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July 20


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  • Geez, we gotta talk. Gotta update you...yup that's why we got 'oki male cause he met her & ua male 'ia ia ia. Anyway, before I spill my guts for the whole hawaiian free world to see...I better not for now. Ulu is going to be a Jr. Trying to push a mainland college for her to attend, can help me convince her ke 'olu'olu?
  • Totally temporary. Long story as to why I & my (I mean) our daughters are here. And Alika was already here cause he & his wife not together anymore. So far, it's ok. We help keep Mom company. But of course, it's totally not the same without Granny & Gramps here. Just waiting for my hawaiian home. We should be called within the next 100 names. Did Ulu tell you that she's Aloha Week Princess this year? We are excited for her. She beat out 2 Senior girls for the spot and she's younger. How's your Mom?
    Malama, Kimmie
  • Aloha cousin~ Kala mai, only now I signing into my maoliworld acct. I know, kinda late. My two girls typing away and go.."Ah Mom, what about the Hawaiian myspace?"
    We living with Alika & Aunty Sharon for now. I didnt know if you already knew from Kalani. Anyway, it's truly only temporary!
    Hope all is maika'i up there in Amerika, or should I say Kaliponi.
    A hui hou, Kim
  • ~aloha aunty ha'a!!...how u been...guess what!!...i get one tatau too!!:)...so did mom!..Anywayz hope to see u soon! ~ulufunny!:)
  • Hawaiian Studies. What are you up to these days. Take care.
  • I've been out sick since last week. Went to the er a couple of times and now will have my gallbladder removed. I will actually leave Hoola by the 28th so email me at the road runner one, mano1. ok love you.
  • holy kanAk... this is the closest to zen that i've ever been. how are you my cousin??? :)
  • aloha cuz!!!! Well, me and mom finally signed up, but I don't quite know how this works. Going try though. by the way, mom is on board about trying to contact her generation for a possible reunion. She would like to test the waters, first before making plans. Sounds good to me. By the way, on tv tomorrow is my niece, Ka'ai'ohelo Torco, song contest leader for the female Sophomores, I think. She is a Ka'opu'iki, her grandma is mom's sister via tutu man Ka'opuiki. Check it out. she went to Halawa, Moloka'i, back to the roots to learn about our family. Gotta go, but love you. Ka'ai'ai
  • Hey you, doing well. I am teaching at KCC and doing the singing thing in Hawaiian as well as opera. What are you up to? Great hearing from you keep in touch.
    aloha no,
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