it is important for all of us to be on the same page, atleast as far as information is concernd.this topic should be discussed now. there are leases involved,a689million dollar budjet. check out titan nova on google . if this good for allthen imua ,if not then oki the bugger!
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  • this topic doesnt need any palu , somebody please kokua
  • Aloha Mark,
    I guess i am little confused about Titan Nova , Hawaiian Sovereignty, and the Holy Lands Project.
    A brief look at the Titan Nova web site mentions the Holy Land project and the need for various permits and Environmental Reviews (EIR) by the State of Hawaii.
    It would appear that the regional sovereign kingdom would be the lead agency that would have jurisdiction over any new development.
    Why is theTitan Nova using the failed policies and infective EIR process for a so called Sovereign Project ?
    u'r bro ... eiyah ...
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