Wainiha, Hawai'i


November 18

'O wai kou inoa? What's your name?


No hea mai 'oe? Where are you from?

Na Hala o Naue

ʻO wai ke ahupuaʻa āu e noho nei? Where do you live?

Halele'a, Manokalanipo

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  • Miss you!!!
    Just missed you on chat!!!

    can you let us know more as to what is going on with Naue and Kauai?

    We are bogged down with depleted uranium and all that crap!

    What's going on or the latest, can you post on Maoliworld forum for information?
    No need the arguments, if no can handle. Maoliworld get's crazy sometimes.
  • Aloha,
    Miss you too.

    I am down at the homeless because eviction by gun point tomorrow at guardrails. I have David Ma with me so I'm doing okay. Just one suicide my hanging. But, everyones spirit is up.

    I love you take care and yes go for it send us information about the Q & A.

    The Na kanaka's going to relocate to pass Keau's I believe. kaohi
  • Hi my sister dear ! Missing you! How are things with you? Well Korrie and I are doing okay but we miss you....LOVE YOU...MUAH!
  • still you and dippin shoyu....
  • E tita,
    So good to see you on Maoli World. Listened to the sovereignty show last week and heard you mention pictures of Naue posted here. So are you back on Kaua'i for good? Missed your mana'o and spirit while you were gone. Really is unbelieveable to me that someone as pilau as Brescia can force you off your aina. Don't let the evil doers get you down. Many of us kako'o you. Your interview on 'olelo w/ Lyla was maika'i and it was so obvious that your kupunawahnine are guiding your every step. Continue to onipa'a.

    Aloha nui,
    Miliaulani (aka Lynlie)
  • My favorite photo of you and Pono. Looking forward to seeing you again mahalo for joining maoliworld and sharing your beauty and pure spirit. Your visit with Alika was so wonderful, your patience and warmth helped to further our Na Kupuna Iwi's concern in Makua. I'm not sure if one can stop the desecreation of our spirits space, it's beyond ones comprehension as to why greedy developers and military work arm in arm in their duty to dehumanize all people's of this world. Kaohi
  • Thanks for the incite and the comment hope all is well in your world Kai beautiful pic. ill try and dig some up myself. finaly getting nice here ,think im staying put for a while bis, good going to mex. with my boys (my twins sons) in 10 days befor I start this job i Seattle hope everthing is good for you have a great life talk to ya later..
  • Mahalo for your awesomeness so good to have you on here too.
    malama pono






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