Are Kanaka Maoli, those of Hawaiian blood, getting a fair shake under the illegal US occupation of Hawai`i? Statistics show that 40% of all prisoners in Hawai`i are Native Hawaiians.

A blind-folded lady is the symbol of justice in the US, but a study by a non-profit group shows that justice is not blind towards Native Hawaiians.

A study by the justice policy institute in Washington DC suggests that Native Hawaiians are more likely to be sent to prison and for longer periods of time than other ethnic communities.

The study also found that Native Hawaiians don't use drugs more than other races, but go to prison more for drug offenses.

According to the report, half of people serving prison terms in Hawai`i are housed in mainland facilities. Statistics show broken families, isolated by incarceration, often perpetuate the cycle. 


In Hawai`i, 50 percent of youth in juvenile facilities are Native Hawaiian.

The number of Native Hawaiians in the women's correctional facility is as high as 85%.

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