'O wai kou inoa? What's your name?

Keali'i Aken-Blaisdell (E. Keali'ikaleo'olaeanuikaumanamana VIII Aken), I was born E. Keali'i Aken. Legally changed my name to "Blaisdell".

No hea mai 'oe? Where are you from?

Ma Nanakuli Son of Woody Aken, Grandson of Issac "Boy" Aken & Genevieve Kaleo, Great-grandson of Samuel Kaleo, Great-Great-grandson of S. M. Pepehia Kawailana Kaleo & Meleana Kahananui/Great-grandson of Joseph ChunFat & Lillan Blaisdell (Mothers side) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am a 1999 and 2007 Na Hoku Hanohano Award Finalist for "Most Promising Artist & Hawaiian Language Performance", and believe that the only way to perpetuate our culture is to always introduce something new. I write and translate all my own compositions which my mentors, Uncle Dennis Kamakahi, my cousin J.R. Kaha'i Topolinski and my biggest influence, my friend, my mentor and my Kumu...Ku`ualoha Meyer-Ho`omanawanui have taught me and are credited for where I am today. My inspiration for my music comes from everything and everyone around me, especially my beautiful wife. The music that you hear on this page is from my upcoming CD "Malumaluakua", which is a he'iau that my ancestor Kaleopu'upu'u and my tutu S. M. Pepehia Kawailana Kaleo was the guardian of. I hope you enjoy the music as much as I have enjoyed writing it...Mahalo!

ʻO wai ke ahupuaʻa āu e noho nei? Where do you live?

Ke noho nei au O Waiehu

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  • How old was your grandfather Isaac "Boy' Aken when he was hanaied?
  • Aloha
  • Aloha e Keali'i! My name is Alana Aken, the great grand-daughter of Isaac Aken Sr. I came across a post of yours with regards to the origin of the surname "Aken" being "Von Aken". I am interested in where this mo'olelo came from, as I have not found any palapala with the name "Von Aken". Was it from your grandfather Isaac "Boy" Aken Jr.? I ask because my tutu man Aken was of Hawaiian/Chinese descent. It is true that "Aken" is not the true name, but it evolved from a Chinese name, not German. I have palapala for my tutu man Isaac Aken's line going back to early 1800's & mookuauhau that is pre-1800, nothing in there about "Von Aken". Hopefully we can kokua eachother, i'd like to hear from you. Malama Pono!
  • Aloha e Keali'i! My name is Alana Aken, great grand-daughter of Isaac Aken Sr. I came across a post of yours & was interested in your story about your grandfather, Isaac "Boy" Aken who was my grandfathers brother. What was interesting to me was the bit about the 'ohana name being Von Aken. How was this discovered? Is it mo'olelo from your grandfather? I ask because my tutu man was of Chinesse/Hawaiian descent not German. It is true that "Aken" was not the true name, but it was evolved from a Chinesse name, not German. I have documents going back to the early 1800's with regards to my tutu man Isaac Aken's line (not too much palapala pre-1800, go figgah!) Aloha no, hope to hear from you soon. Malama Pono!
  • Aloha Cuz....

    We're still pushing for voter registrations and Hawaiian government elections over the

    long term to establish a a true coalition Kanaka Maoli government to represent us all, to preserve our national assets, and demand self determination in our own country.

    November 2011.....you should file candidate papers asap....

    Much aloha Naliko
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    Hey there Keali'i-
    Nice to see you again! CONGRATS on your 3rd CD release.... Hope all is well you?!? Thanks fir the friend request! I thought I had you as a friend already? But, it's all good! I haven't been in here for awhile. Been on Facebook and that is a little too much for me. Everybody and their DRAMA- Well anywho, take care of yourself and keep in touch!! ALOHA's *KiLiLaNi
  • Aloha e Keal'i...
    he aloha meno ka'u
    ai maluna i kou maoli...
    a hui hou,
  • aloha..I was referred to you by aunty stephanie naihe laxton of kohala...i was asking her a question regrading our ohana. I asked the question about the name Naihe (Kaihe). I was told that it was passed down as Naihe but all the documents I have found point to Kaihe. So I dunno, im confused lol. I was told it was given by the famous tutu Pua Haaheo who's parents are Haaheo (k) and Ana Kaleo and Ha'aheo's parents are Naihe Kamaka? I really don't know. Maybe you can help as well and I can share the info at the reunion on June 12 here in Laie. She said there may be a connection via the kaleo line?? If you can help let me know...
  • BOO! Luv your page cuz!!
  • Hui...

    Auntie Michele, da cats, and I are here at Wanini caring for Michele's Mom who is 94 and has reached the time physically and mentally when support is necessary. It is a beautiful place to be.

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