Here is One Voice. by Hale Mawae on Tuesday, March 22, 2011 at 2:33am

Here is One Voice

by Hale Mawae on Tuesday, March 22, 2011 at 2:33am

Here is One Voice:


A Letter in Response to Oswald Stender: Oha Trustee


Aloha kakou, 


While I do not acknowledge nor recognize the fraudulent bureaucratic system in which many of you conduct yourselves as officers of the state, nor by that same conduct to which you all fraudulently claim to hold "trust," I will speak my voice in the best terms I know how to address those who continue to usurp the culture through a cloud of confused political state in allowing such a travesty to occur.  


Even after building over all of the iwi kupuna within the entire Stateʻs illegally taxed properties, Kawaiahaʻo has a record for doing the same in removing human remains for developments as early as the 1940ʻs, so this issue is no new practice for the church as they have been setting a precedent for more disinterments on into the present day.   The iwi were moved from Kawaiahaʻo to Moʻiliʻili to build the original Likeke Hall in the 1940s, and from Moʻiliʻili 117 or more were displaced again for yet another move to the fiery furnace for cremation and then back to Kawaiahaʻo Church to make way for the Contessa in the 1960ʻs.  Ever wonder who sold the Moʻiliʻili cemetery?    Even with the creation of laws in the 1990ʻs within their own illegal system they have found a way to bypass their own statuatory laws in upholding their own agenda time and time again.  Development after development.  So the story goes.


How can the trusteeʻs try to "speak with one voice" when there is so much division and strife amongst yourselves and the issues that are being brought forward?   You can only respond to Onaona regarding the iwi kupuna issues at Kawaiahao Church and let others who have equally voiced their own concern stand idly by while we wait for "one voice."  Isnʻt being a leader learning to stand and speak on your own behalf?   Now is not the time to play coy politics and hide behind a "one voice" decision.   You either disagree with the removal of the iwi and ANY CONSTRUCTION OVER THEM or you want to dig them out of the ground and let Kawaiahaʻo get away with this and set a precedent for the rest of the iwi in the [State of Hawaii] that are about to come out of the ground.   


The sentiment of the cultish followers of the church, itʻs establishment, and their "kahu" is pretty sickeningly evident; but if you are going to pretend to be leaders then I expect you pretend to lead with a little more take charge on this issue.  Having already been through the same bureaucratic process at Naue in trying to stop the construction over the remains of 40 some iwi kupuna of women and children, and having followed some 15 other cases in the last 4 years I can not express enough urgency to your board to come to a quick and sharp decision with revoking the funds you gave to the church as well as follow through with a harsh legal challenge and a SERIOUS investigation.


There also needs to be an investigation into OHA on exactly WHY funds were appropriated to a corporate non-profit "Christian" establishment that could exclude participation within any of its activities, grounds, or facilities based upon "exclusive membership" to their Church. Obviously this would go against OHAʻs own corporate polices, "trust," and beneficiaries that could be excluded based upon the "exclusive membership" rights of the church even though funding given should be the benefit of "all Native Hawaiians."   The only reason I am asking why, is because there was obviously a severe oversight when it came to granting these funds and I would personally like to know who made those oversights or who granted these funds.  Or was this decision "one voice" as well and if so how do you plan to hold yourselves accountable for this mistake?  That should be challenged legally based upon the grounds for funding such a project without even bringing the iwi kupuna into this mess.


There can be no other way in dealing with such a sensitive case.  Especially when the church officials are engaged in practices such as "Hawaiian" ground blessings and other real estate activities that shoot their credibility out the door.  When it comes to breaking ground and giving a blessing to move iwi kupuna whose shoulders do you think that falls on?   Itʻs not like you sprinkle some holy water with a ti-leaf, stick a big piece of wood in the ground and the problem goes away.


It saddens me to know that because of long time affiliations with the church i.e. Kamehameha Schools, Bishop Estate, OHA(officials that attend or has family that attends) and other real estate ties to its establishment; I realize why more people arenʻt taking a solid stand on this issue and being more vocal about what the churchʻs establishment truly represents here in Hawaiʻi nei.  In one breath you have Curt Kekuna speaking for the iwi on the Churchʻs behalf yet he ultimately represents the Churchʻs agenda to grow and expand as a "good Christian" business.  Thatʻs right! Business!  He has no credibility or business in speaking on behalf of any of those families connected to the iwi nor the iwi themselves when his plans are for desecration and more illegal development now and in the future.  


