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  • Ia Orana and Aloha mai kaua. Kahealani Kapana keia. Kumu Hula o Ka Puka Imua Lanakila a me Hot Lavalava Productions ma Kalihi. 845-0861 www.pukaimualanakila.com
  • Aloha kakou e na hoa makamaka ko Hawaii pae aina. My name is Kapono'ai Molitau and I come from Maui where I own a business called Native Intelligence. Our main focus is practitioners first and foremost. Please visit our website at www.native-intel.com for more information. Mahalo a nui for letting me be a part of this group. I look forward to learning and getting insight from other business owners in our moku. Mahalo ho'i e!
  • The AKAKA BILL will be voted on by US House Natural Resources Ctte on THURSDAY. No major media reporting this...

    LINK: http://www.hawaiifreepress.com/main/ArticlesMain/tabid/56/articleTy...
  • Aloha Kakahiaka! My fiance and I have a distribution company on Oahu called Aloha Nui Distributors! We distribute books, and dvd's on topics and issues that directly affect all of the Hawaiian Archipelago and all of the people who live and reside in it. Our current book, Hawaii-The FAKE State, is currently desired and wanted by everyone who is exposed to it, whether via our website, word of mouth, or seeing it at one of many community outreach festivals and events, that are always taking place throughout the entire Ko Hawaii Pae Aina. You can contact Aloha Nui Distributors at 808.489.7065 or 808.393.8678. You can also check out our website at www.hawaiifakestate.com, and Mahalo Ke Akua!!!
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Maoli Biz

This is a very good and interesting idea. This is, what I whant to build up here in my home. Hope, You don´t mind, if I follow up Your discussion. When ever, I have some information, I will let You konw too. Aloha

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Biz as in directory or direction?

I've been wanted to see a maoli business directory for some time now but not sure if this is for listing businesses we or for talking about our 'biz nazz' as in where we're heading culturally. Probably the later but is there a place for the former?

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