In this group, you learn to kokua for health via trance states. Learn Ho'akaku, which is the word for creating trance, which we also know as "hypnosis." Moderator will offer instruction and members are encouraged to share their experiences.
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  • I am very encouraged by some recent developments which indicate a synergistic effect of combining a form of ho'oponopono (the kind I learned from Ramsay Taum, via Morrnah Simeona) with hypnotherapy.
  • Aloha kakou,
    I'm going to be getting certified this weekend in medical hypnotherapy, and will share what I have learned. I've been trying to figure out the best ways to transmit what I've been learning here, and I'm sorry if I've been lazy about it.
    It would help if people say what is interesting to them. Mahalo!
  • Yes, that's another good point, Ku! And probably key to the whole thing!
  • However, part of the stress of Maoli is caused by the hordes of haole that are invading our shores and changing the 'aina and its values.
    The situation is also re-doing Maoli in a likeness that is not healthy or moral.
    So, yes, we must "right" the picture.
  • Aloha e Namaka'eha!
    Yes, stress is a real killer and Maoli in particular have too much. How ironic, and how terribly wrong, that the people who are most closely related to the 'aina are the ones experiencing the most stress, while the visitors/occupiers are flocking there to experience release from stress! Something wrong with that picture!!!!
  • Aloha.

    We all need to release our stress and do agree that we don't do often to channel negative energy.
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Sample Hypnosis Scripts Posted Here

Aloha kakou, I am going to begin posting an assortment of hypnosis "scripts" which can give an idea of the kinds of ways we can use hypnosis for healing, decreasing stress, helping us live a healthier way, and so on. The scripts are very haole kine - that's because the material I am accessing comes from the Hypnosis community of the continental U.S. But the general idea of them may at times be adaptable, with different language and images, to something you might want to use. So, feel free to…

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Trance States Resulting from Trauma - Does this apply to long-term effects of occupation???

Aloha kakoua, I am making a separate discussion thread for this, which is very speculative. One thing I learned this weekend is that people in emergency situations are thrown into a sort of involuntary trance state (perhaps as a part of the "shock" people experience). So that if you come upon someone who has been injured, they are already very susceptible to suggestion. For example, you can tell them that their blood has done its job of cleansing the wound and can start clotting now, and this…

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Ho'akaku - Hypnosis, Noho, and Ho'oulu 'ia. What are differences?

In an effort to begin to transmit some of what I learned this weekend regarding medical hypnotherapy, I went back to Nana I Ke Kumu, because I remembered Mary Kawena Pukui and Samuel Elbert making mention of trance states, suggestibility, etc. On page 140, Vol. II, they mention "the helpful, light possession to inspire that Hawai'i called ho'oulu ia." This in the context of a women suddenly accessing more of her language ability with 'olelo Hawai'i. Page 165-166 of Vol. I talks about a woman…

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Using Ho'akaku

While not legally allowed as a replacement for medical or psychiatric treatment, there are many complementary uses of Ho'akaku, also called Hypnotherapy or Hypnosis: Medical: to help ease pain or discomfort caused by various conditions, to give suggestions for healing. Surgical: to ease stress and anxiety about surgery, to promote healing through positive suggestions. Often hypnosis CD's are allowed in surgery, so the patient listens even while under general anesthesia. Birthing: to ease…

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