A safe support and discussion group for wahine that whom choose homebirth and resources. Discussions about 'iewe, circumsion, non-vaccination and religious exemptions
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  • Aloha Mamas, I got this email announcement today and wanted to share it with you. I may try to go and check it out just to see what's happening in the movement. There's also a movie/forum coming up on June 5--"Birthing in America." It will be in Honolulu--PM me if you want info. Aloha! Kaliko

    Pregnancy and Birth Circle
    for anyone interested in natural birth

    Hey Midwives, aspiring midwives, doulas,childbirth educators and MOMs!
    Let's get together and talk story about the future of natural birth on this island!!!
    -new developments in midwifery and natural birth on the island
    -legislation and licensure ideas and options
    -planning committee for monthly meeting to get together and talk birth, network, and plan community events

    Baby aWEARness
    2752 Woodlawn Avenue
    Suite 5-209
    Honolulu, Hawaii 96822

    Sunday May 31
    Ideas include: -maintaining a website with forums to increase communication between us
    -monthly newsletter
    -quarterly events to raise community awareness
    -forming a midwifery education program on island
    -improving access for midwifery care to women on island

    Let's do a potluck for this one! Vegetarian-dairy and eggs ok!
    Please RSVP cindy@babyawearness.com
    Cost is free but a suggested donation of $5 and the group can decide if we can use it for the formation of a group, for a project, or to donate to a local non-profit
  • Mahalo, Lorilani, for the invitation!
    And I would like to offer free hypnotherapy to prepare for birthing to all who are on this group who might be interested. It would have to be by phone, but it does work. I did some doula and post-partum care at one point in my life, so that helps too.
    Warm aloha to all!
  • Kalamai my last comment got cut short....continue,
    One of my summer school classes is this American Studies: Folklore class and is very interesting. Well we have a folklore project to do by the end of summer.
    I have decided to do my project on the folklore of birthing circles. I think that our online 'ohana here constitutes as a modern birthing circle in which we can exchange traditions and rituals that are still alive in our 'ohana.
    My noi ha'aha'a to you all is if you would be willing to be a part of my project. As a Hawai'i, this was very hard of me to ask because I know how sacred a "hanau" is for all of us, but I want all of you to know that I will remain very respectful with the information I get and also keep it annonymous if you want me to.
    If you are willing to kokua me in my project please email me at sueannm@hawaii.edu.
    Mahalo a nui
  • Aloha mai kakou e na wahine wiwo'ole.
    My name is Ku'u Medeiros and i am originally from Waiehu Maui. I am posting this comment because I have a noi ha'aha'a to all of you.
    I am currently seeking my bachelor's degree in 'Olelo Hawai'i from UH Manoa. It is the last leg of my journey for I hope to graduate this comming Fall. However in order to do such I needed to subject myself to SUMMER SCHOOL:(
  • aloha kākou!

    E kala mai i koʻu ʻeʻe ʻole ma luna o maoliworld no hoʻokahi a ʻoi mahina…life has been getting in the way. Quite an interesting summer still yet ahead (I am superstitious so I don't want to hoʻopilikia myself, but that said I will blog it out as soon as I can). I just want to send out my aloha to you wonderful wahine and the work that you do.

  • In the hopes of creating some discussion around these above issues, I've created this group. Hopefully, it will inspire and give some wahine out there a chance to educate themselves about the alternative ways to give birth and reclaim their power as individuals.
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She's here!

Aloha kakou! Kahikoluamea was born on October 9th - delivered by C-section after the midwife discovered she was a footling breech and didn't want to risk turning her since this was my first pregnancy. Lulu-girl was 2 weeks early from her due date and although we didn't have the natural birth at home that we planned to welcome her into this world, although I didn't have her at home in the 'aina like I had really wanted, the only the that really truly matters is that we are both healthy. I love…

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Aloha kakou! We are now 11 weeks hapai! It's our hiapo so we are very excited about everything. Any suggestions on diet and exercise is much welcome - or just if you like talk story. We are going to have a home birth here in Florida. Even though I so much wish we could be back home on the 'aina, I feel very blessed to have found such a lovely midwife and especially to have a caring and loving kane. I'm pretty nervous but I'm also looking forward to being a mom. Guess that's all I have to say…

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Your Birth Story

Aloha mai e na wahine u'i........ I hope that you and your 'ohana had a fabulous Christmas and now as the New Year approches, you are putting all of your 08' "stuffs" in a box for storage. As for me, my "stuff" includes some bad attitudes; unrealistic drams; husband issues; kid issues; 'ohana issues (big one)...and yada yada. I would like to ask, if you are willing to participate in another strand, to share your birth story. What were you told about YOUR birth? Where did it happen? What…

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Aloha kakou! My name is Kamea. I'm an aspiring midwife who is committed on coming back home to dedicate my services to our community. I wasn't raised in the 'aina and I wasn't fortunate to grow up hearing the old stories or learning the ways of my kupuna, but the connection to my roots are just as deep as if I had been. I am fortunate to have an opportunity to learn from this community of strong intelligent wahine. Many things discussed here have inspired me to look even deeper within myself,…

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