Grover Cleveland Refused Illegal Annexation Of Hawai`i

Thanks to the actions of Stephen Grover Cleveland more than 115 year ago, the history of Caldwell is forever linked to the tropical Pacific Islands of Hawai`i....

...But later this month, representatives from the Pacific Justice Reconciliation Center in Hawai`i will travel to Caldwell to honor Cleveland for a much lesser-known distinction.

In 1893, President Cleveland supported the kingdom’s sovereignty after the Hawaiian monarchy was overthrown.

His bold actions made him a hero to some native Hawaiians, who for six years have sent representatives to New Jersey to mark the anniversary of Cleveland’s actions on what is known as Hawaiian Restoration Day.

Cleveland was serving his second term in 1893 when American businessmen and sugar plantation owners staged a coup to overthrow Hawaii’s Queen Lili`uokalani.

They declared Hawai`i a republic and appealed to the president to annex the islands to the United States. After investigating, Cleveland refused, stating the Queen should be restored to power.

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Comment by Kaohi on April 21, 2011 at 8:35pm



Comment by Pomaikaiokalani on April 21, 2011 at 12:19pm

ALOHA Kakou, e Hawaii, 

       Prepare to be at the APEC Meeting on Oahu on Nov. 12-13, 2011.  Over 2,000 International News Press People will be there!   Golden Opportunity to be there in massive numbers with our T-Shirts, Flags, Signs and Banners to FREE HAWAII.......

Long Live The Hawaiian Kingdom, o Pomai

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