Billings, MT


January 5

'O wai kou inoa? What's your name?

Russell Pineapple Rintoul

No hea mai 'oe? Where are you from?

Billings Montana

ʻO wai ke ahupuaʻa āu e noho nei? Where do you live?

Billings Montana

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  • welcome cuz aloha no and nice to see u on here yes i am finally on line after the move lol we love u be safe



    The frequency of "Love" comes from our hearts: Increasing the frequency will have astonishing results. For this frequency will bring world peace and love. The collective negativity can even create disasters. The awesome power of our unified hearts will bring negativity into the frequency of love for all mankind! :o) pineapple

  • mahalo fo the add :)
  • aloha my cousin pineapple.......this is were you will learn a lot about the characters of native hawaiians who speaks freely ........some talk good and in truth and most is lost and blind in our generation.

    i have been on this site for a while (a few years) and did my battles of truths...however you get to talk with the same people that makes no sense at all, especially when you find out that you stay talking to one good foa nothing haole (foreigner) that only talk BS.

    pick and choose.....these groups was suppose to be educational....some old timers turned it into a journal of complaints, hummmmmm..... however, just enjoy and the truth will set you free from the negative native hawaiian characters of entertainers......miss and love you my cousin pineapple......hey you get one good looking page......well done my cousin..........always your cousin da Princess of the Kingdom of Maui Nui.......mahalo Ke Akua.....Mauruuru



  • Hi Cuz, Good job for helping your friends it's in all Hawaiians to think in that way.  K, spent fathers day with my husband now I have to head back to Waimea for classes again this week. I'll be watching my aunts house for a few days until they come home so I will have some great chill time also.  They let us work in the studio at night on our artwork so I'll probably do that.  Will be online the whole time. Aloha~


  • Oh ya learn all you can from the Amish then come back and teach us some of their ways of natural living but I wouldn't want to dress or live like them, just trying to live more natural as possible.  Thank you for keeping us informed of how you are doing.
  • So if I don't approve the post right away, no worry, I'm studying my butt off. lol K, Have a great morning. Alohas~!
  • Oh I made my page so the posts have to be preapproved. There was a crazy lady on here that called herself, "the huna priestess" and wasn't even Hawaiian who was trying to insert herself into my friends and acting like I needed to help her with her page. I told her she is crazy if she thinks I "have" to do anything for her so she started swearing at me. lol So I made it like that. Ya, hey, would like to meet you one day cuz so next time you're in my country, let me know. Good luck with all your hana (work) there.  Is your houses ok and is the storm over. I don't watch too much mainstream news, because most of it is lies and anyway, they don't make mention of Montana at all. I'm at a class for indigenous artists at the moment for one whole month. I thought it was two weeks only until I arrived here in waimea, hawaii on Mon and found out it is a month long. lol  It's really really awesome so far. We're in class during the day and have to work in the studio at night to finish projects. It's very fun but I only get to check emails when I come home to my aunties and we don't finish until 10:00 at night. It's a great experience. We have a Seneca native who is teaching us print making, a Maori from New Zealand teaching us jewelry making, and two amazing Hawaiian Natives teaching us wood working, and lauhala weaving. I'm familiar with most of the disciplines but brushing up on the lathe working especially. We have that class all day tomorrow. I can't believe I got a scholarship to go to this school so I'm going to make the best of it cause it's so fun. lol
  • Howzit cuz, Glad to see you on here. I love the photos~!
  • My Nawai Ohana:

    My mother is Josephine Rintoul. My grand mother was Isabella Lawrence or Lorenz and my grandfather was William Nawai Jr.

    My grandmother parents: Mary E. Garcia and Joe F Lawrence or Lorenz.

    My great grand father was also named William Nawai and my great grand mother is Kealoha Kama.

    My great great grand father was Nawai and my great great grand mother was Mealeana.

    My grand fathers others brothers and sisters are John, Hatti, Lucy, Hakalaau, Loka and Annie.


    Others that are in my Ohana are: Mary Haake, Joseph Sylva, Lin Kauhane, Antone Kroger, Alice Noonoo, Samuel Kroger, Mary {Meeleana} Kamaka, George Kaha, James Kanana, Nobel Kauhane.


    Other surnames include Kekipi, Kahele, Kaha, Moy Lau, Perreira, Cardoza, Bailey, Joqquin, Sofa, Taylor, Pau'ala, Kuahane, Kanana, Rintoul, Kroger and Tim Layser. My Grandfathers sister Lucy married George Kaha and their children are: Facko, Ben, Samuel, Mikele, Kacha, Panani and Kamien, Gabriel, Jon..

    Gabriel married Irene Kekipi.


    Isabella Lawrence/Lorenz brothers and sisters are: Marie, Manuel, Rose, Rosey Lucia, Vincia.


    Nobel Roman Kauhane is my mother’s Nephew {is my first cousin} his mother was Anne Nawai. Their children we think are: Skye Kauhane, Leilani Kauhane, Kimberly Kauhane, Leialoha Hendrix. {Noble Kauhane’s parents were Annie Nawai and Luis Kauhane}.

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