This is group for the `ohana Kauaua to come together and meet. We would love to have everyone's input on this page so feel free to kukakuka aloha.

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  • Aloha, I deleted my account on facebook so if anyone needs to get hold of me, you can do so here. Hau`oli Makahiti!

  • oh and my cousin momi...i highly agree that oral traditions is the BEST way to walaau (speak up).....that is why we on our maui nui host and facilitate our ohana nation meetings every two weeks (sundays), like today......i just came from our maui nui ohana Kahili nation meeting.....and our positive team of first bloodline cousins in attendance with both our anty pua and myself as the Kupuna's (elders to lead) correctly our next future generation of Royal Kingdom Heirs.....of maui nui......mahalo Ke Akua to Guide our Ohana Nation to IMUA (move forward) and to KUKANAKA (stand tall) as one UNIT......mauruuru~~~

  • my daughter moved her entire ohana to day i will come to visit you, my cousin momi and your ohana menani girl is the Vice President for our Ohana Nation of our 5th Kahili generation and our Big Island Representative to inform our Maui Nui Board of Directors of Big Island, connecting our Kingdom of Maui Nui and our Kingdom of Hawaii (BI) together in unity.....for my direct line comes from .....Her High Chiefess Queen Keopuolani.....the Most Sacred Alii Nui to be born to our Royal Kingdom Capital of La haina.....i lived and raised with my living kupuna's of Loko O Mokuhinia....and my mama was the last known Kahuna Alii Wahine Nui to die on the Village of Moku'Ula.....26 yrs ago......amene......mauruuru~~~da princess

  • interesting :o) pineapple

  • I think it is important to pass the mo`oku`auhau on through oral traditions. I do have the family line (from going to the `ohana meetings and reunions. I would love it if someone could write an `oli for our genealogical line that we can teach to our `ohana and reunions to keep the oral traditions strong in the family.  Mahalo e Princess. I would really love to see you on Maui one day and will definitely contact you if I go there. My line is from Pu`upu`u. I believe that is where all our lines connect up. From then on, the lineage is clear going upward toward Liloa but there is some things that was huna or secret that we should consider kukakuka face to face because it is very hard to know exactly what is the mo`olelo until we all meet, then the ho`ailona always have a way of clearing up the puka so we can holomua.  I feel good that I know where I come from. It helps me when educating the next generation of leaders of the family. I do have some information on paper but it's so much and to get it all printed can  be a challenge.  I like all the conversation cousins. I hear you Princess, some people do like to claim and attachment to others `ohana and for that reason, it's good to be cautious.  I would love to meet you all. If you are ever on Moku O Keawe, let me know.  We go between Kona hema and Puna so if anyone comes to this moku please contact me: 

  • i have noticed that alot of people call us family and yet their is NO Bloodline to such ones......the next generation is asking to the immediate names to our ohana nation that is leading us to our Royal Kingdom Ancesters......however i notice that researched Historians have connect our Royal Kingdom Ancestors geneology their names of family and this is so Hewa......that is the Protector of our Mo'okuauhau (geneology)......i want to have the Accurate Knowledge with Facts and Findings to our ohana educate with the proper Protocals of our Royal Ancestors and our Living Kupuna of Maui Nui....amene....for we are within this generation is to teach and to be Accountable with Accuracy to Facts and Findings....peroid.....mauruuru~~~

  • communication is the only thing that is happening here......this is were we can communicate with our ohana nation to get involved, especially on our Maui Nui.....this is called GATHERING and EDUCATING the Protocals of our Royal Ancesters....for only a few of us is able to Accomplish such a Mission...from our Living Kupuna of Maui Nui....for the Turth will be Reveal and we will IMUA~~~

  • Aloha cuzzins what is going on here? love you :o) Russell Pineapple Nawai Kaahanui Kaiae Konohia 

  • sista dean....i recieved a hand written genealogy for the Kauaua Ohana Nation and it is quite confusing.....connecting the ohanas together (to know who is who and what is the connecting lines?????? you have a copy of a typed format of our Kauaua Ohana Nation to show the direct lines of each ohana????

    i am trying to make connection to the names of our Kingdom of Maui Nui Royal Kingdom Heirs and soon to gather to share on our Maui have a Kauaua Ohana Reunion for our Maui Nui ohana's.....i have already contacted 3 families on the list of names and i am planning to gather more on our list of Maui Nui.....i want to introduce our next future generations with each they know who they are and where they come from......our Royal Kingdom Alii Nui of Maui Nui.....amene......mauruuru to Ke Akua and our Royal Kingdom Ancestors to lead correctly our new and educated Leaders of Royal Kingdom Heirs~~~

  • my sista dean.....i did recieve the Apuakahei genealogy from my Liigirl.....however i never seen the line above Apuakahei leading to Liloa, until yesterday....when i met another Alii Nui (that approached me yesterday) and shared his Mo'okuauhau (geneology) with me and i then noticed our Great Great Grandmama (Kamaka Keaumiki whom married our Great Great Grandpapa (Kawika Malo Momona) from La Haina....and the line went up to Kauaua and headed up to Liloa........sista dean i have not recieved any information from Apuakahei and above to Liloa and i await for you to send these information as soon as i can add to our Mo'okuauhau (geneology) and prepare the hand over the living TORCH to our next future generation of Royal Kingdom Heirs of our Kingdom of Maui Nui......miss and love you and our sista nettie, brada kahala and our sista Wailani.....and we do appreciate all your research my sista dean as our Geneologist to share with us on our Maui educate our new and improved corrected Leaders of our next generations to come.....amene......always your sista lala......of Maui Nui~~~~

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