could...HOW DARE THEY! A'ole!

    Imua Hawaiian Nationals!
  • The HEWA that is at Kawaiahao is the same HEWA that put Jesus on the Cross!   Kawaiahao no longer is a Church.  Kawaiahao is a 501c Corporation!   Pastor Kekuna should be forced to resign or placed in Jail! 

    Pastor Kekuna no longer serves GOD.  He serves the 501c  Corporation!  The OHA Trustees are also involved in the misused of the Trust Grants going to the Kawaiahao.  Hawaiian Ripping Off the Trust Funds of their own Beneficiares people!   Blood Quantum LuLu BELLS that belong in Jail! 

    The KUE ACTIONS at Kawaiahao will continue until the Iwi Kupuna are safe from the Hewa Leadership and Membership at Kawaiahao!  

    The History of Kawaiahao is one of Betrayal to Queen Liliuokalani and the Nationals of the Hawaiian Kingdom.   All of the Nationals of the Hawaiian Kingdom! 

    FREE HAWAII, IMUA HAWAIIAN NATIONALS, o Pomaikaiokalani, Hawaiian National Royalist 1993

  • mahalo kahoi for such sweet words that is healing process it does hurt , when i have to have some one pass on in my family who is of kane and god bless lono families too. i am very hurt , and now my cousin geting arrested for no reason at all this si not right.

  • because i was yelling on how i felt about the passing of my families and people not beleiving in me how do you think i feel when people misinform me about things and donot know where i been and what i have done it hurts and jesus knows this so you go there and support my families and ll my families and even my uncle kane remember he just passed on recently he is herbert kane too. so please if i AM NOT THERE PLEASE PAY RESPECT SFOR ME THANK YOU TO MY FAMILIES WHO HAS PASSED ONA ND THE THINGS THAT IS HAPPENING BECAUSE NOW YOU HAVE HURT ME LIKE A SLAP ONHM,YU FACE WHEN  I HAVE NOT BETRAYED YOU I HAVE BEEN WITH YOU ALL THIS TIME.
  • this is injustice when she has to go to jail for a disput over a burial when we fight this iswhy i donoit like people fighting i like us get along with eachother so we can be pono instead of getting into it ,a nd yes any churches will do this to any one when i went there before the burial site and i was yelling in the burial site before people called the cops there at kawihao church for me i digged out. so come on now.
  •  remeber i do not have to be there with you all jesus knows and i do too god bless my cousin and my support isout to her because she stood up and got arrested did you ?

  • this means only one thing you have took it another misinformation from them. may be oha would want to do this you have to ask first the kawiahaochurch and there answer hwa they told me you donot have toknow so tane please talk and communicate with me instead of being mad about a situation you have not even been through.

  • To tane thank you for supporting my families who are in the burials , i did call up the kawaihao church today in behalf of what pono wrote down to speak tothem and ye i wentt here to visit the grave before and when i went down ther and i ahve foloowed on this and ll sites since i been on maioloi world, my cousin got arrested this is who i am concerned about too in this and the akaka bill too, so for this if you say i have misinformed what i was talking about you did not hear my heart you were to busy thinking about okoles.

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