The Hawai`i fake state Akaka bill, SB.1520 does not address the real issue of the theft of the Hawaiian nation and the injuries that stem from that.

It also has numerous inaccuracies, inconsistencies and plain mistakes making it impossible to imagine how this could seriously provide any remedy.

These flaws stem from a portrayal of history that leave out crucial information about who has title and jurisdiction.

The “findings” section of the bill leaves a gaping 27-year historical hole (from 1893-
1920) apparently to avoid mentioning the illegal processes used by the United States to capture the Hawaiian Islands.

The “findings” jump from 1893 with the Hawaiian Kingdom operating as a fully recognized treaty nation, to the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act of 1920 where the term “Native Hawaiian” enters the legal lexicon defined as a person having 50% of more aboriginal blood. What happened in between?

It boils down to this - You cannot “cede” lands you do not own. You cannot transfer
jurisdiction you do not have. Therefore, the “state of Hawai`i,” having no lawful lands or jurisdiction, cannot go forward with this Akaka-like, “Native Hawaiian (or First Nation) government Reorganization” scheme proposed by SB1520.

Even if the state of Hawai`i was lawful and it did possess “ceded” lands, it does not have the constitutional authority (either US or state) to carve off a section of itself and spin it off as an autonomous governing body.

No matter how you clone it, S.1520 is bad law.
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