Yes, the lawful, sovereign entity, the Hawaiian Kingdom, does still exist.

There are only two ways a nation can be extinguished - conquest involving the military defeat and subjugation of its people, along with the physical seizure of its territory by the victor or the un-coerced, free-will choice of its people to surrender and merge their nation’s sovereignty to another.

Even the unconditional surrender of Japan and Germany after World War II, did not extinguish their sovereignty. They became occupied states but still retained their national identity.

They were still Japan and Germany and the occupying forces administered and enforced the laws of Japan and Germany respectively.

Despite the incorporation of the Eastern European states into the Soviet Union after World War II did not extinguish their sovereignty.

Despite complete domination by the USSR during the “cold war,” when the Soviet Union collapsed in the early 1990s states like Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Czechoslovakia, and so forth, reemerged as sovereign and independent countries in continuity.

In the case of Hawai`i, after the illegal seizure and annexation, the status of Hawaiian Kingdom citizens remained inviolate.

Neither a vote or plebiscite was ever conducted to gain the consent of the Hawaiian people to dissolve their country, the Hawaiian Kingdom.

At no time did the Hawaiian Kingdom or Hawaiian nationals surrender their sovereignty or consent to a merger with the US.

On the contrary, there was fierce opposition to the initial seizure and efforts at annexation, as evidenced by the massive petitions and protests in the press.

The Hawaiian Kingdom continues to exist. It did not expire. It survives even having been buried alive for over a century under the layers of US deception and fraud.

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