In 1843, Hawai`i was a recognized independent nation.

Hawai`i had treaties with 25 world nations and had 96 legates and consuls throughout the world, including in the US.

But US covert and overt activities led to the 1893 invasion of the Hawaiian Kingdom and the US immediately recognized those who overthrew the kingdom without the people's knowledge.

Using that backing, they created the bogus "Republic of Hawai`i" against the people's wishes.

All legal attempts to annex Hawai`i to the US failed because the citizens of the Hawaiian Nation then overwhelmingly protested and sent their anti-annexation petitions to Washington, DC.

In covering up the hoax, Congress was forced to pass the Newlands Resolution declaring that the majority wished for the annexation of Hawai`i without a lawful treaty.

That's how Hawai`i became unlawfully annexed, and ultimately a fake state.
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