Aloha Kakou,

Looking for any info you might have on her. I was told Kamehaitu Helela was a pule/oli writer for both Queen Emma & Queen Lili'u. When I google her name, I get chants and songs that she has written but nothing about her. This is my wife's hawaiian lineage and unfortunately there is not too much info known about her within the ohana. A mahalo nui loa in advance.

Hawea Kaahanui Aila

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aloha hawea,

i was born and raised on this kingdom of maui nui with kupuna's of old, most of them have past on.
i have never ever heard of Kamehaitu Helela in my entire life on this kingdom of maui nui. I hope oahu
have the knowledge or at least big island (hawaii nei).

i would think someone from Tahiti may be familiar with the stories of Kamehaitu Helela or at least some one
that is traditioned in Hula or song writing. many blessings in your journeys. da princess
ask my aunty blossom knuewa kahele she is a hawaiian kumu look undedr hawaian perservationist hula and story telling the old stoy tller was my aunty nona beamer through them you can get al he stories of the old hawaiian days, look at blossom knuewa kahele akau. in gogle look under hawaiian preservation society call that phone number they can tell you more this is info i have for now.
you are correct
'ano'ai takou,

my girlfriend has some ohana info. on kamehaitu helela because while she was doing her kauai/niihau genealogy , kamehaitu 's name came up.. kamehaitu did write pule/oli for the two queens.. there is a book in the library system regarding collections oli's for the queen, in the book there is a oli by kamehaitu helela and i believe there is a picture of her.. i 'll get the info. and email you back.. i do know that kamehaitu has niihau/kauai mootuauhau connections.

aloha, e ola toa,


it seems that the delect in your language is similar to tahitian, using the t for mo'otuauhau instead of the k for mo'okuauhau.
my mama had visit her cousins in Ni'ihau by invitation and spoke that kind of delete in Ni'ihau.
and what is the names of these two Queens that the oli was address to. what island are these Queens from. i would like to view the oli from the book as well as look at her picture.
mahalo nui ~da princess~
Mahalo oukou.

Aliitoa-good info. I did see one of her compositions through my ohana's research. I need to find more about her mo'okuauhau to see if I can link my wifes ohana with her. There is just not enough time in the day to do all the research I want to do. Work is a big time consumer....LOL.
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Aloha,Tutu Kamehaiku Wahapaa b.Niihau d.Hanapepe,Kauai. By census she was married to my 3rd.grandfather M.Halalu Helela b.1854-1929 Hanapepe,Kauai.Both of them are barried at the Hawai'ian Cemetary salt pond side. Kamehaiku/Kamehaitu had 2 other siblings born Wailua,Kauai. On Ulukau,com hawai'ian news paper will verify her birth. Tutu did not have any children w/tutu Halalu but,help raised my grandfather "Andrew Halalu" Pauole whom was adopted the hawai'ian way in 1897. Tutu Kamehaitu was said to be of high rank knowing that Tutu Halalu was the last Chief to take care of the Hanapepe district. Do research on Wahapaa of Niihau. Hope this helps.


This is my Great-Great Grandmother. She was the last reigning cheifess of Niihau and was the pule writer for both Queens. She was forced off of Niihau by the Robinson Family at Gun Point because she told the family that they could not own land. She retreated to Hanalei, where she raised her family. They later moved to Hanapepe Valley, where my family resides today. Here are the associated family names: Keaweehu, Kauakahi, Kaiakapu, Ching, & Pauole.

Attached is a resume from my Grandfather (oldest of 11, Hanai By Tutu Helela Kamehaitu)


Would love to chat ;) My grandmother was Dora Makakoe Halalu Pauole, married to Isidro Camarillo (Koloa). Her father was Andrew Halalu. Living in Alaska currently, but from Oʻahu. 

Aloha Hawea,

Thank you for reaching out to me. It sounds like you are interested in learning more about Kamehaitu Helela, a pule/oli writer for Queen Emma and Queen Lili'u. Unfortunately, I don't have any information about her beyond what you have already mentioned. However, there are a few potential resources that you might find helpful in your search for information about Kamehaitu Helela and your wife's Hawaiian lineage.

One option is to try contacting organizations or institutions that specialize in Hawaiian history and culture, such as the Bishop Museum in Honolulu or the Hula Preservation Society. These organizations may have access to records or other resources that could provide more information about Kamehaitu Helela and her work.

You could also try reaching out to other members of your wife's ohana (family) to see if anyone has any additional information about Kamehaitu Helela or your wife's Hawaiian lineage. Sometimes, family stories and oral histories can be a valuable source of information about ancestors and their achievements.

I hope these suggestions are helpful, and I wish you the best of luck in your research. Mahalo nui loa for your question.

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