Kawaiahaʻo in all respects is NOT a "HAWAIIAN" church.  It may utilize very clever tactics in appearing as a "HAWAIIAN" church, but it is ultimately a christian W.A.S.P. establishment through and through.  From the foundations of the Earth in digging an entire Hawaiian coral reef ecosystem thousands of years old to raise it up to the steeple; to the dead missionaries at the back of the church that are still the cause of all the hewa and ʻeha throughout Hawaiʻi nei.  


Kawaiahaʻo has laid the foundation for illegal modern real estate practices & unnecessary development with clouded titles created by these SAME missionary descendants as its foundation as early as the late 1880ʻs.  The church is responsible for the current state of illegal politics in Modern Hawaiʻi and welcoming the U.S. Military Occupation to protect their "American" interests of good "christian" businesses.  These are the fruits of the missionary descendants of Kawaiahaʻo church.  And now we must face the removal of human remains yet again?  When will someone with a fake title of authority in the system created by all this hewa going to actually do something right?


Kawaiahaʻo is a "christian" church and only acts upon "christian" principles to disguise their true capitalist agenda.   "Hawaiians" may even attend this church, speak, and sing hymnals in ʻolelo Hawaiʻi; but it is still not a Hawaiian church.   They may use "Hawaiian" values and hang na aliʻi o Hawaiʻiʻs pictures on the wall, but our aliʻi know who and what they are looking at from those walls.  They know what they are looking down upon when they witness those who enter a house of "God" built with the bones and gnashing teeth of Kanaloa on the backs of kanaka maoli who were told to "believe."   Meanwhile parading the mockery of nobility that the church upholds itself with as its pinnacle of modern day "Hawaiian" culture.  To add to that insult; mix in the the insinuating elite club of "Hawaiian" social butterflies with velveteen monarchy memorabilia tied around their necks. Common birds with no feathers. Na hulu like ʻole! Itʻs time to wake up people. Our LIVES are not a SHOWCASE! Hawaiian culture is not a SHOʻIKE especially in the face of this tragedy!


If you canʻt speak out for yourself on the issue instead of hiding behind "one voice" then there is a major problem here and for the rest of the iwi that has yet to be dug up to make way for the next great real estate monstrosity.   And if you think this issue was somehow different than all the rest you are severely mistaken.  Kawaiahao church IS the ISSUE because every piece of land that its christian descendant has grabbed here in Hawaiʻi has turned to gold for them. Only that gold isnʻt in ANY of the pockets of those who stand firm behind the land, kupaʻa o ka ʻaina.  Itʻs in the pockets of the rich missionaries who made a fast buck off of it and are still getting away with it today.   Just take a look at West Oʻahu and know that the same things are about to happen ALL OVER again.


Just as it says on Andrews tomb at the back of the church.  "They rest from their labors and their works do follow them."  So if their works do follow them, then why do we let them rest?


Hale Mawae

Eo Lono!




The Groundbreaking ceremony at Kawaiahaʻo Church for the removal of an entire cemetery to build a multipurpose center.
Like birds of a feather. Aliʻi Sunday at Kawaiahaʻo church.
The Contessa on King St. which was built over an entire Hawaiian cemetery known as Kamoʻiliʻili that was created for the disinterment for the old Likeke Hall that was then dug up again, mass-cremated and reinterred back at Kawaiahaʻo Church.
Curt Kekuna the pastor of Kawaiahaʻo at a West Oʻahu groundblessing.

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Comment by Pomaikaiokalani on March 23, 2011 at 12:04am
The HEWA that is at Kawaiahao has been going on prior and since THEY put Jesus to the Cross!   The Values that Jesus died for continues all around us today.   Nothing has really changed since the days of Jesus!  Look in the Hall of Kawaiahao and you'll see the American Flag, the Hawaiian Flag and Kahilis there!   The only symbols there should be the CROSS!   Kawaiahao and many others have turned their place of Worships into Dance Halls!  Pastor Kekuna and the members of Kawaiahao have Betrayled the Trust of Jesus for their Love of the Dollar!  
Comment by Tina matildo botelho on March 22, 2011 at 9:39pm
no stop this now this hewa my lord jesus will not allow this to the burials there .
Comment by Pomaikaiokalani on March 22, 2011 at 5:34pm

It is said that the Missionaries came to Hawaii to Do Good! 

Well take a Good Look around, you'll see the THEY did Damn Good for themselves! 

Obama should Bring the Troops Home from the WARS and send American Missionaries, since THEY do a Godly Job for the The People! 

Long Live The Hawaiian Kingdom, o Pomai

Comment by Kaohi on March 22, 2011 at 5:06pm
Comment by Pomaikaiokalani on March 22, 2011 at 5:01pm
KUE the HEWA at Kawaiahao!  

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