November 23



'O wai kou inoa? What's your name?

Jon Ching

No hea mai 'oe? Where are you from?

Wa'ahila, O'ahu a me Napili, Maui

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  • Yeah bro how was it? when you leave to china? say whats up to my chinese cuzin's.
  • Hi Jon,

    I left a message on your phone last week - with a contact phone number - 732-0484.

    I'm still in Honolulu - and will be flying out next Wednesday.

    I don't know when I'll be back in town. So was hoping that we could get together briefly soon.


  • Hi Jon,

    Oooops! I got this message too late.

    I flew home this morning (Monday), but will be back in Honolulu in July.

    I'm guessing that that your semester abroad will have already begun by next month.

    So - looks like I'll just have to wait for the next opportunity after your return.


  • Hi Jon,

    I am in Honolulu and am prepared to meet with you - anywhere, but, I suppose preferably, at the subject location, and at your convenience.
    I don't know the phone number where I'm staying - but it might be in the phone book - under D A Ching or Darlene Ching - my ex-wife. She lives at the place - 3453 Kilauea Ave.
    Anyway, please let me know. If I'm stuck with having to use this venue - then please give me a day to respond. Your best phone number will also help.

  • pehea oe
  • Eeeeeeeehhhhhh, stranger! Long time no see! Good to hear from you! Hope all is well at school. Sounds like you've been uber busy! Moved to Lanikai in March - stoked! Shannon is leaving for Tahiti tomorrow (that bum); mebbe she'll bring me back some pearls??? Good luck on finishing out the semester! BTW, how's the house coming along? Say "HI!" to your crew for me...do you know my friend, Dustin Tong?
  • I think I was going out to Hakipu'u next weekend if you guys get time
  • sheeeze...finally you write back, nah...i'm good and you? long time me and kaik's never see everybody...well hope to see you soon...ke aloha no!
  • aloha.
    so when can i see the finished mo'owahine?! hope everything is all g.
    a hui hou
  • love the ki'i...did you take that?
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